Kidnapping Casey

Kidnapping Casey All Casey wants is to avoid being arrested on trumped up charges from her persistent ex boyfriend Running through the woods to escape two deputies sounds like a great plan until they catch her Thinkin

  • Title: Kidnapping Casey
  • Author: Laurann Dohner
  • ISBN: 9781419924552
  • Page: 161
  • Format: ebook
  • All Casey wants is to avoid being arrested on trumped up charges from her persistent ex boyfriend Running through the woods to escape two deputies sounds like a great plan until they catch her Thinking it s all over, waiting to hear the snap of the handcuffs, she instead hears a roar.A huge, tall, muscular man comes to her rescue She s being saved by Bigfoot and he s thAll Casey wants is to avoid being arrested on trumped up charges from her persistent ex boyfriend Running through the woods to escape two deputies sounds like a great plan until they catch her Thinking it s all over, waiting to hear the snap of the handcuffs, she instead hears a roar.A huge, tall, muscular man comes to her rescue She s being saved by Bigfoot and he s the sexiest thing she s ever seen The attraction between them is instant, and after spending a little time with him, Casey wants to take him home and keep him.There are a few problems with that plan He s not the legendary creature, but he definitely isn t human Argernon is a warrior from Zorn They do have one thing in common he wants to take her home and keep her He s kidnapping Casey.

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    1. 5 Kidnapping Casey Stars- ❤ Audible Review HERE ❤I really enjoyed this book, I think because in a way Argernon save’s her. Yes it kind of was kidnapping but in all fairness she did go with him. Can you kidnap the willing? Ok so when she realizes they are leaving Earth she doesn’t want to go, ok, ok that’s kidnapping potato, patato :p I loved that she was so fierce! Argernon really is the male for Casey she can be herself without fear because Argernon loves her for her. I liked that we [...]

    2. As I expected, I am beginning this review with the phrase "If you are a fan of forced seduction."d you should be if you pick up this book. Unlike the first book, Ral's Woman, in which Ral shows a genuine affection and protective concern for human Amelia (it just oozes from the pages, honestly!), Argernon doesn't show those same qualities for Casey until much later in the book. He doesn't demand that she stay because she has feelings for him, Argernon is entirely selfish and demands that she stay [...]

    3. Disappointing.The first book in the series had a few scenes I took exception with, but had others that made up for those. This book, the second, had more of the bad stuff and less of the good.I'm no fan of the forced seduction stuff, but in some books I can accept it, if it doesn't get to far. Unfortunately, this book did take it too far and quite often at that.(view spoiler)[And when our "hero" told her after kidnapping her from her home, she had the choice of accepting him as her husband or be [...]

    4. I wanted to like this book I really did but she got chased through the woods in an attempt to AVOID being raped - then is helped by a giant thing she thinks is Bigfoot. He jumps on her has sex with her - dubious consent. She didn't didn't fight or scream because- she was turned on? Weird. It just didn't work for me. Though it was far better than Ral's Woman both felt like they were written by lusty high school students.

    5. Okay, let me start by saying that I really liked the plot of the story, I especially have a soft spot for the male lead as well. But it's not as good as I'd hoped it would be.After reading Ral's woman I was very eager to jump into the next book which is the story of Ral's brother Argernon finding his bound. When Bartender Casey is chased through her own house and into the woods by her ex's two goons, Casey is saved by a man whom she calls 'big-foot'. The whole big-foot thing was good at a start, [...]

    6. Oh my gosh this book was infuriating. I didnt understand how Casey could be ok with Argernon's behaviour. He repeatedly pressured her into sex and afterwards she was always like, the sex was great and now that I'm sated I dont care that he completely disregarded my wishes. And he kept chaining her up whenever they had a disagreement, like what the hell?! But she didnt hold that against him either. As long as she got to come. This book was full of dub-con.Then, when they reach his planet and she [...]

    7. Not planning to read this.(view spoiler)[Didn't really like Ral's Woman and then apparently there are house whores again in this book, and the hero does sexual stuff with them. So, no way for me!To readers who like the mars needs women trope but want loving heroes who aren't aroused by or mess with OW, my suggestions:Grim and Wray or Captured (hide spoiler)]

    8. Maybe my feelings for forced seduction are different than the rest of reviewers that slammed this book for that content, but I just saw it as light BDSM and him being a dominant male. Then again I read Skye Warren, THAT is forced seduction lol! But I'm also very submissive so Aregeron's way of seducing is right up my ally. People take fiction too seriously sometimes :-) This was hot, unique, and I loved EVERY second on the BDSM themes in this story! YUMMMMMMM!!!!!! Full review coming soon!

    9. Re-read this book for the second time and still really liked it. I did like the fact that it was much longer than the first book and I felt we got into a little more depth with the characters of Casey and Zorn.

    10. -redonkulous sci fi romance-way too forgiving heroine-ding dong of a hero-contact with ow after they get together was a no-go for me. Even if it’s explained away, yeahMeh. It was a bit too dependent on the heroine forgiving everything and the hero pretty much getting his way. Not for me.For more reviews, visit

    11. Estuve a punto de abandonar este libro, me pareció lo más degradante que hay en el mundo. Fue horrible. La única estrellita que le doy es porque fue lo suficientemente rápido de leer.

    12. Stars: 4Overall: Are you Bigfoot? Did i just have sex with a legendary creature? These are the questions you are faced with when we first start this book and Casey meets Argernon. I started out really enjoying their romance, but once the ship was attacked i kind of lost interest in the book. I felt that Casey's character became whiny and she wasn't stopping to hear what Argernon had to say. There was even points in the book where she knew it was part her fault that he "cheated" on her, yet she c [...]

    13. Oh this series is just too much fun! Horny Alien Sex fiends from Zol in search of human females as their mates! Overly willful/stubborn women are disciplined by orgasm denial. Women are seduced by being tied up and given oral pleasure until they beg for release and submit to their man. Apparently the Zol warriors don't know what they are in for by trying to get human females to submit to their ways. It makes for a very entertaining and smoking hot read! I am devouring this series and all books w [...]

    14. 3.5 StarsKindle Edition'Kidnaping Casey' is Book 2 in the Zorn Warriors series.Casey had been having problems. Six months earlier, her ex-boyfriend, the town's Police Chief, had cheated on her, leading to their break-up. A week ago, the S.O.B had her arrested and brought in to the station, where he tried to rape her. Today, he sent to deputies to her house to bring her in so that 'he could talk to her'. Rather than be assaulted again, Casey takes off into the forest, trying to outrun the cops, b [...]

    15. I love language barriers in romances. I think they are extremely sexy. I love reading the couple jump through hoops to get the other to understand what the other wants. Argernon has decided to explore Earth while his fellow Zorn men are looking for willing female Earthlings to take home with them. He had no intentions of seeking one of the tiny weak looking pale humans. The problem is that once he sees Casey he knows that he has to take her home with him.Casey is running through the woods behind [...]

    16. Yeah this was just okay. I really had a hard time dealing with Casey and her stupidity and Argenon's ability to miscommunicate with her. The fact that he saved her and then he takes her in more ways than one of planet and she just caught up in it like a baby bird.I mean seriously she couldn't even talk to him or really communicate with him and he's jumping her bones in a cave. Right, way to "cave in" and She wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed and neither was Argernon. The whole little Stockhol [...]

    17. I thought this was better than the first book. This new author seems to be improving her craft. These aliens are interesting, very alpha. The heroine here overreacts here and there which I feel is a plotting issue. The overreaction drives the plot a bit. Hopefully, this too will get better as the series goes on. As this author's books have tended to be so far, this is erotica. There is a lot of sex in this book because the guys just need it physically and their women can't handle that much so ea [...]

    18. I'm all about dub-con and capture fiction BUT this was a ginormous miss for me. There is a subtext about race/ethnicity in these stories that is nauseatingI'm curious to find out what the babies are like.but I don't know if I can continue reading this.

    19. Not really the book that I expected. It was all a bit surreal and Casey said no a lot which was good but the hero still went ahead anyway and I don't dig that kind of thing.

    20. I had majors issues with the characterization and dynamic and host culture, but am curious enough (and it's a quick enough read) to read to the end of the series.

    21. Ох, наистина ама наистина не ми се иска да давам 3 звезди, особено заради Аргарнон, но просто не мога. В тази книга както имаше куп интересни неща, както замисъла беше оригинален, така и адски много ме издразни, и просто, ами сори ама 3***Книгата започва как героинята ни Кейси, се [...]

    22. 2.9 Sad stars!There were a lot of good reviews on this one. And since I read Ral's Women, I was expecting the juice! So people It saddens me to inform that this was one of the most awful Laurann Dohner books I have ever read. And I love her books! This has been the first time she's failed to enamour me and take me away to the "Land of hot dreams and happiness"! So sorry But this was a definite NO.On to the details then Casey is being arrested by cops who work for her ex-boyfriend, who is the She [...]

    23. Zápletka na konci byla naprosto postavená na hlavu. Kvůli tomu dávám jednu hvězdu dolů. Měla jsem pocit, že Casey uškrtím a tak to zkazilo výsledný pocit. Skoro to mohl být průměr.

    24. whelp, this was my own damn fault.I know this author's writing style is not a favorite of mine, but her New Species series can be fun when you're in the right kind of mood. Maybe it's the Zorn world as a whole I took issue with and made it impossible to connect with. I don't care for their society much and their men's needs are so OTT as to be kind of creepy. I marked the first book a two star, but I wasn't writing as many reviews then so I didn't really remember why I tagged it so low. I rememb [...]

    25. Okay was much more into BDSM than anything else, and that without him realizing what it was called.This is the story of another prince from Zorn, only that this one actually kidnaps a woman, well being fair first he saves her and then ehem seduces her without even saying a word because they don't speak the same language hehe and then he just takes her to his world without her consentiment and in top of all of it he lets her see his past lovers That is pretty much the story of this one, just like [...]

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