An Irresistible Alliance

An Irresistible Alliance A duke s second son with no responsibilities and a lady starved of the excitement her soul craves join forces to unravel a deadly potentially catastrophic threat to the realm that only continues to g

  • Title: An Irresistible Alliance
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • ISBN: 9781925559026
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • A duke s second son with no responsibilities and a lady starved of the excitement her soul craves join forces to unravel a deadly, potentially catastrophic threat to the realm that only continues to grow With his older brother s betrothal announced, Lord Michael Cynster is freed from the pressure of familial expectations However, the allure of his previous hedonisticA duke s second son with no responsibilities and a lady starved of the excitement her soul craves join forces to unravel a deadly, potentially catastrophic threat to the realm that only continues to grow.With his older brother s betrothal announced, Lord Michael Cynster is freed from the pressure of familial expectations However, the allure of his previous hedonistic pursuits has paled Then he learns of the mission his brother, Sebastian, and Lady Antonia Rawlings have been assisting with and volunteers to assist by hunting down the hoard of gunpowder now secreted somewhere in London.Michael sets out to trace the carters who transported the gunpowder from Kent to London His quest leads him to the Hendon Shipping Company, where he discovers his sole source of information is the only daughter of Jack and Kit Hendon, Miss Cleome Hendon, who although a fetchingly attractive lady, firmly holds the reins of the office in her small hands.Cleo has fought to achieve her position in the company Initially, managing the office was a challenge, but she now conquers all in just a few hours a week With her three brothers all adventuring in America, she s been driven to the realization that she craves adventure, too.When Michael Cynster walks in and asks about carters, Cleo s instincts leap She wrings from him the full tale of his mission and offers him a bargain She will lead him to the carters he seeks if he agrees to include her as an equal partner in the mission.Horrified, Michael attempts to resist, but ultimately finds himself agreeing a sequence of events he quickly learns is common around Cleo Then she delivers on her part of the bargain, and he finds there are benefits to allowing her to continue to investigate beside him not least being that if she s there, then he knows she s safe.But the further they go in tracing the gunpowder, the deaths they uncover And when they finally locate the barrels, they find themselves tangled in a fight to the death one that forces them to face what has grown between them, to seize and defend what they both see as their path to the greatest adventure of all A shared life A shared future A shared love.Second volume in a trilogy A historical romance with gothic overtones layered over a continuing intrigue A full length novel of 101,000 words.

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    1. Devil's second son. Plus the daughter of Kit and Jack from Captain Jack's Woman. Yay! I've been hoping that some of the Cynster children and some of the Bastion Club's children would be hooking up! Loved Kit and Jack, if their daughter is anything like them, I'll be happy! :D

    2. "An Irresistible Alliance" is the story of Michael and Cleo.Michael is the second son of Devil and Honoria, and since his brother Sebastian gets engaged, he decides to leave his hedonistic pursuits and help them in solving the puzzle set by Ennis.As he moves on to track the missing gunpowder barrels, he finds help in Cleo Hendon, the daughter of the owner of Hendon Shipping Company- who is bored of her monotonous life and decides to offer her help to Michael, irrespective of whether he wants it [...]

    3. Series: Devil’s Brood Trilogy #2Publication Date: May 11, 2017The Devil’s Brood Trilogy features the three children of Devil Cynster from the Bar Cynster series. Devil (Sylvester) and Honoria have three children – two sons and a daughter. The Devil’s Brood Trilogy features Sebastian Cynster (oldest and the heir) in the first book, Michael (second and spare) in the second book and the third and last will feature Louisa (known as Lady Wild). There is a mystery flowing through all three nov [...]

    4. "You men always want to keep all the fun for yourselves."FINAL DECISION: A well rounded, if a little intellectual and mechanical, romance that mixes mystery with two people working a partnership to solve a mystery into a life partnershipE STORY: Lord Michael Cynster has been freed from his obligation to carry on the family line by the betrothal of his older brother, but now Michael feels at loose ends. When his brother and fiancee cannot continue the investigations they began, Michael takes up t [...]

    5. It is great fun to have the offspring of two of my favorite characters in the first generation Cynster novels and Bastion Club companion series interacting and falling in love. I still find myself missing the fathers, and their presence or lack thereof overshadows these second generation novels. Maybe it's simply that I met Devil Cynster, his brother and four irrepressible cousins in my first months of reading regency romances. While the enjoyment has not worn off with my favorite handful of wri [...]

    6. I found this book very boring. It was supposed to be about this guy and woman tracking down a bad guy. Well, most of their "tracking" consisted of talking about it. Seriously, do we need 10 pages worth of deciding whether to act or not!?

    7. Well she has done it again. I have read all of Stephanie’s books and you feel like you are reading about family. I love the fact that her books aren’t just romance but have mystery and adventure through all of them. They definitely keep you on your toes trying to work out who the villain is and what is going to happen next. Even though each book is related to another, they can be read as a stand alone book.

    8. Lord Michael Cynster and Miss Cleome Hendon learn to work together as full partners to help in this second stage of foiling a plot to blow something, or someone, up in London. Michael is feeling free of society's demands since Sebastian is now engaged, wondering what to do next, when he gets involved with Drake Wolverstone, who he's worked with before. He needs to track down the transporters of the dynamite and the family is acquainted with the Hendon Shipping Company due to their parents beings [...]

    9. I struggled through this book. The writer introduces the children of Devil and then they are thrown into a long ongoing mystery, that still isn't solved. Stretch out a story , that was never a nail biter to begin with. I swear Chloe and Michael almost repeat their lines word for word with the couple of the first book. This book is way to long, without adding more adventure to the story. Two over protective men, who fall for the last person they ever wanted to. Really. Both books. It was just ok. [...]

    10. An Irresistible Alliance is the second in the trilogy of Devil and Honoria's children. This is Michael and Lady Cleome Hendon's story. The drama, intrigue, suspense and love continue as Michael and Cleo work together to locate 10 barrels of gunpowder that has been transported to London for unknown nefarious reasons. During their investigation, Michael learns that Cleo is like no other lady that he has met and now finds that he has found his other half. Cleo isn't sure she wants to give up the in [...]

    11. Didn't hate it, didn't love it. Just had trouble being really engaged with story and couple - not sure if it is because she has done the same relationship themes over and over and she just has the children in this generation essentially taking over the roles of their parents, without having their own identity or unique backstories. Sorry but I just did not feel as engaged as when I read the Bastion Club Series which is on my All Time Favourites List. Final Rating: 3 Stars, but don't know if I li [...]

    12. I love Stephanie Laurens and can't imagine not reading anything she writes, but this wasn't one of my favorites. It was more "walk me through solving a mystery step by step" than the suspense and sizzling attraction of many of her other books (like the Bastion Club and the original Cynster series). It was more like the Casebook of Barnaby Adair books, which I don't enjoy nearly as much as her other books.

    13. A very easy read with a pretty template approach on this book. I seem to remember the early books in this series having a lot of passion and sizzle but now it seems as the author is just cranking these out with a slim story line and not much else. Definitely not a strong addition to the series - more Barbara Cartland than I usually prefer.

    14. Cleo and MichaelI've read and own all of Stephanie Laurens books. I enjoy each, rereading them as time allows. Each series gives me joy and a memory of all the characters that have become welcome friends. The suspense of the intrigue is a delight. Highly recommend. I'm most looking forward to the next romance of Lady Wild and Drake.

    15. Protection and LoveLove reading about the Cynster family!! Stephanie Laurens is an author that writes a story that is hard to put down. This series she has involved the children of other families that are friends of the Cynster's. Cleo Hendon's parents are part of this group. I would recommend any of Ms. Laurens books.

    16. Another winnerAgain, Stephanie Laurens has written another must read book. Love all of her Cynsters family books. She has a gift of writing an intriguing book with lots of romance thrown in.

    17. This author uses so many words to convey the same ideas over and over again. While the story has potential to be interesting, I just couldn't wade through all the unnecessary fluff. Really, the book could probably be a hundred pages shorter than it is.

    18. I just finished this book, and it was terrific! I love the two main characters, Michael Cynster (Devil's second son) and Cleo, (Jack and Kit Hendon's only daughter). These two characters are both strong willed, stubborn and successful in their own right, along with being wonderful examples of life in 1850 England. Unlike their mothers, modern 1850's women are starting to run their father's businesses, though most momma's disapprove. Michael, on the other hand, heartily approves and respects Cleo [...]

    19. Another great book by Stephanie Laurens. The second in the series of Devil's Brood Trililoy. It is great.Michael Cynster is next in line to find out where the barrels of gunpowder are. He goes the Hendon Shipping to ask for help. This is where he comes to meet Cleo Hendon, manager of the office.Michael is not sure that he wants her to help, but in order to find out where these barrels are he has to agree to let Cleo help. They go to different Carters to find out who would had transported the bar [...]

    20. HmmI’ve been put off my the new typsesetting since the first book in this series. The paper is very white and hard on the eyes, and the print is tiny and too close to the margins. Like a number of others readers, I love S Lauren’s and adored all of the previous generation books. But this one especially was a bit jarring. There were typos and sentences that just stopped in places. Everything seemed crammed into the book, perhaps to lower printing costs? Anyway, the story of Michael and Cleo w [...]

    21. This book picks up largely where the previous one left off. While I understand that as the second book in a series, there needs to be some recapping of what has come before, this felt like it covered the same ground a lot more times than was really necessary. I enjoyed meeting both Michael and Cleo and seeing them in action, but I’m not sure I ever got the chance to fully invest in their romance. I appreciate that the books about Devil’s brood have corrected the problems, as I saw them, with [...]

    22. Love these books!Another winner in the series! Lots of suspense and love in this book. Michael and Cleo have a great adventure . Michael needs Cleo's help to track down 10 barrels of gunpowder that are going to be used in a plot that has not revealed as of yet. Love comes along and things get more interesting. Can't wait for the next book, also the conclusion of this chapter in the Cynsters saga. 😆

    23. GoodI enjoyed the book. I look forward to the next book and Drake's downfall. Of course the bad guy and his motives.I am not one to regurgitate the details of the book. It moved at a decent pace and you good feel the chemistry. I wish there were more of the old school characters in the booksI was happy to hear from Devil again.

    24. Love her continuing stories. This one is so cute. I have been reading this family stories for years. The only thing I would change is more involvement by the elders. But love that their history is brought up. The younger generation does not disappoint y

    25. Enjoyed this much more than her recent books as this is more about intrigue and less about bedroom antics. Very disappointed in the production values - typeface too close, line gap between first two lines of each chapter, a few jarring phrases, etc.

    26. This second book in the trilogy was even better than the first one. :-) I love when that happens. I am looking forward to them finally solving the mystery in the third book!

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