Clifford's Day With Dad

Clifford s Day With Dad Children will love this new Norman Bridwell story about all the fun activities Clifford and his dad do together When Clifford visits his dad in the country they spend a fun day fetching digging and

  • Title: Clifford's Day With Dad
  • Author: Norman Bridwell
  • ISBN: 9780439410731
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • Children will love this new Norman Bridwell story about all the fun activities Clifford and his dad do together When Clifford visits his dad in the country, they spend a fun day fetching, digging and playing together

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    1. This book should have been subtitled "Clifford's Day of Destruction". It is a poignant reminder of what a hardship it can be to own a dog, particular one of Clifford's enormity. Property destruction, along with traffic disruption and danger, are only a few of the grave consequences. The prose is repetitive, and awkward. I only give it one star but must add one extra as my two-year-old keeps pointing at it each evening and saying "Dad! Dad! Dad!", so he must like it or something. Thus, I have rea [...]

    2. I now have a tradition to purchase a new book about dads for my husband for father's day. My daughter will write (or draw since she can't write yet) in the book and I write the date. It's fun because my daughter gets a bedtime story every night before bed and this is a special one for her and dad to read together (normally I read with her).This was a cute book about Clifford wanting to go spend some time with his dad. It's of course hilarious because whenever Clifford tries to do something a nor [...]

    3. Clifford the Big Red Dog is a familiar character that all kids love! I mean who wouldn't love this giant pup. In Clifford’s Day with Dad, he spends the day with his father learning the things that every dog should learn how to do. From fetching a stick to digging a hole, every moment Clifford spends with his dad is a great one. Readers could take the relationship of Clifford and his dad and connect it with their dads or moms, grandparents, aunts, uncles, even friends. They might not do what do [...]

    4. Clifford misses his dad when it's Emily Elizabeth's dads birthday, so he runs off in the middle of the party to go see him. Once he arrives, he dad tries to teach Clifford many things, including how to dig a hole and how to go through trash cans. When Clifford does these things, he tries to make his father proud, but ends up making a mess. He then helps his dad catch a Frisbee and helps make sure everyone stays safe after his dad chases a motorcycle. The ending tells how they both think they hav [...]

    5. Clifford ditches out on a party for Emily's father to spend some time in the country with his dad. While out in the "country" (more on that later), Clifford causes massive amounts of destruction to the level of ruining a roadway's underlying structure.Let's think about this. Every time Clifford pulls a stunt like this, who is left explaining things to the authorities, book after book? Emily's dad. Who do you think pays for the massive amount of food Clifford consumes? Emily's parents. Who cleans [...]

    6. Clifford spends time with his dad doing all the things the love doing together, but of course, Clifford has to do everything "his way" and causes lots of problems! If your child loves Clifford, they will love this book. Perfect for Father's Day or for any day that dad wants to read a book to their child.

    7. Clifford's Day with Dad wasn't really a great book, it doesn't really teach anything. It was about how on Father's Day, Clifford missed his dad so he ran all the way to the country to visit him and his dad taught him all these things that he felt like a dog should know, like how to catch.

    8. Clifford books are good books for young students to hear and read because they know Clifford from his tv show. I would use this book to work on predicting because students can predict what will happento Clifford when he tries to do what his dad shows him.

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