Power Down

Power Down Introducing a major new thriller writer in the vein of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor and an electrifying character Dewey Andreas A major North American hydroelectric dam is blown up and the largest off s

  • Title: Power Down
  • Author: Ben Coes
  • ISBN: 9780312580742
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Introducing a major new thriller writer in the vein of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor and an electrifying character, Dewey Andreas A major North American hydroelectric dam is blown up and the largest off shore oil field in this hemisphere is destroyed in a brutal, coordinated terrorist attack But there was one factor that the terrorists didn t take into account when they sIntroducing a major new thriller writer in the vein of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor and an electrifying character, Dewey Andreas.A major North American hydroelectric dam is blown up and the largest off shore oil field in this hemisphere is destroyed in a brutal, coordinated terrorist attack But there was one factor that the terrorists didn t take into account when they struck the Capitana platform off the coast of Colombia slaughtering much of the crew and blowing up the platform and that was the Capitana crew chief Dewey Andreas Dewey, former Army Ranger and Delta, survives the attack, rescuing as many of his men as possible But the battle has just begun.While the intelligence and law enforcement agencies scramble to untangle these events and find the people responsible, the mysterious figure of Alexander Fortuna an agent embedded into the highest levels of American society and business sets into play the second stage of these long planned attacks The only fly in the ointment is Dewey Andreas who is using all his long dormant skills to fight his way off the platform, then out of Colombia and back to the U.S following the trail of terrorists and operatives sent to stop him.Power Down is a gripping, compelling debut thriller from Ben Coes, a powerful new author, an amazing talent certain to join the ranks of the genre s finest writers.

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    1. I don't expect too much from new thiller authors. It just seems like these novels are so often churned out by formula and tend to concentrate on page-turning action at the expense of proper plotting, characterization, setting, etc. Even some of the old "pros" succomb to this. But Ben Coes has written an absolutely terrific action-thriller novel. Does it have action? Definitely! Is it a page-turner? You bet. But it also has near flawless plotting that builds the suspense and lets the reader know [...]

    2. It is obvious that Ben Coes was a speech writer. He’s a political hack that does not pay attention to details and has obviously never worked in the real world. Only a politician would describe a dam as being built on the edge of the SEA. Dams are built on rivers. And who puts a building on the bottom of the ocean – hundreds of feet underwater – and has an iris scanner on the door? Those are the big points that are not believable. He misses a lot of small details as well – too many to go [...]

    3. U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! U.S.A.!!! t my cup o'tea, absolutely. perhaps people who appreciate this genre - a subset of a thriller, i guess - would like it, but i spent most of the book shaking my head, and resisting the urge to throw my ipad across the roomry manly man - but not in a good way, i [...]

    4. This is a good to great read and I've already sent for the next volume in the "series". Many of you who've read any of my other reviews will have noticed right away that I went 5 stars as a rating.Now why is that?This novel starts out a little slowly. That at first caused me to consider going 4 starsbut then I noted that I never lost interest in the book and I was often loathe to put the book down when I needed to.So, 5 stars.Here we follow the story from a couple of points of view and primarily [...]

    5. This debut thriller parallels Vince Flynn and Brad Thor's finest works, using great military antics, espionage, and a believable storyline that keeps the reader turning pages well into the night. Coes constructs an excellent plot and adds characters that enhance it, proving that he should stand amongst some of the best the genre has to offer.I was not sure where the story would go in the opening chapters and could not see the thread to tie it all together. That said, Coes injected countless twis [...]

    6. It is not too often that I will give a book a 5 Star rating, however in this case I believe it is well deserved. Ben Coes has an excellent first book here in Power Down. The story is well developed and believably written, the characters are not super heroes, nor do they have wild gadgets to do their work - they seem to be real people acting in a believable manner. Coes develops three story lines, weaves them together into a story that will keep you up late turning pages. The story opens on an oi [...]

    7. The action is okay and the premise is too, but the detail!! They defy all description!!I love good action novels, but at least the basic details of the story need to be plausible. An oil drilling platform 260 miles off the coast of Columbiaah I can believe that. What I can't believe is that billions of dollars would be entrusted to a team of total incompetent violent ne'er-do-wells. Yeah, I might believe a huge hydroelectric facility in Canada. But one that is 3000 feet high (twice as high as th [...]

    8. This is the first book in the Dewey Andreas series. Since I've read 3 through 7, it was nice to read the first one of the series for the backstory of the MC, Dewey. I enjoyed the start of his story. This was an entertaining read. There was always a lot going on and many people to keep track of, but I liked that the story was in constant motion. That is one of the things that I have come to expect from this author. He does that well, and his vivid imagination makes his stories fun. I also liked t [...]

    9. #1 in the Dewey Andreas series! This compelling and suspenseful debut novel offers a complex, unique and thrilling plot and introduces us to dynamic, full characters. Ben Coes is the new man on the espionage thrillers block! A note: I started this novel a few years ago, and put it down because the economics and financial acquisitions seemed slow and very boring. Hang in! The background boardroom stuff is just that - background that is foundational! Then begins the non stop action - dynamite!

    10. Well firstly I have to get a few statements out !!After one book Ben Coes has gone to my list of favourite authorsThis is the largest book I have ever read in number of pages at 640 pagesThis is one of the best books ever read, and an epic storyThis book is full of fantastic full detailed characters, good and badThe start of the Dewey Andreas books, but many more great personalities that deserve great credit in this bookIntroducing a major new thriller writer--in the vein of Vince Flynn, Brad Th [...]

    11. I go into a book like this hoping for a little bit of espionage and a lot more action of the "highly-trained-bad-ass" variety. This book did give me a dose of the former; some well-structured scenes of the latter; and a boatload of fictional political creations who spend dozens upon dozens of pagestalkinganningtalking some mored wondering what the hell just happened 30 pages previous.Here's my problem with back-room political scenes: I know what happened 30 pages previous. I was there, courtesy [...]

    12. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; DECEMBER 28, 2015Narrator: Peter HermannThis ended up one of my top books of the year despite a slowish start. I'd had this on my TBR for a couple of months, too caught up with Mitch Rapp to want to go elsewhere for my action flick. I did try Jack Reacher a few times but, again, never got past two chapters so I wasn't expecting much from this series. I had, after all, given up on Brad Thor's Scot Harvath.If, like me, you're a woman and don't find anything intriguing about be [...]

    13. Overall I really enjoyed it. Great fast-paced thriller.Few points--having so many viewpoint characters across many locations and the constant jumping between them made it feel disjointed at times- Dewey Andreas is a great character - I wish he was in more chapters than he was- I was a little disappointed with the ending - seemed a little unrealisticI will read the next book though at some point

    14. Loved it! I'll post my review later today!Just won this book on a first-reads giveaway! Really excited to give it a shot, especially when the discription mentions that the book is similar to a Vince Flynn novel, and Vince Flynn is one of my all time favorites!

    15. It is unusual to read an author who knows something about the energy business, so I especially enjoyed this book. Lots of action. I have concerns here and there about what's wrong--energy production is never as concentrated in one source as Coes suggests, and security would be higher, but he does a good job of indicating our infrastructure risks and coming up with some plausible motivations for his villain. If you like Vince Flynn, you'll enjoy this book for sure.

    16. A slightly different take on the terrorist angle give this effort a nice jolt of originality. The hero -- Dewey Andreas -- also is well drawn and worth the reader's attention.

    17. "Power Down" - written by Ben Coes and published in 2010 by St Martin's Press. Usually when you say a book goes overboard in some aspect, it's not a good thing. In this case, going overboard with Delta warrior Dewey Andreas was an exciting experience as this thriller rockets along, bouncing from disaster to disaster. "Pain had always been one of Dewey's strengths: inflicting it, enduring it." The plot is a fairly standard one filled with terrorists, bombs and heart-pounding action - the body cou [...]

    18. "Power Down" means abort mission. I like the title, meaning, twist. Long ago, a CIA trainer texted the message to his student nearing target, saving student. Later, the junior texts back in time to save teacher. (view spoiler)[ But older Buck is now traitor.(hide spoiler)]Fights and chases suit thriller. Change of location makes little difference when inside rooms, whether boring board-room cross-agency committee meeting or scenic condo High Park view. "Dewey" suggests 'dewy-eyed maiden heiress' [...]

    19. Where to start with Ben Coes Power Down? Well it’s a flawed but genuinely thrilling novel. A wealthy Lebanese terrorist with a sympathetic backstory initiates a highly original operation against “the great Satan”. Instead of trying to cause loss of civilian life, the terrorist uses a network of sleeper agents to conduct a demolition derby of critical infrastructure. These include a dam which powers most of the Eastern United States and a US controlled oil rig outside the Middle East to nam [...]

    20. I'm really not sure what to say about this book. If you're a fan of thrillers similar to Flynn, Thor, Child, and you can put aside the serious holes in this story, then maybe you'll like it. There's more holes than what you'd find in your average block of Swiss cheese though, so be ready to put reality aside and just accept the fact that this is like cotton candy; there's nothing nutritious to be gained, it just tastes pretty good at the time.Just a few examples of things that I found very diffi [...]

    21. Ben Coes really nailed it when he wrote his first thriller, POWER DOWN. This book has everything you're looking for in a thriller – great characters, great action and a great plot.The protagonist of POWER DOWN is Dewey Andreas, a former member of Delta Force who is now tackling the tough task of running an oil rig off the coast of Columbia. When terrorists attack his rig, Andreas is forced to fight back with a vengeance, and he is quickly drawn into the unfolding plot to cripple America’s en [...]

    22. You will find this a very good real world read. Indluded is a review that although not written by me pretty much sums it upIntroducing a major new thriller writer in the vein of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor and an electrifying character, Dewey Andreas. A major North American hydroelectric dam is blown up and the largest off-shore oil field in this hemisphere is destroyed in a brutal, coordinated terrorist attack. But there was one factor that the terrorists didn’t take into account when they stru [...]

    23. I won this book through the First Reads Giveaway!Power Down was one of the most amazing books I have read in a long time. I absolutely LOVE how Ben Coes tells a story. He tells it from one person's point of view, rewinds a few sentences and then goes to another character in the book and talks about how they view it or what they are going through during the same time period. This is Ben Coes first book and I hope that there are many more to come, I am a dedicated fan now. In the synopsis for Powe [...]

    24. America!!!I think you can take this book two ways. The first as an intense action packed extra patriotic thriller. The second would be borderline right wing propaganda. I choose to construe it as the former. The beginning of this one was spectacular. There is no wasted time. The reader is thrown into the midst of two terrorist’s attacks. The first quarter is pure action and we are introduced to arguably one of the most badass characters of all time.I think the middle gets bogged down just a ta [...]

    25. Power Down is a first rate thriller. It keeps you turning the pages, anxious to see what will happen next. The author is very skilled at keeping the reader interested by focusing on key individuals and their stories. The character of the reluctant hero Dewey Andreas is well presented. A man with extraordinary combat skills, but many personal issues he needs to overcome. He functions best when he has only time to react, no time for doubt to cloud his thinking, but once he attacks, beware, he is a [...]

    26. Power Down is the written equivalent of a Steven Seagal movie. I gave it three stars, because it's definitely a page-turner. It's a quick, fun read. But to enjoy it, you have to suspend critical thinking. There are clear factual errors, and there are plot elements that don't add up. The way some of the people in this act, while America awaits salvation from the one man who can save us, is just silly and, at some level, disrespectful to the people who really keep us safe every day. I don't think [...]

    27. Ben Coes is an unbelievably talented and knowledgeable writer. I learned so much about terrorism, how our government fights it (or not) and formed firm opinions on whether torture should be permitted and how stupid it is to forbid seeking out radical Muslims when looking for terrorists, since that IS who wants to destroy America. Ben Coes' writing voice resonates with urgency, intelligence and common sense. I enjoyed the fact that he assumes his readers will understand advanced ideas and be able [...]

    28. #1 in the Dewey Andreas series. The attention grabbing debut of a series that recently saw entry #4, Eye for an Eye (2013), published.Dewey Andreas series - A dam is blown up and an oil field is destroyed in terrorist attacks. Crew chief, ex-Ranger, Dewey Andreas survives. Intelligence and law enforcement agencies scramble to find those responsible; the mysterious figure of Alexander Fortuna sets the second stage of these attacks in play; and Andreas uses his dormant skills to follow the trail o [...]

    29. One heck of a suspense ride! If you enjoy counter-terrorism novels that pack a hard hitting, adrenalin-rush wallop without any sugarcoating, "Power Down" fits the bill. The complex plot is intelligent and lightening paced, with very direct and brutal descriptive action/reaction sequences. Additionally, the characters are well-developed and true to form, without being generically stereotypical. As for my personal taste, it was a mite bit too graphic in a few scenes - hence, four stars instead of [...]

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