I Put a Spell on You: The Autobiography of Nina Simone

I Put a Spell on You The Autobiography of Nina Simone The inimitable gorgeously talented Nina Simone the high priestess of soul sets the story of her tumultuous passionate life straight in I Put a Spell on You Born Eunice Kathleen Waymon in s

  • Title: I Put a Spell on You: The Autobiography of Nina Simone
  • Author: Nina Simone Stephen Cleary
  • ISBN: 9780306813276
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • The inimitable, gorgeously talented Nina Simone 1933 2003 the high priestess of soul sets the story of her tumultuous, passionate life straight in I Put a Spell on You.Born Eunice Kathleen Waymon in small town North Carolina, Nina Simone changed the face of both music and race relations in America She struck a chord with bluesy jazz ballads like Put a Little SugarThe inimitable, gorgeously talented Nina Simone 1933 2003 the high priestess of soul sets the story of her tumultuous, passionate life straight in I Put a Spell on You.Born Eunice Kathleen Waymon in small town North Carolina, Nina Simone changed the face of both music and race relations in America She struck a chord with bluesy jazz ballads like Put a Little Sugar in My Bowl and powerful protest songs such as Mississippi Goddam and To Be Young, Gifted, and Black, the anthem of the American Civil Rights movement.Here are the many lives and loves of Nina Simone, recounted in her unshakable voice.

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      383 Nina Simone Stephen Cleary
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    1. "Unlike most artists I didn't care that much about a career as a popular singer. I was different- I was going to be a classical musician."I've always been drawn to Nina Simone's soulful voice and her powerful lyrics in such songs as "Young, Gifted and Black" and "Ain't Got No"I felt a little apprehensive about reading her biography because I guess it's human nature for people to idealize their heroes, and to think of them as flawless human beings. The story begins with the background of her chil [...]

    2. NINA SIMONE - ANOTHER ONE I NEVER SAW LIVEThe accidental star, the reluctant creator of something new under the sun of popular music, something no one else did before or since (because not only did no one else think of it, if they'd thought of it they wouldn't have been able to do it, she wasn't jazz, wasn't soul, wasn't cabaret but all of that and everything else), at the age of 60 produced this short account of her strange life in such a way that even the crazy stuff sounds reasonable, and whi [...]

    3. What a disappointment! I am grateful for learning about Nina Simone's childhood in North Carolina, her classical piano training, her desire to become a concert pianist, and the development of her political consciousness. However throughout most of the book, she describes her depression, failed marriages, physical abuse, many lovers, dependence on men, and family conflicts.What this book lacks are detailed descriptions of her production, concerts, collaborations, covers and songwriting. Nina only [...]

    4. Don't call her a jazz superstar. She hated that, being categorized as a jazz singer. What Nina Simone really wanted to be when she grew up was a classical concert pianist, and that's what she spent most of her childhood training for. In fact, her town raised enough money for her to study for one year at Julliard. But she was rejected from the Curtis School of Philadelphia, the premier classical school of the time, not because she wasn't good, but because she was black.And so, determined to someh [...]

    5. Living is a gift, but can feel unbearable, loving is inevitable pain, and surviving to tell your story is a blessing. The right book at the right time, my dad snuck it into my suitcase when I left to go back to DC. How did he know that I needed that book in my life? Read it in one sitting.

    6. I have been a fan of Nina Simone's music for the last five years or so. I was looking at pictures of her a few weeks ago and decided that I wanted to learn more about her life. This book was an excellent resource, because the information comes straight from her. Nina Simone led a full and interesting life. Like anyone else, she made her mistakes and experienced highs and lows. Now, I must admit that there were a few scenes where I rolled my eyes, particularly when she speaks of not knowing anyth [...]

    7. So many iconic musicians struggle with achieving recognition first and then the pressures of fame. Nina Simone's story has that too, but it also included the Civil Rights Movement and her role as a protest singer and leader through her music and fame. It's a life that was borne from a legacy of slavery followed the prejudice of her own time that was part of her life but not the centerpiece of it growing up. But her struggles were uniquely hers, often shocking, inspiring, heartbreaking, and eleva [...]

    8. Wow. Her early adult years, tutoring so she could keep up the private study, the isolation, the summers of nightclub work; all of that was very interesting. Then the book delves deep, but somehow artificially at the same time, flying over the years and you know you're not getting the whole story, which is completely her prerogative. It became very uncomfortable to read, to say the least. I came away a bit perplexed, disturbed and just plain sad.

    9. If I were allowed to keep only one CD from our vast and eclectic music collection, it would be Nina Simone’s Finest Hour. Until our younger son gave me a mixed CD that included Simone’s “Lilac Wine,” I had unaccountably not heard of her. I immediately fell in love with her voice, her passion and emotion, her intensity and commitment, her wry humor.I Put a Spell On You: The Autobiography of Nina Simone, written with Stephen Cleary, is a slim volume. At 176 pages, can Simone effectively te [...]

    10. I still remember like it was yesterday the first time I heard Nina Simone: 1993, I was fifteen and watching the movie, Point of No Return. A mediocre film for which I'm thankful only because it introduced me to Nina's music. From that day on, I haven't made a feelings-based mix (yeah, I still make mix CDs) without at least one of her songs. There are few singers/musicians who evoke such pure connection like she does, for me. I'll always wish I could've attended one of her live performances.Even [...]

    11. "Looking out into the crowd, I heard Jimmy Baldwin's voice in my head, 'This is the world you have made for yourself, Nina, now you have to live in it.'"This is a remarkable book that Nina Simone has written of her life. Up to now, I knew little about her - and I only ever had a single (though representative) recording of her singular artistry. The book breaks down into 4 sections. She begins, naturally, with her upbringing, which - though certainly not easy - is not one of considerable turmoil. [...]

    12. I wanted so much for Nina Simone to live up to the strong woman I had in mind. I had this spectrum in my head, with weak and susceptible songbird Billie Holiday on one end and strong, iconic Nina Simone on the other. Nina Simone who gave voice to a movement, who gave new life to African-American history through her music. Sadly, Nina seems much more a victim of circumstance than her songs let on.The entire book shows her reacting to one situation after the other, even when she is held up as a ke [...]

    13. Nina Simone struck me as incredibly vain, arrogant, and prideful after reading this book. She discusses her many conquests, dancing naked, constantly saying how "cute" she looks, and being a mistress, rather shamelessly. She doesn't even seem like a responsible mother- there is one point she is off living the fabulous life in Africa (or was it some tropical island?) for a stretch of time, leaving her daughter with family. I don't expect everyone in the limelight to be the perfect role model, but [...]

    14. Great read! after reading this I could tell Nina Simone was a no nonsense woman. she bares her soul to readers and does not hold back.

    15. i really enjoyed this -- but then again i'm a huge nina simone fan, so it's hard to say how much that played into it. she exhibits a raw honesty here, much like in her music. there are also some things she skirts over -- most notably, her mental illness -- but this was written just a few years after her diagnosis and it's possible she wasn't yet comfortable enough with it to share. if nothing else, this book made me listen to a lot of her music -- some for the first time, some for the thousandth [...]

    16. Nina Nina Nina. This was a really good book. I appreciate how candid she is in telling the story of her rise to international fame from her small town USA beginnings. Nina takes us from her childhood in the Depression era through her classical piano training, first appearances on the night club circuit, her period as a political activist and protest singer for the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's/70's and on to her disillusionment with the USA and self-imposed exile to Africa, Barbados and Swit [...]

    17. Ms. Simone shares her memoir with the reader in a candid manner. She is open and honest with her rise and fall in both her professional and personal life. Nina takes us from her childhood growing up during the Depression in North Carolina where she trained as a classical pianist with lessons funded by her community. After attending Juilliard on scholarship having been rejected by the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, she's employed as a nightclub entertainer, singing and accompanying herself whi [...]

    18. The thing about reading autobiographies of your musical heroes is that you've put them on a pedestal, so you're unprepared for reality. For the unsavory bits. That they're human. They screw up. They can be bitter, and self-absorbed. They fall out with members of their family. They have dodgy relationships with 70 year-old Liberian men. Etc.Maybe this is a lesson in itself. Because Nina Simone sounds like an angel (albeit a feisty one) doesn't mean that she was one. If her autobiography doesn't m [...]

    19. Nina Simone was true to herself, honest with her life and desires, and a damn good storyteller. Living up to her numerology blueprint, she was a free spirited and daring woman who lived in extremes. Nina Simone was human, uninhibited and held on to her child-like nature. She fit Robert Greene's definition of the charismatic seductress (for fans, lovers and friends). Let go of your preconceived notions of her if you only know Nina Simone's music. We live in a world that holds entertainers on a pe [...]

    20. Who knew Nina Simone led such a crazy life?! The best anecdote in this book is this time that Nina invited Louis Farrakhan over to talk politics, but the more gin she drank, the more she got distracted by his apparently tiny feet. "Minister Farrakhan talked on into the small hours and I sat staring at his shoes, sipping my gin and wondering what he'd say if I invited him upstairs." So she does, and he turns her down and keeps talking politics. But after that night, he would send messages saying [...]

    21. I am a big fan of biographies. Especially autobiographies. It gives such insight to a person that you might know otherwise. I love Nina Simone's music and have always been intrigued by what little I knew about her. I downloaded the book to my kindle and was immediately sucked into her life. She is very straight-dorward and honest about how she saw her life. I recommend it to lovers of musicians and the crazy lives they lead.

    22. the finest female vocalist & pianist ever. her story, while not terribly well-written, is a remarkable one, and obviously a must-read for any fan. from north carolina to the city of brothery love to her final years in europe, nina's trials and tribulations (as if you couldn't already tell it from her inimitable singing style) were many, and never far from the forefront of her success. if you don't like nina simone, you don't like freedom.

    23. i read this awhile ago, but just remembered having read it. i don't recall if the writing was great, but i remember loving the autobiography.ly 'cause i love all things nina. an amazing musician, woman, and life.

    24. After seeing the Netflix documentary of Ms. Simone I had to know more about her. She was such an intriguing woman who led a life as a musician, activist, mother, and wife while struggling with personal battles such as depression. Having not known much of her, I picked up this autobiography hoping to learn more. While the book does tell very much about her childhood and rise to fame, it focuses so much on failed relationships and often jumps around. I really liked the parts where she told the sto [...]

    25. I'm not even going to try and write an objective review. I love Nina Simone. She is my queen. She is my goddess. She is my hero. Therefore, I can't give this book anything less than 5 stars.I'm biased. I admit it. Don't care. I love Nina.If you're also a fan, read it. If you're not a fan, read it (and, honestly, who are you?). If you're interested in the civil rights movement, read it. She led a fascinating and complicated life and there's no better way of learning about it than from her own wor [...]

    26. What a story of a little girl's country life turning into stardom during the civil rights era. The innocence of youth and adulthood! How would you have lived her life?

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