The Snow Leopard's Heart

The Snow Leopard s Heart A curvy waitress who s hiding a secret a snow leopard shifter who just wants to be left alone a sudden undeniable passion one exhilarating romance Curvy Nina Williams has given up on finding a family

  • Title: The Snow Leopard's Heart
  • Author: Zoe Chant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A curvy waitress who s hiding a secret a snow leopard shifter who just wants to be left alone a sudden, undeniable passion one exhilarating romance Curvy Nina Williams has given up on finding a family Ever since she was kicked out of her parents house for being a shifter, she s been searching for a pack that will accept her with no success Finally, she heads to tA curvy waitress who s hiding a secret a snow leopard shifter who just wants to be left alone a sudden, undeniable passion one exhilarating romance Curvy Nina Williams has given up on finding a family Ever since she was kicked out of her parents house for being a shifter, she s been searching for a pack that will accept her with no success Finally, she heads to the middle of nowhere to live out her life alone She s learned the hard way that she can t trust anyone, so she s just going to have to rely on herself Snow leopard shifter Joel Miller has everything he s ever wanted in his life his dream job of being a park ranger, and a cabin deep in the mountains to fix up and call home He s never wanted to let anyone get too close, not even his family, so his lonely cabin is perfect But one day he scents a strange leopard nearby And then the new waitress in town catches his eye Nina is shocked to find another snow leopard in her lonely getaway and even shocked to realize that Joel is her mate Can Nina learn to put her trust in others, and accept that she s found her pack And can Joel open his heart to Nina after keeping it closed off for so long The Snow Leopard s Heart is a sizzling hot, standalone BBW, BWWM interracial shifter romance No cliffhangers

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    1. Reviewed at Shifter HavenSometimes stories simply tear you apart emotionally, and I admit that’s what The Snow Leopard’s Heart did to me. I’ve read and loved the entire Glacier Snow Leopards series so far, but I think this one hit a bit deeper because of the people involved. Oh, there is no doubt that several characters in this series have been to hell and back, and survived with their mates. Nina and Joel have more than surface troubles, they have deeply ingrained mental anguish to add to [...]

    2. A Change of Heart!!!Nina, a Snow Leopard Shifter who'd been searching for a place where she'd belong. She was happy when she found out that there were other shifters out there and that she wasn't a freak. She tried different packs but found out that she didn't fit in anywhere.She decided she didn't need a pack to survive and had given up searching for one. She was willing to put herself out there to get hurt again. Nina had a plan, find a job, keep to herself and earned enough money to get an ap [...]

    3. My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!! Yes, I got a review copy of this book, and no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book! I have bought this book because I loved it, and I own most of Zoe’s books!The cover is beautiful! My favorite covers always have both man and beast, and they are both breathtaking.This is the 4th book in the series, and it is for adults only due to the steamy content. While not [...]

    4. Very Good!We met Joel in Book 3 as he's Zach's little brother, Joel is also the loner in the family & because of the way his parents died he's not really a fan of the mate bond.Nina had been adopted, so neither her mom or dad knew that she was a shifter & she didn't either until she hit puberty. At 1st she shifted when no one was around but one day her parents found out & her father disowned her & threw her out of the house; she was 16 at the time.Nina finally after moving from p [...]

    5. Two Lost SoulsJoel and Nina were both lost souls and upon meeting each other, they didn't realize that they were fated mates. Not by choice, Nina was constantly moving from place to place. She couldn't trust anyone. She was on her own since her parents kicked her out of the house when she was 16. She managed to get a waitress job and when some rowdy men tried to get fresh with her, Joel stepped in and to old them to leave her alone. After her shift ended, those same men came at her outside and J [...]

    6. While this one was ok, its probably my least favourite of the series so far.Joel was just a little too immature for my liking, yep understandable to be angry with his parents and circumstances but his behaviour just seemed a little childish for me to enjoy, I mean he still had the support of his brother to help him through it. On the other hand I really liked Nina, she certainly had just as many, if not more in my opinion, reasons to be bitter and angry but was able to put her big girl pants on [...]

    7. Another wonderful story about the Glacier National Park pack. This is a sweet paranormal romance that will leave the reader smiling and satisfied. Zoe Chant has written a book about two fated mates both of whom had resigned themselves to being alone for the rest of their lives. Nina was rejected by everyone including her family when she began to shift; Joel is filled with anger over what happened to his parents, and avoids the company of other shifters whose lives are entwined with others. They [...]

    8. This is book 4 in the Glacier Leopards series. It is another great read by Zoe Chant.It is a well written story with wonderful characters and story line. Nina Williams is a snow leopard looking for a place to call home. She has had a hard life since she shifted. Her adopted parents throw her out and she has been alone since. Joel is a park ranger at Glacier National Park. He has caught a scent of a strange leopard in the park. He realizes she is his mate when he attends a dinner with his brother [...]

    9. Joel is determined to never have a mate after seeing what his parents went through. Nina was kicked out of her parents home at 16 and has been moving searching for a place to call him since. One look at each other and they realize fate has other plans. Will Nina be able to overcome her fears that make her run? Will Joel accept that being with his mate is a strength not a weakness?LOVED THIS BOOK! I love the fact that Joel gets a mate! After reading about him in Zach and Teri's book, I was so exc [...]

    10. As we've all come to expect from Zoe, she has written yet another awesome story. I really enjoy how easy it is to relate to the characters, to feel their fears and watch them embrace who and what they are, and I enjoy how there is always a great pearl of wisdom thrown into our reading pleasure as well. I think each book in the series just gets better and better. I have to admit that I can't wait to see what's in store for in the future for the leader of the pack in the future. I thought it might [...]

    11. Two broken hearts can make a wholeGood thing for the snow leopard shifter-rangers of Glacier National Park. These men go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that everyone is safe, especially their mates. Joel seemed to be the hardest loner, but to me that means that he has the biggest heart. He was so worried about getting hurt that he almost let his mate, Nina, slip through his fingers. And what a horrible father to throw his daughter out at 16 years old. How did he think she was going [...]

    12. ARC - I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest!Nina encountered too much heartache.She was just trying to find a place to belong.Glacier Park looked like the "dream come true" place to live.Open space, not too many people.Here she could let her Snow Leopard run free.Joel was the part ranger + he was also a snow leopard.When he meets Nina, sparkles flies.Is Nina his mate ?Joel is scared + excited that he found his mate.Joel + Nina have to get past t [...]

    13. READ THIS SERIES!It is so nice when all the people from the previous stories are woven into the tapestry of the newest one, Zoe is an artist with that concept! Nina has been on her own for years and has given up on finding a pack to join. She just couldn't deal with the pain, fear, and heartbreak again.Joel is a lonerhe even has issues being around his brother, especially since Zach found his mate. When Nina and Joel meet things go sidewaysr both of them.Not doing any spoilers, per usual you wil [...]

    14. SobI'm sad it's over but glad that Joel, Nina and her mom got they stuff together. However, the more I think about it the more I wonder if Cal has a human mate who rejected him and that's why he's alone. What if that human mate is Lillian who rejected him and married I human guy her mother approved of and that's why it didn't work oute now he's the only left w/o a mate. I'm hoping Cal and Lillian get a story either together or separate stories. Lillian could always break away from her mother by [...]

    15. Nina and Joel are both loner snow leopards, who really don't want to be alone. Circumstances have made both of them fear wanting family, friends or mates. This story is fantastic in the way they deal with their issues and not an "insta love" kind of thing . 4⭐'s for great characters and hot shifter sex, with a lot of dealing with the past to live in the present . I was gifted a copy of the book and am voluntarily choosing to leave an honest and unbiased review.

    16. This series was excellentThese books had some drama but more on the lines of everyday problems. Things we allow to hold us back. Now my only question is . when is cal getting his story. He is the alpha but is very mysterious and recluse about his personal life. Just know there is a story there. You cannot go wrong with these books.

    17. Super inspiringI loved this book and how its really teaches you to love you for you and that bad things may have happen but they won't only happen because everyone including you deserve to be happy

    18. The Snow Leopard 's HeartLoved Nina & Joel story it showed that you can find a home, acceptance, and love in the least likely place. This showed loneliness can be a state of mind if to afraid to live.

    19. Another great installment in this seriesAnother great installment in the glacier pack series.I was truly rooting for these two to figure it out. And Nina's back story was just heart wrenching.

    20. Heartfelt readThis book and the preceding books in the series are warm emotional books with triumph over hardships in different ways but well written. Thank you for great stories Miss Zoe.

    21. Really nice and funThe best part for me is the arrival of her mother is very nice and her father is not. Mother stays and sends dad leaves. Bet this might lead to a mother and Val story. Anyway romance leases the way. A pack of females beginning to stretch out.

    22. Great readThis book is great example of what can happen when we let fear of the unknown or our past dictate our present or futures. These two had me on pins and needles reading this book. I wasted to throat punch Joel. It’s great love story.

    23. I am addicted to these books! they never disappoint! Always a 5 star read. You get the full range of emotions every time. Just love reading Chant's works!!

    24. Good ReadThis was my first read by this author and I enjoyed it. It is hard to find great shifter stories and I am glad to have found this.

    25. The Snow Leopards Heart by Zoe Chant This is a heart warming story of two lost, broken leopard shifters to find, learn to trust and love. Very good.

    26. Stubborn!Men don't get that women know these things! Even as a shifter it's the same! Good book! I imagine Cal is up next?

    27. Loner finds happiness!A lovely story about facing your past and ending up happy. Sometimes your biggest fear yields the biggest reward when faced.

    28. Awesome book ☺Excellent,outstanding,loved,loved this book!! I have read all of Zoe 's books 📚and I have loved them all. She is an amazing storyteller and writer.

    29. The HeartI really liked this story about two loners meeting and finding they are true mates. Overcoming many obstacles, they lived happily ever after.

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