Protect and Defend

Protect and Defend New York Times bestselling author Vince Flynn returns with his most explosive political thriller yet A tour de force of action packed suspense Protect and Defend delivers an all too realistic and utt

  • Title: Protect and Defend
  • Author: Vince Flynn
  • ISBN: 9780743270410
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Hardcover
  • New York Times bestselling author Vince Flynn returns with his most explosive political thriller yet A tour de force of action packed suspense, Protect and Defend delivers an all too realistic and utterly compelling vision of nations navigating the minefield of international intrigue A true heavyweight in the political thriller arena Minneapolis Star Tribune , V New York Times bestselling author Vince Flynn returns with his most explosive political thriller yet A tour de force of action packed suspense, Protect and Defend delivers an all too realistic and utterly compelling vision of nations navigating the minefield of international intrigue A true heavyweight in the political thriller arena Minneapolis Star Tribune , Vince Flynn has created a flesh and blood hero that readers can cheer for and a finger blistering page turner they won t dare put down.In Protect and Defend, the action begins in the heart of Iran, where billions of dollars are being spent on the development of a nuclear program No longer willing to wait for the international community to stop its neighboring enemy, Israel launches one of the most creative and daring espionage operations ever conceived The attack leaves a radioactive tomb and environmental disaster in the middle of Iran s second largest city An outraged Iranian government publicly blames both Israel and the United States for the attack and demands retribution Privately, Iran s bombastic president wants much He wants America and Israel to pay for their aggression with blood.Enter Mitch Rapp, America s top counterterrorism operative Used to employing deception, Rapp sees an opportunity where others see only Iranian reprisals that could leave thousands of Americans dead Rapp convinces President Josh Alexander to sign off on a risky operation that will further embarrass the Iranian government and push their country to the brink of revolution As part of the plan, CIA director Irene Kennedy is dispatched to the region for a clandestine meeting with Azad Ashani, her Iranian counterpart.But Rapp isn t the only one hatching plans Iran s President Amatullah has recruited Hezbollah master terrorist Imad Mukhtar to do his dirty work For decades Mukhtar has acted as a surrogate for Iran, blazing a trail of death and destruction across the Middle East and beyond When Kennedy s meeting with Ashani goes disastrously wrong, Rapp and Mukhtar are set on a collision course that threatens to engulf the entire region in war With the clock ticking, Rapp is given twenty four hours, no questions asked, to do whatever it takes to stop Mukhtar, and avert an unthinkable catastrophe.

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    1. In some ways, I'm glad I read this novel with two other Vince Flynn tomes in the same week (Thank you, Christmas Vacation). This novel reminds me of everything that I really like about Vince Flynn books--why I started reading them, why I have bought all his novels, and why, until a few years ago, I would miss any of them. Unfortunately, it also dramatically illustrtates how Vince had gotten off course in the last two books.The novel is a textbook example of what Vince Flynn does best. Multiple c [...]

    2. Damn, this book was violent, HAHA! Full of action and suspense, but for a Vince Flynn/Mitch Rapp book, I expected no less! That's why they're so entertaining! After the destruction of an Iranian Nuclear Weapons Facility, Iranian President Amatullah believes the US to be responsible for the attack, but it was unknowingly to the Iranians, it was Israel who attacked, not the Americans. Seeing this as an opportunity, Mitch Rapp convinces newly elected President Josh Alexander to send him on a secret [...]

    3. I used to read political thrillers when I was younger so I picked up this book. I thought I wanted to see if this kind of genre would still excite me. I did. What makes book like this worth reading is its ability to entertain its readers by keeping them at the edge of their seats enough for them to keep on leafing until the problem of the agent (Mitch Rapp, in this series by Vince Flynn) is solved.My problem is that everything is pure entertainment. Flynn like other writers in this political thr [...]

    4. I've read other Vince Flynn books in the past and enjoyed them, but I won't be reading any more after this one. On the positive side, there's a lot of action, and if you're the kind of person who likes watching 24 on TV to see Jack Bauer torture "bad guys", well you're in luck because protagonist Mitch Rapp kills a tortures a lot of bad guys here. In fact, he takes out his knife and castrates one man, against orders I should point out, but it's okay because he's doing it all for the good old US [...]

    5. Protect and Defend by Vince Flynn (8th in the Mitch Rapp Series.) Description.With Iran on the brink of developing a nuclear weapon, Israel is forced to react - and triggers an international crisis. An outraged United Nations condemns the attacks, while Iran swears vengeance against Israel and her chief backer: the USA. My review.Yet again the President of the USA has to turn to the unusual talents of Mitch Rapp, a man who is prepared to push the boundaries to ensure that he gets the results tha [...]

    6. Honestly, I almost didn't finish this book. I had finished about half the book in about a week of evening reading and was at the point where I wanted to move on to something else more intriguing, But Flynn had come so highly recommended by so many of my sick twisted friends I decided to give it one more chance, and so i picked it up about 11:00pm with the intention of possibly finishing another chapter, around 3:00am I closed the book on the last page and realized I was totally tense from the ac [...]

    7. This is by far the worst of the Mitch Rapp books. There is always some level of unbelievability to these stories but this one is really out there. Mitch Rapp (nearly) single-handedly saves the day again and breaks all of the rules getting thereblah blah blah. This is a good fast read on an airplane ride when you don't want to think.

    8. I generally love the Mitch Rapp series, but this one seemed really rough. The language was significantly more course and the characters just felt less defined. It is almost as though the author rushed this one. I saw this same degradation of characters in the Tom Clancy books.

    9. Another good page turner with Mitch Rapp, doing what he does best to protect and serve. In this one he is called in to have a one to one talk with the President, then problems are revealed in Iran, and Rapp needs to go under cover and get the scoop.

    10. This book starts out with an explicit sex scene, so just skip the first four pages or so and you won't miss anything. The concept of the book is great, but the writing is so-so. I'll probably just finish for the sake of finishing, but it has little to offer that I haven't read in other books.

    11. Another Vince Flynn novel and another late night of reading the last fourth of it in one sitting. Protect and Defend, while starting slow, held my attention well and really picked up about half way through. By the end it was literally impossible to put down. What a great read! It is always a delight to finish a Flynn book. Protect and Defend picked up where Act of Treason left off. In fact, I felt like the first few chapters focusing on Mitch Rapp might have worked better as an epilogue to Act o [...]

    12. Vince Flynn's books are so much more than the unfortunately composed 'one-man wrecking crew' line would suggest to the new reader. Yes it delivers on the thrills and spills premise written about on the back, but that really doesn't cover the half of it. Rapp may not do much thinking beyond where was he tricked and how does he kill the bastard best, but the thinking is being done, by other characters. Irene Kennedy, for example. This frees Rapp up to get on with killing the bastards It is right a [...]

    13. Typical Mitch Rapp novel — but this was exceptionally good. When CIA Director Irene Kennedy’s motorcade is ambushes and she is kidnapped in Iran following a meeting, it is up to Mitch to get her back. And of course, he employs the methods he’s best known for in order to do so. It’s clear that Mitch is getting a little older — Flynn makes it clear by referring to the gray in Rapp’s hair and beard — but it’s also clear that Rapp still isn’t ready to quit. He’s brazen, tough, an [...]

    14. Another amazing Mitch Rapp adventure.Mitch Rapp never disappoints. He is the character we all want on our side. He certainly does the jobs we don't want to know about. I'm thankful he's on our side. The action was nonstop. If you like action, you will love this book.

    15. Vince Flynn, like Brad Thor, wears his political beliefs on his sleeve. He doesn't however, like Brad Thor, force it down your throat with every soliloquy that EVERY character finds the need to burst in to. It is for this, and many other reasons, I truly miss Mr. Flynn. His Mitch Rapp kicks ass and takes names like no other and is clearly the badest mother in the valley. As our tale begins, Rapp is lying in bed with a beautiful woman. Then, he sneaks out and kills a man. The target in question i [...]

    16. I'm not going to rehash the plot here. Read the dustcover or the back cover of the paperback at your local B&N, or the synopsis on if that's what you're after.What I will do is tell you that Vince Flynn gets my vote for the best writer of spy novels/political thrillers in America. And that's saying a lot, given Tom Clancy and Richard Marcinko.Yes, Clancy's good. He has excellent sources in the espionage and national security business, and at least used to be able to write compelling novels [...]

    17. I've chosen to read the Mitch Rapp books in the order they were published rather than chronologically. I usually do that because "prequel" stories are often better when you know what characters eventually become and it is fun to see how they got there. So in this case, I have not yet read the "first" two books, in the way orders them but they will be bubbling up soon.This book continues the story of Rapp and his role in America's defense. I've based my rating on the story itself and am purposef [...]

    18. Book 8 of the Mitch Rapp seriesIn the heart of Iran, billions of dollars are spent on the development of a nuclear program. Israel is eager to stop its development and launches one of the most daring espionage operations ever conceived, the attack leaves an environmental disaster in the middle of Iran's largest city.The Iranian government is outraged and blames both Israel and the United States for the destruction and demands retribution. CIA director Irene Kennedy is dispatched to the region to [...]

    19. This one had a slower start than its predecessors, but once the action picked up, it was a page turner. I really like the direction Flynn is taking Rapp with the increased ruthlessness and insubordination.

    20. WOW. Another page turner delivered by Vince Flynn. The Mitch Rapp series just keeps getting better and better. In "Protect and Defend", Mitch Rapp does what Mitch Rapp is best known for. He takes charge, defying all political correctness. He is one of the best "In your face, do the right thing" CIA operatives ever to be put to work defending the United States of America. His quick thinking and superb tactical mind simply solves problems. He doesn't care what any of the power people of Washington [...]

    21. This is book 10 (2007) in Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series. It's rated 4.33/5.0 on GoodReads and is 416 pages. I rated it 4.0/5.0.The brilliance of this book is Vince Flynn's grasp of world politics, and his understanding of how the various groups might respond to the stimuli he presents, making it a hypothetical learning experience. It's a spy thriller and takes place in Iran during the period in which Iran is trying to build a nuclear facility, and America and Israel and their allies are trying [...]

    22. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; OCTOBER 15, 2016Narrator: George GuidallWhen I first listened to this installment a year ago, I stopped about a quarter of the way. I was overdosed on terrorists and needed a break. I never forgot Yoshi telling me to stick it out because the action rachets up in the second half. She also gave it 5 stars, which she rarely gives out.Missing those darned terrorists now, I decided to tackle Protect and Defend once more. Thank you, Yoshi! It was really, really, good and the secon [...]

    23. I posted the incorrect author when I read this book. Thanks to Karon who informed me of this mistake. This is the same review that I posted earlier for a book by Patterson with this same title. OOOPS!This is a typical political thriller book with takes place in Iran after an attack destroys its nuclear facility. Israel and the U.S. are both blamed and Iran is working to "spin" this event to their country benefis. It is fascinating to watch the hardliners and the moderates at war within Iran. It [...]

    24. Initially read 16 Nov 2016; re-read 18 January 2018Let me preface this review with this fact - I love Mitch Rapp. So the fact that I struggled a little with this book (and the previous) is in no way related to Vince Flynn, Mitch Rapp, his assorted cohorts, or the writing. If anything, the fact that the writing is so good and the characters so amazing, is what makes reading these books sometimes hard. I find myself getting so angry at the side characters who are always working to bring the good g [...]

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