Halos It was the halo that caught her heart between beats and made her pause to take notice When Alessi Moore drives her red Mustang convertible into town she wonders if this could be the place she was mea

  • Title: Halos
  • Author: Kristen Heitzmann
  • ISBN: 9780764228261
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was the halo that caught her heart between beats and made her pause to take notice When Alessi Moore drives her red Mustang convertible into town, she wonders if this could be the place she was meant to find, a place to settle down But when her convertible and all she owns is stolen, she is filled with doubt.

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    1. I have to admit that I only started this book because my husband had read it first and knew I would like it. So to please him, I read it. And I read the whole thing in about 4 hours straight without moving. I've never cared enough to write a review for a book but this one touched me. I cried almost the whole way through it. Mostly because it was like reading my own life right on the pages. I grew up in Palm Beach and was disowned by my family at 18 because I married my own "pool boy" type guy. H [...]

    2. My Review: Author Kristen Heitzmann has another winner with this one! An involving plot, a likable heroine, and lots of small town charm. Fans of Christian fiction or romantic suspense will definitely enjoy this one.Content Concerns:• Sex: A brief reference to promiscuity; kissing. 4/5• Nudity: Talk of wearing bikinis. 4/5• Language: No actual profanity, but a woman is called a "slut". 4/5• Violence: An animal's skull is found in a woman's sweater; a woman suffers a debilitating injury a [...]

    3. A review from my old blogI absolutely loved this book. I couldn't help flipping pages away from the end to see how certain things would turn out. I know that technically one is not supposed to do that but I can't help it. With good books I always sneak a peek to the end to see how things will turn out in the end. :DAlessi is such a believable character. I fell in love with her and with Steve as well.I can't come up with a decent review because I love the book so much!**Update**I really have no i [...]

    4. Although I read this a while ago, I still remember how awestruck I was. This is one of the best Christian fiction books I have ever read. If you are someone who God speaks to through symbols and visions this is for you. It is an amazing story of love and loss and passion and believing. It's truly inspiring.

    5. This was an interesting book. Some things were a bit far-fetched, but the struggles the characters had to face and work through was very real and emotional.Steve needs to learn to trust women, after being hurt by his mother and fiance, he is very suspicious of Alessi and her motives and if her mustang is truly lost and if it is even hers.Alessi longs to belong. After being pushed away and forgotten by her family, she thinks she finds the place to settle in Charity, Vermont. But her Mustang gets [...]

    6. New author, new favorite. Fantastic! Blew my socks off.Most books play nice, but this one had real people, real problems, real solutions. I wondered from the very beginning where we were going with the halos, and I loved every second. I could picture different people and places with halos. I really loved the different perspectives and different challenges.Evil really exists and the consequences of sin, Carl's family's lifelong sin problems. God was in this book, but not in the yea right way, in [...]

    7. It's official: I've now read every one of Kristen Heitzmann's novels. Does this make me an official fan? Maybe after writing her an email of thanks will I consider myself as such.***If you need to be reminded to be thankful for the little things, to forgive past hurts or to humble yourself and pray for a miracle, you might like Halos, a story of one girl who teaches a town the true meaning of Christmas.Don't be mistaken--Halos is not some pulp fiction holiday piece full of peppermint and pine. I [...]

    8. I'm not sure exactly where my feelings lie regarding this story. In general, it was a "feel-good" story, although it was definitely over the top in the way it tried to make you believe that this could happen in real life. I was pleased when there was a small twist about 3/4th of the way through the book that changed things. The Christian themes in the book were inspiring, and I felt myself wanting to be a more positive person because of this. Fairly good book.

    9. This was one of the first books I read by this author. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have read many of her books since then.

    10. Gripping story! I had to finish it, couldn't put it down. =]Heitzmann does a wonderful job of capturing the scenes and drawing you in, making you feel like you could be standing there in the snow, trying to catch the delicate flakes on your tongue along with Alessi herself. The characters are nice and complex. Flawed to perfection! (I type this with a smile on my face, because I've struggled with adding flaws to my all too perfect characters in my own writings. If a person is too perfect, with n [...]

    11. Alessi Moore has been on her own most of her life, until she ends up in the town of Charity. Her car is stolen unfortunately, and she is forced to live with strangers and being sabotaged by the car thief. Here, we see the theme of the book, which is to accept the good in people instead of trying to fix them. Alessi has to learn this the hard way in her complicated relationship with a local boy.The author Kristen Heitzmann does a fairly good job with detail in her novel. She doesn't create a clic [...]

    12. I liked this book, and I loved the main character, Alessi. She was such a sweetheart. Despite the tough times and circumstances she faced in her life she kept her face to the sun and put her trust in God, humanity, and love. She swept into a small town, (re)named Charity, and gave the town a miracle with her generosity and kind heart. The story seemed a tad longer at times than necessary and a few parts seemed a tad too far fetched. It wasn't really a mystery, although there was a bit of a myste [...]

    13. I needed some light reading. I've had a horrible cold and bronchitis for a week. Had this book on my shelf waiting to be read. It was GREAT!!. Alessa (our lead character) is a young 21 year old woman with a positive almost naive outlook on life. Raised by her mom in her younger years after her father left she has had growing up experiences most of us don't have. Her mom was wonderful. Now suddenly she's in a totally different corner, geographically, chronologically and socially. The book is very [...]

    14. Once again this author has amazed me with her originality,and writing skill.This is my third book by her,after Edge of Recall and Freefall. Each one was a top-rated read for me,and it's impossible for me to choose a favorite!This book was another page-turner,as were the other two. The main character Alessi More is a very sweet naive young woman with a heartbreaking past. Her sweet nature touches many hearts in the small town of Charity where she becomes stranded. There is a very misguided Pastor [...]

    15. I recently read this book for the second time. I was older and I think I got more out of the story. The first time through I absolutely loved the story, and was horrified in a couple scenes that it described. This time around, I understood more and also found the "horrifying" scenes of yesteryear more subdued. Still had some disturbing parts, but on the whole I feel inspired by the characters in this story. It's almost like a fairytale gone wrong but with a happy ending. Confusing, I know. But I [...]

    16. A Christian love story with a mystery all rolled into one book. A good friend loaned me the book and I LOVED it. Thanks, Norma. It was a fast read that kept me reading and spare chance I got. Just wish I had more spare time.

    17. I found this author while browsing in the public library and I fell in love with her. Her books show very subtle hints of her strong Christian beliefs. Her stories all tend to be mystery/romances and are fun and clean. One of the best romance authors I have run across.

    18. I really liked this story, and thought the author did a very nice job of combining the religious part into everything. The plot and characters were well developed, and I enjoyed the suspense and the romance.

    19. Absolutely fantastic book. Once you start reading you can't put it down. A great story of Faith, hope and love .

    20. I just discovered this author by accident, a christian writer, but such fun reading. She is awesome!

    21. I really enjoyed this novel, and surprised by the mystery and how it kept me going. I didn't think I was going to like it, but the end actually had me tearing up. It was delightful read, and I enjoyed how it surrounded Christmas. The heroine is cute, but the hero took a while for me. Overall, I would recommend it.

    22. I liked it. I really did like it.It was fresh the main character was refreshingly pure,, in a different way than usual. The storyline was different-believable, not over the top. It was a good read.

    23. Decently written, I stayed up until 1:30 finishing this. It wasn't quite my taste; I found the ending a bit disturbing, and some of the characters were rather flat. It was, however, engaging enough for me to finish, so I'd rank it in the 3-3.5 star range.

    24. Finished Halos by K. Heitzmann.There are 2 kinds of people here on earth, those who are the type who waits and see, on the other hand, there is those who has already made up their minds. With the latter, you can talk until you are blue in the face and still they would not budge from the opinion they formed perhaps even long before they met you.Then again, God reminded me that it doesn't matter what the opinions of others are, as long as you are pleasing HIM consistently, living for the audience [...]

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