The Night of the Moths

The Night of the Moths Alice was a hopeful young graduate student when on a beautiful August night her body was found in the woods She ll always remember the night she was murdered And she still suffers the grief and rage

  • Title: The Night of the Moths
  • Author: Riccardo Bruni Anne Milano Appel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alice was a hopeful young graduate student when, on a beautiful August night, her body was found in the woods She ll always remember the night she was murdered And she still suffers the grief and rage that destroyed her family.But what Alice regrets most is the last fight she had with her boyfriend, Enrico and the fact that she never had the chance to tell him somethingAlice was a hopeful young graduate student when, on a beautiful August night, her body was found in the woods She ll always remember the night she was murdered And she still suffers the grief and rage that destroyed her family.But what Alice regrets most is the last fight she had with her boyfriend, Enrico and the fact that she never had the chance to tell him something that would have changed everything.A decade later, Enrico has returned to the provincial town where Alice lived and died, to sell his family home All he wants is to forget But then, among the things he left behind, he finds an old cell phone and unread texts sent from Alice s phone.Now, her terrible secrets are about to swallow up everyone she knew, loved, and trusted For Enrico, discovering them is his only chance to put his lost love and the demons of his past to rest.

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      199 Riccardo Bruni Anne Milano Appel
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    1. Normally I am able to find some redeeming qualities in a Kindle First book, though “The Night of the Moths was a challenge. Here’s why:THE PLOT was not bad, probably one of the stronger elements in the book. I could find justification for most of the actions by the lead characters, even the big stretch at the end when the “reveal” takes place. Where the book fell apart was in the execution, the pieces that helped everything to make sense. Electronic items, including cell phones, do not j [...]

    2. A good solid thriller from Italy. The plot twist at the end was very good. I really did not see that coming. Poor old Enrico. From Rome, he gets involved with the tribulations of a small town. The atmosphere of the thriller was claustrophobic and I really enjoyed the plot. Just didn't feel it deserved more than 3 stars.

    3. I won an e-book in a drawing.A psychological thriller, told in the present tense, which I found completely irritating.

    4. Bruni è ragazzo intelligente e arguto. Ha confezionato un prodotto valido per i tempi che corrono (oserei dire senza alcun intento artistico). Ottimo intreccio. Trama valida. Una sapiente sceneggiatura, repentini cambi di scena e di prospettiva (scuola di scrittura?). Un finale sorprendente e inatteso, ma anche scontato, secondo una certa idea della società, che traspare senza essere enunciata. Il tutto è condito con ingredienti alla moda: rapidità quasi frenetica; una costellazione di stere [...]

    5. I rarely close a book unless it has been read to the last page; this one proved the exception. Dull, Dark, Murky in style and format. I couldn't care about characters in the tale; they had less substance than the moths. So, sorry for those who loved the book. I did not.

    6. 2.5 out of 5A decent story idea drowned in fluff and melodrama. If you enjoy soap opera subplots, you will love this book. Certain moments are rushed when, by all rights, they should be explored. Then you find yourself flicking through pages of a mother telling her daughter not to swear.The characters are believable. Some are even likeable. Yet the author employs clumsy techniques to portray them. Then, as if concerned that the reader won't know what he meant by it, Bruni will come out and quali [...]

    7. Il successo di Riccardo Bruni è la lampante dimostrazione che, se si possiede del talento, è possibile diventare un professionista partendo dall’auto pubblicazione. Certo essere un giornalista gli è stato d’aiuto, se non altro perché, bene o male, bisogna saper scrivere. Lo stile giornalistico, sintetico e immediato, potrà non piacerà a tutti, ma personalmente lo trovo coinvolgente, perché non si perde nella ricerca di effetti speciali linguistici, ma semplicemente racconta e intrappo [...]

    8. I selected this for my Kindle First choice for NovemberI was torn between this one and another and selected this since it had more pages in the end. However, I really struggled through it. It was all a bit deep and wordy for my liking. Many I saw compare it to Twin Peaks and I hated that with a passion !! So I clearly made the wrong selection.I stuck with it till the end but I didn't enjoy it much at all. I was pretty shocked by Alice, she wasn't a sympathetic character at all and her brother wa [...]

    9. Detektyvas, neturintis šimtų puslapių, plonas visada žadina mano smalsumą. Suintriguoti žmogų ir pateikti stulbinamą kulminaciją trumpai ir aiškiai rašant - sudėtinga. Juk "susukti" įdomią nenuspėjamą dramų ir įvykių virtinę daug lengviau pasitelkiant daug veikėjų ir keletą siužetinių linijų. Tad pamačiusi, kad ši mažutė knyga "Drugelių naktis" dar ir STREGA premija apdovanota nusprendžiau išmėginti laimę.Enrikas grįžta į savo gimtą miestelį, kuris jam kel [...]

    10. Yes it was a murder mystery but it was fun. Great characters and although you can pretty much figure out what happened early in the story the twists keep you turning pages.

    11. Wasn't bad I like the ideas around the story but at times it was hard to know which persons point of view it was told from. It could have been a lot better , the characters were not very developed I wasn't attached to any of them.

    12. Bello. Ritmo serrato fino alla fine, mi ha stupito! Scoprire l'assassino è stato davvero inaspettato, scoprirlo assime a lui soprattutto, all'improvviso, come uno schiaffo. Sbam. Scoprirlo come l'ha scoperto Alice all'improvviso. Ero in quella scena, in quel momento nel bosco, con la pioggia che srosciava nel libro e fuori dalla mia finestra; Solo che io ero al sicuro nel mio letto, mentre Alice a morire nel bosco, al freddo. L'incastro delle storie dei personaggi è perfetto. L'amaro in bocca [...]

    13. Libro ben scritto, finale purtroppo scontato nel suo "non voler essere scontato". Gli avrei dato 4 stelle se non fosse stato per questo e per i capitoli scritti dal POV di Alice, che personalmente trovo facciano un po' troppo "amabili resti".

    14. Un buon romanzo, non altrettanto buona l’edizioneNon mi capita spesso di leggere thriller italiani e ho deciso di cimentarmi nella lettura di questo libro di Riccardo Bruni proprio perché pubblicato da Publishing. Ero curiosa di capire che quale fosse la loro linea editoriale in Italia.Come immaginavo, mi sono ritrovata con un romanzo che, nonostante presenti numerose caratteristiche che richiamano alla memoria la realtà italiana, non soffre affatto di provincialismo. In altre parole, riten [...]

    15. davvero bello, un giallo - o noir, è forse più preciso - tutt'altro che banale. Leggerò sicuramente altro di questo autore

    16. La storia che ci racconta Riccardo Bruni, è ambientata in una piccola località di Mare, in Toscana, dove l'estate vede affollarsi tanti vacanzieri, mentre l'inverno scorre lento per la vita dei pochi residenti. Annoiati, sognano una vita che non gli stia così stretta, e chi in un modo, chi in un altro, prova ad evadere, a fuggire dalla triste prospettiva di una noiosa vita di provincia. Alice vive in questo paesino, ed è fidanzata da diversi anni con Enrico, un ragazzo romano che frequenta q [...]

    17. You can't escape secrets. You think you can have secrets, that you can keep them, but in the end they possess you.The Night of the Moths' plot was intriguing, but I felt the execution fell a little flat. There were moments of extreme dullness, to the point I could set it down for days at a time, but sometimes redemption followed with paragraphs providing action or attention grabbing details. There were some issues with a few details provided (ie. a decade old cellphone that still worked and had [...]

    18. thebookloversboudoir.wordpresThis is my first time reading the author.I enjoyed The Night of the Moths. The book is a good thriller with elements of mystery and suspense.I liked the mystery elements and how the book moves between the present and Anna’s murder ten years before, gradually revealing the truth about what happened to her. This creates a lot of suspense.There are some chapters narrated by Anna, presumably by her ghost. This is an interesting idea but doesn’t work at all. These cha [...]

    19. A nice, quick read for your monthly Kindle First selection. The murder mystery and small town setting are reminiscent of Twin Peaks (and the show is referenced several times throughout), but those looking for horror with a more supernatural flavor will probably be a bit disappointed. The translation is excellent, and, unlike some other reviewers, I didn't find the shifting point of view to be overly jarring or disorienting. Though the chapters aren't labeled, a la Game of Thrones, there aren't s [...]

    20. What do you folks do on when you stop reading a book and never intend on finishing it? Do you count it read? Just leave it as is? I picked this book up from Prime First read for November 2017. I'm on a reading binge, and to keep up the momentum, the books I read need to have a good pace, keep me entertained and engaged, and hook me early. This book did none of those things. The melodramatic prose was boring and the transition between past and present was jarring at best. I couldn't keep track [...]

    21. There are portions of the story that are narrated by dead Alice. I think I liked those the most just because she has an interesting stream-of-consciousness style and ruminates on things in a way that could be slow but ends up holding my interest. Unfortunately the point of view and tense (present-day mystery versus past events) shifts get a bit confusing.The characters help to make up for the confusion. In particular I love a security guard who’s a bit too obsessed with the Die Hard movies and [...]

    22. On the positive side I found the book engrossing in that it kept my interest until the end. However the reason for my giving it two stars (meaning; it was ok,) is there was very little character development. For instance why did Alice, who was so in love with Enrico, have a shady fling with his married best friend? And this is to say nothing of the ending, where this "decent" family gets away with murder and feels, a bit guilty, but in the end, they're basically ok with it. Even when the wronged [...]

    23. I got this as a Kindle First book. I read this entire thing looking for the point at which I would care about the mystery, and I never really found it. There were some well drawn moments, but much of this book left me feeling emotionally removed. I felt like maybe that was because there were a lot of characters, some of them well formed, but we never got to spend enough time with any one of them to identify with them as much as I think the reader should be able to do. There were also a LOT of se [...]

    24. Alice is killed. The village idiot 'confesses' to her murder, and in turn is killed by her father. The murder touches many people, and the boyfriend of Alice moves away. He comes back after 10 years, upsetting the villagers, and finds himself in the midst of the murder, which has long been adjudicated. Or has it? How could Alice send texts two weeks after her death?Alice narrates some of the chapters, so we get a feel for her, as well as those touched by her and her death. This is a quick read, [...]

    25. This book certainly kept me interested. I found it pleasantly worded - a beautiful translation, but not so literary as to be distracting. It was constructed quite differently than most mysteries, and I liked that. The killer was a big surprise, perhaps too big of one, and the truth was disappointingly sordid - but realistic in terms of human nature. Not sure how many families could have kept the secret that long, but then we might never know how often this kind of thing really happens! The victi [...]

    26. This story skipped around a little to start with but once I figured out the author's style I was all in. The plot took a few twists, there wasn't a lot of in depth coverage of the murder investigtion surrounding Alice but I don't really think that hurt the story. I think the gist of the story was in how Alice's murder aftected and altered so many lives and the consequences that resulted from afterwards. I felt emotions and for me that takes precedence over the sometimes missed details. I did enj [...]

    27. I got this book through Kindle First. I’m glad I didn’t pay for it because I really didn’t like it. It started out strong and was at first told in the POV of Alice who was already dead. But after bat it just got boring and there were so many POVs going on that it got confusing. I also didn’t realize that this book was translated from Italian until the end. That helped explain why the dialogue was so stifled and awkward.This could have been a great story but I think it needs a better tran [...]

    28. I liked this book a lot--didn't love it unreservedly though. The mystery itself was good, and though I figured some aspects of the mystery out, I hadn't figured it all out until the reveal. That's a big plus. The notion of rebuilding a case through text messages was neat I found some of the brutality a bit much but still, nothing worse than Elizabeth George, whose fixation on gruesome things happening to children I abhor. I would have upped the score by half a point if I could have. But it wasn' [...]

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