Wibble Wobble

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  • Title: Wibble Wobble
  • Author: Miriam Moss Joanna Mockler
  • ISBN: 9780439390170
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
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      247 Miriam Moss Joanna Mockler
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    One Reply to “Wibble Wobble”

    1. As a Kindergarten teacher, it is always an exciting time when children lose their first tooth. I enjoy reading this book with my class, and they enjoy listening. We read it multiple times per year.

    2. This is a cute tale about a little boy who wants to have a loose tooth. Everyone else in his class has one, so he wants one too. It's a good story to read to 1st and 2nd graders as they will start losing teeth soon and it helps them prepare. And there are some silly parts to the story, which will entertain them. Also, the narrative is challenging, but not too hard, so it's good for young readers.

    3. This text is a wonderful text to use for text to self use. The story is about a student who has been waiting patiently to lose his tooth. All his friends have already began to lose their teeth. He doesn't know why it is taking so long for him to lose his tooth also. This is a topic that will be easy for the children to relate to. You can use this time to have the children think about a time when they were waiting for something and use it as a writing assignment.

    4. A cute book to read to children whose teeth are starting to come loose, but just won't quite fall out yet! The young child remembers all the times his friends lost their teeth, and when he loses his first tooth at school, he has a story to go right along with it. A good book to read to students that are feeling a little down about not having lost a tooth yet.

    5. This book is a wonderful book to use for text to person connection. All the kids are losing there teeth at this age and if one is not the he or she will feel left out. This book would be great to read every time a child losses a tooth as like a celebration, and kids could even write their own story about loosing their teeth.

    6. This book is about a little boy who really wants to lose a tooth so that he can have a good story like all of his friends. After he finally loses a tooth, he realizes that he wasn't missing out after all and doesn't want to lose another tooth. This might be a good book when your kids/classroom kids start losing their teeth and some feel left out!

    7. This is a good book for kindergarten through second grade. Around that age children are losing their teeth and some feel left out if theirs are not falling out or uneasy if they start losing teeth before their peers. This book has repetition to keep the attention of the young ones and funny concepts to give them a laugh.

    8. This is about a boy who want to have a wobbly tooth at pe the tooth came out but at home time the boy lost the tooth. They searched everywhere and found it in the bin.The next morning, he got a silver coin.He told to everyoneat home time he got a enomous ice-cream and another tooth wobbled.This book remind me about my first tooth fell out.

    9. This book is on such a relatable topic. Every child is going to lose a tooth sooner or later. The pictures went along with the story perfectly. I enjoyed this book, it was a fast read and kept my interest.

    10. A book my 6 yr old as well as my twin 3 yr olds loved. A solid reading level 1 book, this cute story keeps all ages engaged with the bright colorful pictures and cute story. A great addition to any children's library.

    11. Good title for children losing their first tooth. Explains the process from the wiggle to the tooth fairy. Great repeating text is fun to read aloud.

    12. JP After hearing stories about teeth coming loose from his classmates, William can't wait for his to come out. Unfortunately when it does, it also disappears. For younger elem.

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