The Seven Gifts

The Seven Gifts A reject rock star and a lonely white dolphin together with some of the most bizarre and memorable characters that have ever appeared in a book take a young boy on a wild electrifying ride through

  • Title: The Seven Gifts
  • Author: John Mellor
  • ISBN: 9780473221799
  • Page: 369
  • Format: ebook
  • A reject rock star and a lonely white dolphin, together with some of the most bizarre and memorable characters that have ever appeared in a book , take a young boy on a wild, electrifying ride through seven extraordinary, unimaginable tales Buried deep within the heart of each lies a precious gift for the Earth, and the young boy must find them And also the truth of himA reject rock star and a lonely white dolphin, together with some of the most bizarre and memorable characters that have ever appeared in a book , take a young boy on a wild, electrifying ride through seven extraordinary, unimaginable tales Buried deep within the heart of each lies a precious gift for the Earth, and the young boy must find them And also the truth of himself And perhaps the mystery of usThe boy clings precariously to a fine line between profound and insane as these quite incredible characters and events begin to strike the reader as insanity on the part of the author However, if insanity it is, this is the type that gives birth to great achievements and in examining so many themes such as society, religion and environment, this book can be considered a great achievement Charming , wise , surreal and funny One of those unique and wonderful manuscripts that come one s way all too rarely Madness dances with brilliance reminds me a lot of The Alchemist and The Little Prince a unique and utterly irresistible novel everyone will take something from this book that will stay with them for a long time A most unusual and beautiful story that lingers in the mind long after reading I much preferred it to The Shack For readers seeking something original and thought provoking, this is nearly perfect the Book Review Blog.

    • Unlimited [Philosophy Book] Ó The Seven Gifts - by John Mellor î
      369 John Mellor
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    1. Not sure how I ended up reviewing my own book. Anyway I think it is rather good, but then I would, wouldn't I?My London Editor at the time called it "One of those unique and wonderful manuscripts that come one's way all too rarely; a most unusual and beautiful story that lingers in the mind long after one has read it." Which I think justifies the five stars I have given it. Her bosses, however, said it was: "Too unusual, too hard to classify, and thus too risky". Which is why I have published it [...]

    2. I've just received this book. And I have started reading it :D I HAVE FINISH THIS BOOK! YAY!In my opinion, it is really unique and one of a kind. I have never read this kind of book before so it was a fresh new experience. I like it though how the author is trying to convey his message through the story. And it really seeps into my mind. I understand what he is trying to tell to us. However, I'm kinda confused with the ending. But nevertheless, I will try to read it again so that I can understan [...]

    3. A young boy getting ready to be sent to Earth must first read seven books, which each contain a gift to be given to Mankind. From a reject rock star and his eclectic band, to a lonely bosun shipwrecked alone on a desert island, to a lonely white dolphin with a desire to rescue lost ships, the boy must read a scattered disconnected collection of stories and glean the heart of them, before he will be allowed to come to Earth.Overseeing the boy and the stories is a mysterious Angel with plans of he [...]

    4. The range of characters present throughout this book is extensive and helps add character to the seven separate stories. It takes the reader on a journey and each story has a valuable lesson to learn. I feel that everyone will take something away from this novel, that will stay with them for a long time. I loved the writing style that Mellor uses, he changes fonts at will and this really works in the setting of this novel. The only negative thing I have to say is that I wished the novel was long [...]

    5. I really liked the style and setup of this book. It gave a little piece at a time that urged the reader on. Made me think that i would have a better understanding of the world after i was done reaing it. I enjoyed taking it slow reading one "gift chapter" every couple of days. Not intentionally, but it made me think of each story seperately allowing it to sink in fully. I gave it a 3 star rating but it may be more like a 3.5 because i did really enjoy and I can say that i took something away wit [...]

    6. I don't know if I am supposed to do this but I am the author of The Seven Gifts and I have a very nice review from a while ago whose author and website have disappeared from the proverbial face of the Earth. So I am taking the liberty of posting it here through my account as a reader. I hope no-one objects. This is an edited version of the original review at Inkweaver Review, as the original gave away rather a lot of the plot, describing each chapter in some detail:“The Seven Gifts That Came t [...]

    7. This book is a delightful collection of short stories. Each story is meant to illustrate one of the seven gifts that came to the earth from the creator. A boy is tasked by an angel to read the seven stories to gain the knowledge of the seven gifts. As he reads each of the stories, he ponders their meaning and significance and the angel helps him sort it out. Once he has learned what the seven gifts are and why they are important, he travels to earth to impart this knowledge to the people there i [...]

    8. A series of beautifully written tales that capture the mind, heart and spirit; Mellor has done a splendid job engrossing the reader’s attention in a unique an utterly irresistible novel.A young boy coming of age must face the lonely tower by the sea, where in it, are seven books he must read and interpret. Guarded by an angel, the boy begins a journey like none other to uncover the seven gifts of the Earth. As he reads, you are swept into each and every tale and I found myself trying to figure [...]

    9. This is an updated version of The Seven Gifts - that came to Earth. Due to non-existent sales, despite some very nice reviews, I decided to revamp the book with a new title, new cover and new blurb. I felt the original focused too strongly on the spiritual aspect of the story (off-putting to many, I know), so I have brought the quirky, offbeat side of it more to the fore in the hopes of generating wider interest. Apart from a few very minor tweaks the content is identical.The book does have quit [...]

    10. I was pleasantly surprised by this collection of short stories woven together into one book. Each of the seven short stories reveals one of the gifts bestowed by God on mankind, yet the stories are written in a fantasy type of setting. Seven in the Bible is the perfect number, and so there is a lot of symbolism dripping off the pages of this book, if you know what to look for. Definitely unique, but in the same breath I have say probably not a book that everyone would enjoy. Not all believers wi [...]

    11. This is an interesting little story and not really like anything I've read. I'd almost classify this as an adult fairy tale taken place in a distant land where an Ice Princess rules the land. Each chapter is an angel telling a story to a boy in order for him to understand values and principles that the angels says people lose when they become adults. The principles are: space, time, consciousness, harmony, wisdom, eternity and love. It's interesting in that it makes you think about how you used [...]

    12. The seven short stories in this book were very interesting and came off as fairy tales in a way. They were set in a different place and time and had a variety of unique and colorful characters, and each story had a message that highlighted a "gift" that was given by God to humankind. There is a strong religious message throughout the book, which makes sense when the ending is revealed. The author has credibly created thought-provoking moral fables, where the "gift" illustrated is not always obvi [...]

    13. I got this book through Giveaways on GoodReads - and I'm glad I got it that way, otherwise I probably wouldn't ever notice it, because it doesn't have that hype that publishing houses manage to produce with their books, as this one was self-published.I liked the book. I wouldn't say remarkable, as I've read so many books that I really think I can say what I deem remarkable, but it is neat. Visually is nice, original, even appropriate considering the message book is trying to give in some nice no [...]

    14. I was given The 7 Gifts that Came to Earth by the author to review. Like the book, I'll keep this short and sweet. This book is broken into seven books with a small narrative after each. A young boy is tasked to reading all seven books and finding the gifts that have been bestowed to earth.This book reminded me a lot of The Alchemist or The Little Prince. A book broke into quirky and at times, very strange, little stories that each have a hidden theme that all tie together in the end. It was a q [...]

    15. I loved the fact that The Seven Gifts came to Earth has truly engaged me. As a reader, I enjoyed the seven stories, and then I even tried to guess the seven gifts (I was only able to guess two proudly). I love the way the story was structured, and the story was a light read because I finished it in two days. Reading this story made me feel like a kid again. I was able to connect to the story from a child’s view, and was very entertained. The seven short stories were all connected in some way, [...]

    16. Such a lovely book! I am glad that I won it in the First Reads giveaway! =)As I am interested in angels I loved the angel and her attitude. I think it might be a great book for children, because it would encourage them to read! =) As a teacher-to-be I would definitely read this book to my pupils in order to prove to them that reading is fun, but also serves a certain purpose. This book prompts to think about a lot of things. Some things linger in mind long after you read the book. It is really a [...]

    17. I have read the excerpt of this book and know about the first 2 gifts already interesting indeedThe way the author has woven the story keeps the reader interested in knowing as to what happens next. The end of the story flabberghasted me as its unexpected and wonderfully described and the loose things seem to fall in place only if you read till the end. Definitely want to read the rest of the book :)

    18. I received this book through the First-reads giveawayWell this was an interesting book. I liked it, but it made me feel a little uncomfortable as well. I haven't quite figured out why yet. I liked this take on the 'Jesus Story' I thought that it was very unique. I've never seen something quite like this before.

    19. I received this book as a First Reads giveaway.I really, really enjoyed this book. Very unusual format, excellent storytelling and I just loved it!!!

    20. This looks really fascinating. The description makes me think of The Alchemist or God's Debris, both of which I enjoyed. I am looking forward to reading this one.

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