Kaspar, Prince of Cats

Kaspar Prince of Cats Kaspar

  • Title: Kaspar, Prince of Cats
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo Michael Foreman
  • ISBN: 9780007267002
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kaspar

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      410 Michael Morpurgo Michael Foreman
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    1. This is my daughter’s favourite book, and she returns to it again and again. I was curious to know why, so I wrested it from her and sat down to read. It really is a delightful book, gorgeously illustrated by Michael Foreman. It tells the story of Johnny Trott, a bellboy at the Savoy, who makes friends with a cat named Kaspar. ‘From his whiskers to his paws he was black all over, jet black and sleek and shiny and beautiful. He knew he was beautiful too. He moved like silk, his head held high [...]

    2. I liked how Johnny got to change his life after he survived the sinking of the titanic with the Stanton family and Kaspar. When the Stanton family went back to England to the Savoy hotel in London, Lizziebeth and Johnny received a special letter from Mr Freddie. I also liked how before when Johnny was a bell boy, he wasn't allowed to bring any type of animals in the hotel. But now he's returned, he's made Kaspar the first ever pet of the hotel.

    3. Michael Morpurgo has to be up there as one of the all-time greatest children's authors and once again, with Kaspar he has written a wonderful story that will thrill not just children but adults too. With the added bonus of beautiful illustrations by Michael Foreman, this really is a gem of a book.Set in 1912, Johnny Trott is working as a bell-boy at The Savoy in London. An orphan, he managed to run away from the orphanage where the staff treated him so cruelly and is happy working at The Savoy.W [...]

    4. A charming book. Johnny Trot works as a bell boy at the Savoy hotel and sees many rich people. An opera singer comes to stay with her car Kaspar and as part of his duties he has to walk the cat in the park. When she dies he hides the cat in his sleeping quarters until Lizzibeth, an American girl finds him. When they set sail back to America on the Titanic, Johhny Trot stows away to make a better life for himself!We all know what happened on the maiden voyage.Apparently, the Savoy uses a statue o [...]

    5. Chipmunk’s Verdict: Definitely 5 stars, because it’s so good.Overall Verdict: A fantastic, wonderful read. A true delight.Where to start with the review of this book?Chipmunk and I had never read anything by Michael Morpurgo before, although I had heard of him, and Chipmunk’s Friday teacher recommended that we give one a shot. So we did.Wow.That about sums it up really. You want more? Ok. Let me think.Alright then. This book is one of the most outstanding children’s books I think I have [...]

    6. Kasper Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo is about an orphan boy Johnny Trott who works as a bell boy in the Savoy hotel. He describes his position as the lowest of the low fetching and carrying for the rich people who stay in the hotelistocraticA Russian aristocrat arrives at the hotel with her cat Prince Kasper and Johnny Trott is intrusted to look after the cat whilst his owner is performing at the opera. Johnny Trott befriends the Russian aritocrat and the equally pampered cat. He is rewarde [...]

    7. I've been reading this one with my 7 yr old at bedtime, and it went down a storm. It was her first Morpurgo, and she's keen to read more.Johnny Trott is a bellboy at the Savoy and it is his engaging voice that tells us Kaspar's (and his own) story. We soon warmed to Johnny, whose past and feelings are interwoven effectively with his narration of the story's events. Other characters were equally masterfully drawn, including an enigmatic Russian opera-singing Countess, a vindictive Head Housekeepe [...]

    8. I really enjoyed Michael Morpurgo's book "Running Wild". I decided to read this book because it was recommended to me by a family friend. It's written like a recount, but I think that while the story-line was great, I found the use of language techniques poor. This book has a male main character, Johnny Trott. Having a male main character in this book didn't impact on the story-line majorly - I still liked the book - but I personally love it when a female main character kicks arse, because of th [...]

    9. Bellboy Johnny Trott's life is forever changed when Kaspar Kadinsky (the Prince of Cats) comes into his life. As an orphan Johnny has always ached for a mother's love. When Kaspar's glamorous owner (although as the Prince of Cats Kaspar cannot be owned) comes to stay at the Savoy Hotel Johnny is befriended by the pair. When disaster strikes Johnny is left with a cat in need of cheering up.A cat that survives the sinking of the Titanic is a rather cute concept for a children's book. The title it [...]

    10. I frequently find I have ambiguous feelings when it comes to Michael Morpurgo's books. Often I have to put them on my 'pseudo-children' shelf: books ostensibly for children but actually aimed at nostalgic adults.This one is less in that category than so many of his books. Sure, it's got one or two glances at the adult market. However its gaze is more firmly fixed on the interests of a child.It's the endearing story of Johnny Trott, an orphan, who works as a bellboy at the Savoy. His daydreams of [...]

    11. This amazing, addicting book is about a young boy, who works at the Savoy Hotel as a Bell-boy. When the Countess Kandinsky visits the hotel with the prince of cats, Kaspar Kandinsky, everything changes. Read the story of brave Johnny Trot, Elizabeth, and most importantly, Kaspar, the first cat to survive the sinking of the TitanicThis book is amazing. At parts, it made me just want to cry, and some others my heart pounds in my chest like mad. Michael Morpurgo has a real talent of making readers [...]

    12. Kaspar, by Michael Morpurgo, is a story about a young boy called Johnny Trott. Johnny works in the Savoy Hotel in London. He is trusted with the duty of looking after a guest’s cat – Kaspar. Johnny becomes close to Lizziebeth, the daughter of a rich couple who are staying in the hotel. He finds himself a passenger on The Titanic, along with Kaspar and Lizziebeth's family. As the ship hits the iceberg and the passengers panic, Johnny is only concerned with making sure that Kaspar and Lizziebe [...]

    13. Kaspar the cat first came to The Savoy Hotel in a basket. Johnny Trott was the lucky bellboy who carried him in, and all of Countess Kandinsky's things to her room. But Johnny didn't expect to end up with Kaspar in his hands forever, and nor did he count on making friends with Lizziebeth, a girl from America. Soon, events are set in motion that will take Johnny, and Kasper, all around the world, surviving theft, shipwreck and rooftop rescues along the way. Because everything changes with a cat l [...]

    14. Another beautiful little tale from Morpurgo with an animal at its heart. Abandoned London pageboy, Johnny Trot, meets a Russian Countess at the hotel in which he works. With her is her cat, Kaspar, a Prince, says the Countess. Becoming friends with them both, he finds himself alone in caring for the cat unexpectedly. And then Elizabeth comes to stay at the hotel with her parents, offering friendship to the orphan. But her day of departure draws near - she is to sail for America on the TitanicGoo [...]

    15. A definite 5/5 from Izzie and me - story time stretched out to a full hour tonight as the tension ran high and we simply couldn't wait to find out what would happen next.'Kaspar, Prince of Cats' is the story of Johnny Trott, bell boy at the Savoy Hotel, Elizabeth Stanton, rich American girl, and Kaspar, possibly the luckiest cat ever, and certainly the only one to survive the sinking of the Titanic. It's always difficult to read about the Titanic - 'unsinkable' said Captain Smith, 'Hah!' said Iz [...]

    16. I like the way Morpurgo writes about how Johnny meets Kaspar and Lizziebeth - nice effect.The thing I liked best about this story was the way Johnny and Lizziebeth bonded from the moment they met. Their relationship was obviously strong.Robert and Ann, Lizziebeth's parents were interesting characters, too. At first I saw them as posh and rude, but as they became closer with Johnny they became different, kind and caring.As for Kaspar, he was adorable, though I found it a bit annoying about how Mo [...]

    17. I was very impressed with this book. I was throughly caught up in it. I at first throught it was going to be a book about Kaspar however when you really get into the book you realise its about the boy. It is very heart warming and i loved it.I have always liked the way that Morpurgo writes he puts so much research into his books and it really shines through. All the small bits are amazingly written and they add so much to the bigger picture. I wont give too much away from the end of the book but [...]

    18. Kaspar arrives at the Savoy Hotel in London with his owner the Countess Kandinsky. During her stay, bellboy Johnny Trott is to be responsible for all of Countess Kandinsky's thingseven Kaspar!Kaspar becomes Johnny's full responsibility strikes the Countess. Even though Johnny is delighted to have this new best friend, he also has to be secretive about it. No pets are allowed in the employees' quarters.A new friend, and co-conspirator in keeping Kaspar secret, arrives in the form of a young heire [...]

    19. A really great book. This book is written for kids, maybe late elementary school age. I happened to take it out of the library for my grandson to read (he loved it), and then I read it too. To judge whether your child might like this book - my grandson has been reading mostly funny, adventurous books, often parts of various series. This book was a step up for him, a plot that was more intense because you truly were worried or frightened as to what would happen to the characters. It was a lively [...]

    20. A really cute book to read out loud to kids. Expect a lot of questions about history though. Perfect for 2nd-5th graders.

    21. This book was read by student Isabella Rothwell as part of Reading Ahead 2018. Here is her review:"Gripping and enjoyable."

    22. Good book has a great story line and themedid knot like that he stayed at the savoy hotel at the end of the book

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