Breathe Again

Breathe Again From the bestselling author of Songbird comes a story that will make you laugh cry and believe in the power of second chances Carrie Malone has seen enough heartbreak to last a lifetime Her family s

  • Title: Breathe Again
  • Author: Sydney Logan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the bestselling author of Songbird comes a story that will make you laugh, cry, and believe in the power of second chances.Carrie Malone has seen enough heartbreak to last a lifetime.Her family s demons gave Carrie the courage to move away from home and leave her past behind Now a college senior, she stays busy with her classes and her job at the diner It may soundFrom the bestselling author of Songbird comes a story that will make you laugh, cry, and believe in the power of second chances.Carrie Malone has seen enough heartbreak to last a lifetime.Her family s demons gave Carrie the courage to move away from home and leave her past behind Now a college senior, she stays busy with her classes and her job at the diner It may sound boring to some, but to Carrie, the very best thing about her new life is that every day is calm and blissfully uneventful.That all changes the night Josh Bennett walks into her diner.With his dirty designer suit and mud caked shoes, Carrie s not sure what to think about the broken man sitting at her counter She s even confused when he doesn t touch his coffee and leaves his Rolex watch as a tip.Josh Bennett has nothing to live for.Starved for affection and deep in despair, he s looking for a tender touch A kind word A giving heart.A shattered and broken Josh finds himself standing on a city bridge, looking down into the freezing river that will undoubtedly bring an end to his pain.He s prepared to jump.He s prepared to die.He s not prepared for the pretty waitress who finds him there by the water s edge.When two lost souls find each other in the dark of the night, can they give each other a reason to breathe again

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    1. 4 starsI'm totally impressed by this book, it's my first book by this author and I hope to check out more of her work. The story captivated me, it was a very emotional read considering it wasn't a long book. The MC meet under devastating circumstances especially for the H, josh, but in his saddest moment Carrie the h was there to help him. After that chance encounter they share a connection and start a tentative relationship. This was a really touching story of pain, loss, hate, forgiveness, and [...]

    2. Reading a Sydney Logan book is like a giant bear hug for the soul. Seriously—talk about a balm for your heart . Breathe Again was basically the comfort food equivalent of books.It’s short, and it moves very quickly—but Carrie and Josh were so immediately likeable that it took literally no time for my heart to open to them. Their meeting was unorthodox and heartbreaking, but the relationship they managed to build with each other was incredibly touching and heartwarming. It’s emotional, bu [...]

    3. Breathe Again is a short, sweet read delivered only as Sydney Logan can. This is the perfect book to pick up and enjoy on a sunny afternoon. It will leave you with a smile on your face while it tugs on your heartstrings. It’s a story of loss and rebirth, and allowing yourself the chance to find love again.

    4. With a story that's just over one hundred pages long, you need to use the time and space wisely, which is exactly what Sydney did. She hooks you immediately. She not only piques your interest and gives you questions but then introduces some likeable characters and one hell of a memorable twist right off the bat. I gasped, which quickly turned into surprised laugher and an "Oh girl, no he didn't!" Finger raised in the air. I was loving this story instantly. The best thing that Sydney could have d [...]

    5. It's very hard to capture a story in the length of a novella, but Logan does just that here. A touching story about grief, forgiveness, and second chances.

    6. As always, Sydney creates a story that pulls at your heartstrings and leaves you wanting more. That is exactly how I feel as I sit here and process this novella. Frankly, I want more. From the moment Carrie and Josh meet, there's instant chemistry. Both are struggling with grief and loss, but fate brings these two broken souls together to heal and learn from each other. Breathe Again is a quick read, though I wouldn't suggest reading it by the pool or at the beach. Sydney doesn't fail to bring o [...]

    7. I just consumed this book within a few short hours. I planned to read a few chapters and pick it up in the morning. That did not happen. I couldn't put it down for a second. This book was full of heart clenching moments. The entire time I felt like I was in the story not simply reading it. The moments felt so real. The grief, love, compassion and friendship all felt real the entire time. I can't describe how well this author makes you connect with the characters. The writing is so fluid and tran [...]

    8. In Breathe Again, Carrie Malone and Josh Bennett meet as two lonely souls struggling to find worth. When Josh commits a rash act, Carrie gambles one of her own. The two become almost instantly attached. This is the story of how they work their way backward to find their way forward. From a time of desperation and isolation comes healing and emotional balance.Reading a story by Sydney Logan is always a pleasure. Four stars.

    9. ***Review can also be found at Jackie's Book World. :)***Rating: 4.5/5Breathe Again is a story about second chances at live and love.Having read other works by the author before, I couldn't wait to read Breathe Again. At the beginning of the story we get to meet Carrie Malone, a college senior who has been keeping her life busy between her work at the diner and at school. When a handsome stranger walks into the diner one night, living her his Rolex as a tip, Carrie doesn't know what to do. Witho [...]

    10. I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. All Sydney Logan's stories are always so heartfelt and loving. This story is no different. She had me right from the start and never let go, in the end I wanted to read more. As the story starts we meet Carrie. She is a student who is working her way through college. End of shift and the place is empty until someone comes into the diner. Feeling tired and just wanted to get home she serves the man who looks like he [...]

    11. Sydney Logan has delivered another wonderfully emotional story.Strong Characters.It will have you crying , laughing , crying, smiling and believing in the power of forgiveness.Grief can be crippling.A kind word and a gentle touch can be healing.Join Carrie and Josh as they meet in a chance encounter brought on by grief and try to find their HEA.5 Amazingly Emotional Stars for Sydney Logan's Breathe Again.I was gifted a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.

    12. I was gifted a copy of this novella for an honest review. Breathe Again is a beautifully written novella that touched my heart. It was a fast read that had me sitting up late into the night. As usual, I loved every single word, sentence, and paragraph constructed by Sydney Logan, and I highly recommend this novella to anyone who is a lover of books.

    13. Nobody knows pain like someone who has been through it and Josh feels a sense of peace when he meets Carrie, a waitress, who has grief of her own. This story weaves a sweet tale of love and loss and it simultaneously breaks your heart (for the characters) and delicately pieces it all back together again. Despite what the doctor says, Carrie and Josh definitely NEED to be together!

    14. This book wasn't bad. It was just that everything moved entirely too fast and I found myself saying "WELL THEN" a lot.I understand why some people love it or adore it, many parts of it just weren't my cup of tea.

    15. Title: Breath Again Author:Sydney LoganSeries:Publisher:Enchanted PublicationReviewer:JoAnnaRelease Date:7/22/16Genre(s):Inspirational, FamilyPage Count:108Heat Level:3.5 flames out of 5Rating:4 stars out of 5Blurb:Carrie Malone has seen enough heartbreak to last a lifetime.Her family’s demons gave Carrie the courage to move away from home and leave her past behind. Now a college senior, she stays busy with her classes and her job at the diner. It may sound boring to some, but to Carrie, the v [...]

    16. Reading one of Sydney Logan's story is the perfect example as to why I'm very passionate about reading. She writes the sweetest, most refreshing stories. This one is no different, she always manages to surpass my already high expectations. Each and every time I experience one of her stories, I'm always left in awe. This is such an amazing story that it deserves no less than 5 stars. ARC of Breathe Again by Sydney Logan provided in exchange for an honest spoiler free review. This is about Carrie [...]

    17. What a wonderful, heartbreaking and heartwarming story. This sweet, touching story pulled my heartstrings from the very first chapter. The characters were so very real for me. Though I have never been in Carrie’s position, I would like to think I would react the same why she did when she encountered Josh at his lowest point. As Sydney put it best, the main characters are “Two lost, heartbroken souls, desperate for salvation.” Don’t we all want to be someone’s savior? What would you do [...]

    18. I am not sure what it was but I could not connect with the story. I really enjoyed the first 15%, but then after the hero went to the see the psychologist, broke up with the heroine, and did not really grovel, it lost me. Grovelling to me is not saying "I am sorry" and all is forgiven. Yes, Carrie did not let him in right away, but it still felt weak to me. I am not sure if I liked Carrie. Carrie appeared b****y and then she is empathizing with the hero's ex-wife.I think the hero had a lot of is [...]

    19. When Carrie walks home after work, she sees a man at the bridge. She talks to him and takes him to her home. Josh has lost someone he loves very much. He is hurt and doesn’t want to live any longer. He goes to a diner where he meets Carrie. She will save his life later that night. There is a strong attraction between them, but they want to take it slow. Josh is grieving and doesn’t think he would ever be happy again. He loves to be with Carrie and she makes him feel better. He’s rich and f [...]

    20. I think this is Sydney Logan's best book so far! She had me from the first chapter! One of my favorite things about Sydney's characters is the strong females! Carrie is a hard working collage senior paying her own way though life working as a waitress. Little did she know her world would change after waiting on who she thought was a homeless man, Josh Bennet. He leave his Rolex watch as a tip which she thought was strange. On her way home after the diner closed she saw a man looking like he was [...]

    21. Remember to breatheIt sounds silly, I know.but can someone explain to me how Sydney Logan writes increasingly beautiful novels?!Breathe Again is Sydney's latest work and is poignant, intense, beautifully written and breath taking. Carrie and Josh are two people who are painfully damaged but come together to create a beautiful new story. Josh was ready to end it all, so painful are his memories. Carrie has been running on autopilot, numb until she stumbles upon a man at the brink. With a flip sli [...]

    22. Sydney Logan strikes again! This is her best work yet! (I think I've said that about most of the books she's written lol)Breathe Again tells the story of Carrie and Josh who meet in the worst circumstances ever thinkable. Carrie is a struggling student, working and trying to keep a roof over her head whilst dealing with the death of her father and the abandonment from her mother. Josh is the mysterious guy battling his own demons that she meets at the worst point in his life. After a night of ev [...]

    23. Sydney Logan's readers often compare her to Nicholas Sparks, with the caveat that she doesn't kill off major characters. After reading Breathe Again, I find that this description, while accurate, doesn't do Ms. Logan's writing justice. Breathe Again is everything I love in a contemporary romance--sweet, heart-wrenching, and uplifting with just the right amount of passion. I don't like steamy romances, preferring authors to leave most of the action to the imagination, so I did appreciate this rel [...]

    24. Carrie is a hard working college student who works at a diner to pay her bills. She left her broken life behind to have a fresh start! Then a man comes into the diner looking like a homeless person, but leaves his Rolex watch as a tip. Carrie starts to walk home and sees the man about to jump off the bridge. Can she save this man with the tortured soul? Why would he want to die? Can she battle her own demons from the past? Can they figure out how to survive in life together and be happy and in l [...]

    25. If you like insta love then you will love this story. From the start this one pulled at my heartstrings it's gut wrenching in its intensity. Josh and Carrie's first meeting is unusual to say the least. From their first meeting you can feel the connection they have but after a misunderstanding they go their separate ways. Their is a sadness running throughout the book but for me I felt hope, hope that they could work things out and find happiness because they both deserve it. This may be a short [...]

    26. This story proves to you no matter what your going through someone cares. Carrie meets Josh at his lowest and Carrie helps him. The minute Carrie and Josh are alone sparks fly and they can't help there attraction towards each other. Josh has anger and sadness he needs to get through will Carrie be the one to help him? Will Carrie be able to help Josh but stay friends only? Sadness, drama and whole lot of love in this book. Carrie and Josh I loved there characters so much I just wanted to hug the [...]

    27. Moving story about losslooking over the edge to the brink of your sanity. Living life, picking up the pieces that are left and making the best of them, even when it hurts. Finding comfort where you least expect it and having the determination to follow through. Trusting someone to be your strength when you don't think you have the strength to make it through. Smiling when you want to cry. Loving when you think the best parts of you are gone. Making it through together. Forgiving. Living.Love the [...]

    28. Breathe Again was a super fast and moving read. It was easy to get into the story, as the plot started progressing quickly. The characters were likable and I would have loved to spend more time with them. I would have loved to read the story from Josh's point of view.If you are looking for a quick, sweet but emotional romance, check out Breathe Again.I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. To read more reviews like this one, check out Obsessive Book Nerd!

    29. Breathe Again by Sydney Logan was a great book. I loved reading Carrie and Josh's story. Carrie is a college senior who works hard to pay for school with her waitressing job. Everything changes for her the night that Josh comes into her restaurant. Their meeting was eerie as he was dirty and left his rolex as a tip. Josh found himself ready to jump off a bridge until Carrie came and saved his life. I loved reading this story of pain, heartbreak, love and finding a relationship worth having. This [...]

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