Incurable Ellie Linton is a survivor Because she s honest Because she s loyal Because she s incurably brave And because sometimes she s lucky But what happens to survivors when their luck runs out Packed full o

  • Title: Incurable
  • Author: John Marsden Mikaela Martin
  • ISBN: 9781740937658
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Ellie Linton is a survivor Because she s honest Because she s loyal Because she s incurably brave And because sometimes she s lucky But what happens to survivors when their luck runs out Packed full of action and human drama, John Marsden s Incurable delivers another fast paced adventure that will thrill old fans and new readers like.

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    1. I really don't know what the point of this series is. At first this book wasn't as bad as book #1, but then the mother of a classmate of Gavin's, rings to tell Ellie that Gavin killed a cat (I won't go into details) and Ellie says nothing, just hangs up the phone. Does she talk to Gavin about it? Nope. She talks to everyone but him and no one seems in the least bit worried. Then she later talks about how much he loves animals - What. The. Fork. I thought maybe we'd find out that the boy he was w [...]

    2. This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibraryIncurable is Ellie’s second adventure post-war, and in it she again tangles with the rebel group Liberation, realises she has feeling for Jeremy, and helps Gavin find his lost sister.Incurable is much more post-war than While I Live. In fact, the only scene showing the war happened was when Ellie once again rode to the rescue of her Liberation friends. The rest of the novel was about cementing her relationship with Gavin: doing farm wor [...]

    3. Oh WOW. I'm so pleased I gave this book a second chance. I'm not sure what the difference was this time around, maybe it was that this time I listened to it on audio, which really gave a sense of hearing Ellie's 'voice', or maybe it's that the first time around I'd been reading the Tomorrow/Ellie books pretty much one after the other and just needed a little break from it, or was comparing the Ellie Chronicles to the Tomorrow series, in terms of action and characters and stuff, rather than letti [...]

    4. Can someone who has lived through the thrills and danger of war ever settle down to a "normal" life? How can the adrenaline rush like war ever be repeated in civilian life? Ellie continues in this second book of the "after Tomorrow" series to try to find out. She has kept the farm after her parents were killed by across the border raiders, she continues to keep Gavin with her, helping her work on the farm. But things are tough. Then there's Liberation: a group of unknown strength which conducts [...]

    5. Plot summary: Life is starting to get back to normal for Ellie Linton after the war, and the murder of her parents. But with her friends involved in an underground guerilla movement, and a troubled young boy to look after, normal rapidly becomes elusive.Thoughts: I'm not enjoying the Ellie Chronicles as much as I enjoyed the 'Tomorrow' series. I suspect it's because of the change in the supporting characters. While Lee is still an occasional presence in this installment, Fi barely rates a mentio [...]

    6. As exciting and compelling as one would expect! That John Marsden really knows how to write a page-turner!

    7. "() dostaję szału, kiedy widzę, że historia niczego ludzi nie uczy. Uwielbiam historię. Daje odpowiedzi na wszystkie pytania, pod warunkiem, że ludzie zadają sobie trud, żeby ją poznać."(strona 65)Nastoletnia Ellie i jej przyjaciele próbują poukładać swoje życie po zakończeniu wojny. Dziewczyna stara się otoczyć opieką małego, osieroconego Gavina, który zaczyna sprawiać jej coraz więcej problemów. Mimo zawartego pokoju w kraju nie jest spokojnie i marzenie o bezpiecznym d [...]

    8. The Tomorrow, When the War Began series should be read first.In the ebook, chapter 6 is before chapter 5, but it's easy to go to the table of contents and click on 5.Just because the war is officially over doesn't mean things go back to how they were before. While Ellie has the resposibilities of an adult, like paying bills, running her farm, taking care of a kid, and going to school, she finds herself bored and missing some aspects of the war. Some of Ellie's friends who survived have joined a [...]

    9. As much as I LOVE Marsden's Tomorrow When the War Began series, I have to admit that I've been really disappoionted by the follow up series. Ellie doesn't even seem like the same Ellie from the original series much of her narration is irritating, incessant rambling about nothing in particular, and it stands out because there's not a lot going on plot wise. I am uninterested in cattle and farming and quad bikes and all of the things that take up pages and pages of this series. I only became inter [...]

    10. Oh, Ellie. I love your adventures, but I think I am getting even more tired than your friends of the way you always manage to swoop in and save the day. Are your friends really that consistently unlucky? Are you really bathed in the glow of constant good fortune? I did like the bit where we learn more about Gavin's family history, but I really don't think the Ellie Chronicles live up to the original series (Tomorrow When the War Began).

    11. This was disappointing. Nothing actually happened. In fact, there were whole chapters of nothing but routine. I don't need to know what they usually have for breakfast, especially if it's going to take half a page.The action scenes were completely unrealistic and boring. All in all, this was a BAD book.

    12. I've been listening to this series from Tomorrow When the War Began to the Ellie Chronicles and with this book the reader changed and as you may know, the reader can make all the difference. This gal just isn't Ellie and it distracts from the story of her struggles after the war.

    13. Again, I'm at a loss as to the point of this added series. Gavin is proving to be a problem in terms of blending back into society and Ellie plays mother. I should have stopped reading and not started this series.

    14. 2.5-3 Stars.I really wanted to enjoy this book as much as I have all the rest of the series. But I just couldn't. I would go from being interested in what was going on with Ellie and Gavin to then being really bored. The beginning of this story was very interesting. The middle not so much but the last like 7-8 chapters really made up for it.I liked how we finally learned about Gavin's past and what happened to his family. It was sad but nice to know the fully story now. Why he is the way he is w [...]

    15. The plot felt like "wtf" at times, but the series is as readable as ever. Ellie's mix of thoughts, with bits of TV shows she's seen, conversations she's had, stupid jokes, musings on language and people, makes the character feel very realistic and three-dimensional, even when the crazy turns of the plot would otherwise be too much.

    16. 3.5 starsA captivating read. I always enjoy Marsden's books. Except for this time I felt not so much wow factor. Maybe this book just had a case of middle book syndrome. Either way I hope the next book, the ending of the series will be amazing. I have high hopes as I know Marsden is clever enough to pull of a incredibly devourable ending.

    17. I am a massive fan of the Tomorrow series. They are probably my favourite books ever.When i found out there was a follow up series i was euphoric at first.The first one of the Ellie chronicles was decent. It was noticeably less well written in my opinion than the first series but it was so great to have these characters back.The second one though, im significantly less happy about. It was still satisfying and there was no way in hell i would miss it but thats because im so deeply invested in the [...]

    18. Ellie is at it again. Her journal has been kept since the war began, now that its “over” ( I use the term loosely), her book has been published and she is raising Gavin (the young deaf boy she and her friends helped out in the war) on her own while trying to keep her cattle farm, and still go to school. She has the whole world on her shoulders and her friends still keep up the fight with the guidance of the “Scarlet Pimple,” an unknown entity that helps organize those that are able to sp [...]

    19. 5/5 I love the concept behind the titleIncurablewhich is perfectly demonstrated in the final line of this book"Sometimes I think I'm the one who's incurable." I'll admit i did slightly prefer the first bookWhile I Liveover this sequel just because though a lot happens, not much new happens. I foundWhile I Liveso important and fascinating in how it shows us Ellie's crazy, normal life post-war after the conclusion ofThe Tomorrow Series.The same continues on in this sequel - Ellie's life which i ad [...]

    20. This is the series that started my reading addiction :) It's a great Australian series. Not only does it portray teenagers effectivley , it also shows how Aussies live. As an Australian teenager when I began this series I found that I could really relate and was enthralled with the series. The series shows how a group of Aussie teenagers get swept up in the next major war after Australia is invaded when they go camping. Their families and friends are help captive along with the majority of the p [...]

    21. This novel does measure up to the others in the series. One thing I did find different though, is that it seems the author figured if you got to this one, you must have read the others. He made mention of many things that referenced events or persons from the other books without explanation and I didn't feel they stood well on their own. Since I've read the books before this one I had no problem with this, however it means for persons you may not have read the others that this book does not do w [...]

    22. A few plot details that would normally make me avoid a five star rating, but I went there anyway because seldom have I believed two characters love each other as deeply and strongly as I believe Gavin and Ellie do while reading this book.

    23. 3.5 stars - This book marks the middle of a trilogy, but also serves as the ninth book with Ellie Linton. I appreciate many of the themes that Marsden is trying to draw out with this post-war trilogy, though they aren't falling in place as perfectly as the seven war volumes. I think this is in part because it's a more complicated story to tell, but also because the book feels a bit scattered. It feels more like three linked stories rather than a novel. However, writing them as short stories woul [...]

    24. Kan iemand die de spanning en gevaren van een oorlog heeft overleefd ooit een 'normaal' leven leiden? hoe kan de adrenaline van de oorlog ooit herhaald worden in een normaal leven? Ellie heeft de boerderij van haar vermoordde ouders overgenomen. Ze houdt Gavin bij haar, hij helpt haar bij het werk op de boerderij. Maar het zijn moeilijke tijden. De Liberation groep, die regelmatig invallen doet over de grens om te voorkomen dat terroristen een aanval doen op wat nog over is van Australië, wil d [...]

    25. This book wasn’t as good as the first book in the series. It just seemed to revolve around Ellie and Gavin mostly and I am definitely not a fan of Gavin. (view spoiler)[ I also didn’t like the fact that Homer and Lee were barely in this book and Fi and Kevin weren’t in it at all. It almost seemed like they had been replaced by Jeremy, Jessica and Bronte (who I just don’t like as much as the characters from the first series). (hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[ I also hated the fact there was [...]

    26. This was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than While I Live, other than the fact that it had less action.So yes.I think John Marsden was trying to make this book more comical than the others. I certainly found it a tad more amusing, but that may just be because I read the book with more concentration that the others. (I was cracking up at that bit where Gavin bit the cows leg. I meanjust the idea XD)I also remember thinking this book was cute. I don't know how or why. Generally, I never say those sort to [...]

    27. I wanted to give this book 2 stars, but because I love Ellie and her friends, I have it 3 stars. But really this book should be ashamed of itself. You know when a parent is really cool and respected among everyone and then their son/daughter turns out to be a disappointment?Exactly what I felt with Tomorrow and Ellie chronicles. ECronicles had everything it could have wished for and a great example in 'tomorrow', but it chose to ignore the greatness of Tomorrow and just became vanilla. It was ok [...]

    28. One complaint which isn't really relevant to the book, but it irriates me nonetheless I have been listening to this series as audiobooks, and for all the previous books it has been the same narrator. I loved her, and the girl that reads this one just isn't the same Ellie. I'm still enjoying this series, but of course now that the war is over and they are trying to scratch out a life for themselves, its a little stale. There are moments of action that suck you right in, but its not the same. I'm [...]

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