Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life

Radical Technologies The Design of Everyday Life A field manual to the technologies that are changing our lives at bewildering speed Everywhere we turn our everyday experience is being overlaid and interrupted by startling new technologies Today w

  • Title: Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life
  • Author: Adam Greenfield
  • ISBN: 9781784780432
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A field manual to the technologies that are changing our lives at bewildering speed Everywhere we turn, our everyday experience is being overlaid and interrupted by startling new technologies Today, we depend on the smartphone as an interface to an urban environment we share with autonomous drones and self driving cars, even as we use augmented reality applications to intA field manual to the technologies that are changing our lives at bewildering speed Everywhere we turn, our everyday experience is being overlaid and interrupted by startling new technologies Today, we depend on the smartphone as an interface to an urban environment we share with autonomous drones and self driving cars, even as we use augmented reality applications to interact with things that aren t quite there Now 3D printing offers us unprecedented fine grained control over the form and distribution of matter, while the blockchain promises to remake the way we record and exchange value And all the while, fiendishly complex algorithmic systems are operating quietly, reshaping the economy, transforming the fundamental terms of our politics, and even beginning to etch away at what it means to be human Just how did these things come to be How do they work What and whose values do they reproduce And what kind of choices do they present us with Radical Technologies raises all of these questions to the surface and provokes us to ask what we might want to do with them now, when we might still be able to shape their impact on our shared future.

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    • ☆ Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday Life || ↠ PDF Download by ☆ Adam Greenfield
      265 Adam Greenfield
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    1. If I had known that this book was published by Verso, I probably would not have bothered buying it. Buying a Verso book is like buying a book from the Ignatius Press. You pretty well know what you are going to get and it helps being a true believer to get maximum enjoyment from it.In this case, Greenfield fits the standard issue model - gloomily negative, pessimistic, striving to find some optimism of the will and 'right on' about (yawn!) feminism, Marx, environmentalism, progressivism and Occup [...]

    2. 51st book for 2017.This book offers an interesting critique of a number of emerging technologies (smartphone interconnectedness; augmented reality; digital fabrication; cryptocurrencies; blockchain; automation; machine learning; artificial intelligence). The tone of the book is quite negative, which was quite tiring after a while, but the critiques are insightful (I found this especially so for the discussion of cryptocurrencies and blockchains). I guess overall I would have preferred both a ric [...]

    3. Brilliant and frustrating. Really clear, concise explorations of current and near-future technologies and their potential consequences—both good and bad—let down by occasional bloody-minded negativity. I really liked parts of this book, and was intensely frustrated by other parts of it.The chapter on mobile/smartphones is almost worth the price of the book on its own, and he’s particularly strong when talking about cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and the internet of things. But other chapt [...]

    4. A terrific book that strikes a well-considered balance between the real political potential offered by new technologies on the one hand, and the many (institutional, ideological, technological) limitations they encounter when interacting both with each other and with the world around us on the other. Greenfield writes with passion, eloquence, and tremendous knowledgeability about these topics, in language that is accessible and engaging without sacrificing nuance or complexity. My only point of [...]

    5. Our everyday lives are more and more steered and regulated by technologies that are ultimately driven by a desire for profit, control and power. Greenfield's book stresses the need for a better understanding and more critical thought on these technologies surrounding us. He chooses today's most pervasive and innovative fields (smartphone, internet of things, augmented reality, digital fabrication, cryptocurrency, blockchain, automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence) and dedicates a [...]

    6. Impeccably written, well thought-through, very impactful.It moves between the registers very well - the first 6 chapters are very practical, very detailed deconstructions of key technologies. As we move up the stack to automation and machine learning and AI, it gets less technical and more conceptual. Not many could have pulled such shift off. It is also very warm and optimistic book. The fact that the book is a rare example of writing from an unabashed leftist, humanist, but very realistic pers [...]

    7. If you are usually missing daily news about technologies and you needed something comprehensive to stay up to date, this one is for you. This description is surprisingly comprehensive for a technological junky and shockingly novel for a person from the academia (these are the compliments don't get me wrong).

    8. Useful to understand new trends (blockchain, crypto currency, automation, machine learning, internet of things, artificial intelligence) and how to deal with them in a critical way

    9. Radical Technologies is an ideal jumping off point for the technologically illiterate, but culturally critical, to develop an understanding of the social and cultural impacts of Silicon Valley triumphalism and the suite of technologies they reify.Greenfield's writing is erudite yet accessible, full of narrative flourish yet balanced. Greenfield explicates and dissects a series of complex technologies, from Blockchain to Machine Learning, and then critically analyses how they function in society. [...]

    10. There's a joke I may have imagined that Verso will put out any book with "Radical" in the title, but the radicalism hinted at in the title refers not to the radicalism as a self-judtofuing quality of leftist thought independent of the material world, as Verso authors are won't to ascribe to, not does it refer to the kind of starry-eyed gamechanger quality of technology that countless tech blogs and writers take as their tenor.Rather it focuses more on the qualities of technologies and the implic [...]

    11. For a slim shard of the world’s favored, a bleak prosperity prevails. Life goes on for them pretty much the way it does now: peppered by increasingly catastrophic weather events, unpredictable outbreaks of savage violence, and a nagging, inchoate sense of loss, but otherwise very much business as usual. Unprecedentedly healthy, sparklingly bright, and diverse along every conceivable axis, the elite . . . grind away ironically at jobs they know full well to be bullshit, in a gigantic, complicat [...]

    12. I found Radical Technologies to be a lucid and well-explored inquiry into the emergence, workings and scope of some of the most influential and prominent technologies of today.Each chapter builds on the previous to illustrate how deeply interconnected we are to the nearly inescapable world of obscure digital influence; whether we recognize and accept it or not. Each technology is examined on a practical level, making the content very accessible. As someone who is forever curious about how the te [...]

    13. Razor-sharp analysis on the social, political, and economic impacts on technology that has recently begun to shape our lives in ways we (mostly) have yet to understand.When treated as such, the book excels marvelously. Greenfield is a master explainer, who is able to weave metaphor and simile to make arcane technology digestible to even the most tech-averse layman. He also understands the complex social, biological, political, and economic intersections that inform the production of new technolo [...]

    14. I follow a lot of these technologies professionally, so there was very little that was brand new to me in the book. However, its real benefit is drawing together how they work, and the effects of their organisation and deployment, in clear prose that is understandable to non-geeks. The chapter on bitcoin and blockchain was the first time I felt like I approached understanding these topics. Greenfield has a lucid and reassuringly (to me) skeptical approach to technologies; he's always asking the [...]

    15. For a simplified guide to entrenched and emerging technologies, this book is too prone to gratuitous Latin. But Greenfield provides some good footholds for questioning the services, methods and ethics of big tech corporates like and Google. I got a lot out of this book with some additional research, but I'd take some of the arguments with a grain of salt. Many of the noted sources are articles from news websites of average reliability.

    16. Seemingly prescient, informative and thoughtful critique of the technologies subverting their dominance and perversion of our every day lives. it's not all doom and gloom though, offering what seems a fair discussion on both the utopian and distopian potential for these technologies. Bitcoin and the blockchain were explained really well this book, two particular technologies that have been completely impenetrable until now for my understanding.

    17. Adam is opinionated. Adam uses lots of run-on sentences. Adam is a great writer.The title of this book doesn’t do it justice. It’s a book that makes you pause, reflect, and see the things around you differently. Best book I read in 2017.

    18. “Every time we are presented with the aspiration toward the posthuman, we need to perceive the predictably tawdry and all-too-human drives underlying it, including the desire to profit from exploitation of others and the sheer will to power and control.”

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