Samson: The Piranha Who Went to Dinner

Samson The Piranha Who Went to Dinner A charming and funny story of friendship fine dining and being true to yourself from Tadgh Bentley the author illustrator of Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups perfect for fans of Love Monster and I

  • Title: Samson: The Piranha Who Went to Dinner
  • Author: Tadgh Bentley
  • ISBN: 9780062335371
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A charming and funny story of friendship, fine dining, and being true to yourself, from Tadgh Bentley, the author illustrator of Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups perfect for fans of Love Monster and I Don t Want to Be a Frog Samson wasn t like other piranhas.While other piranhas stayed close to homeHe wanted to explore the world.And while they stuck to the same old routine,A charming and funny story of friendship, fine dining, and being true to yourself, from Tadgh Bentley, the author illustrator of Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups perfect for fans of Love Monster and I Don t Want to Be a Frog Samson wasn t like other piranhas.While other piranhas stayed close to homeHe wanted to explore the world.And while they stuck to the same old routine, swimming and chomping and scaring,Samson liked to try new things Most of all, Samson dreamed of eating fine foods at fancy restaurants So when not one but THREE new restaurants come to his corner of the sea, Samson can t wait to try them all There s only one problem With their big teeth and scary smiles, piranhas aren t really welcome anywhere, let alone in fancy restaurants Can Samson make his dream come true and still be himself

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    • Best Read [Tadgh Bentley] ✓ Samson: The Piranha Who Went to Dinner || [Contemporary Book] PDF ↠
      432 Tadgh Bentley
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    1. So there's this sea piranhaWhat?Uh, I don't know. I don't know how many sea piranhas are in the world.No, I don't know which seas they live in, either. It doesn't say.Anyway, there's this sea piranha named Samson and he's more adventurous than his fellow sea piranhas who just want to stay home and eat fish.What?I'm sure some piranhas eat fish. I don't really know much about them. I never studied them. I don't know much about marine life, in general. Right, or ian river life. Unless I can fish it [...]

    2. Samson: The Piranha Who Went to Dinner by Tadgh Bentley is a story about Samson, a piranha, who just wants to eat some good food at a fancy restaurant.He's the only fish who has an interest and so he embarks on a journey to finally visit a fancy restaurant. He has a difficult time disguising himself. Read along in the story to see if Samson finally gets his dream dinner. The illustrations are great and the story moves at a fast enough pace that children stay interested. We liked the story, but i [...]

    3. Samson likes to eat fine food but because he's a Piranha other diners are afraid to dine with him. What can poor Samson do besides try to disguise who he is to fit in but each time his disguise fails and he feels left out. Then one day something out of the ordinary happens and Samson discovers he may not be one of a kind after all. Liked the thought behind this original story line but it somehow felt out of place as a picture book. Think this would be best as a one on one read. Illustrations are [...]

    4. First and most important a thank you to Tadgh Bentley for this story. Tony and I both read this book and Enjoyed each page. I also read this to our 2 piranhas who we are blessed to have in our life. Piranhas have such a bad reputation. I'm always searching for anything positive in print. This book is Adorable. We truly enjoy watching both of ours swim around in the tank. Piranhas can be a Blessing when given the chance. Illustrations n colors are refreshing.

    5. I always love a good book that teaches my child a lesson and SAMSON, THE PIRANHA WHO WENT TO DINNER is one of them.Sampson is a piranha who, unlike the other piranhas, wants to eat at a fancy restaurant. The other piranhas think he's strange for wanting to do things out of their norm, but that doesn't deter Sampson. Instead, he stays true to who he is. But since other fish are scared of piranhas and their big teeth, Sampson must wear a disguise.But when Sampson's disguise fails again and again, [...]

    6. Review originally published on my blog, Nine Pages.Tadgh Bentley won my heart with his book, Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups, and won another piece of it when a couple told me that he is a lovely man to talk to as well as having written a wonderful book. Samson is his second. Samson is a piranha with a refined palate. He may even be a foodie. He wants to go to fancy restaurants and try exquisite dishes, but the other piranhas are not interested, and the patrons and employees of those fine restau [...]

    7. Bentley, Tadgh Samson: the Piranha who went to Dinner. PICTURE BOOK. Balzer + Bray (Harper), 2017. $18.Samson the Piranha has a much finer palate then the rest of his piranha family. When he ventures out to try the fancy new restaurants, though, his sharo teeth frighten away the diners and the help, no matter how hard he tries to disguise him self. If he is every going to be able to satisfy his taste buds, he’s going to need to be very creative. Bentley manages to make a piranha adorable! Sams [...]

    8. Samson might be a scary piranha, but that doesn't mean that he lacks sophistication. He desperately wants to try new things and most of all go to a restaurant. However, the other piranhas don't share his sense of adventure and would rather just do the same old thing. He dons disguise after disguise to get into restaurants, but he is always found out and never gets to enjoy them. Luckily, he finds new friends along the way and they create a solution together. The illustrations feel very Disney-es [...]

    9. Genre: Fiction picture bookTarget audience: Pre-k to second gradeText-to-self: I can relate this text to myself because it taught me to explore beyond what I am comfortable with. Samson tries many new restaurants and types of foods to broaden his horizon and I would like to do that too. Text-to-Text: I can relate this text to the movie Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo was my favorite movie as a child and it has a great storyline of bravery just like this text.Text-to-world: This connection relates to [...]

    10. I have to admit when I first started reading this story, I thought it was going to be about getting out in nature and seeing the world. Yes, I had read the title, but the first couple of pages started to take me in a different direction. Like a meandering child, I forgot the title and was heading on a different journey. Once I was back on track, the story is cute and would lend itself well to reading out loud with a group of children. Be prepared for storytime to get a little loud.I like the ill [...]

    11. This fun picture book tells the story of a piranha who just wants to find someplace where he can be himself and fit in. He's tired of doing the same stuff all the time and always eating the same food. So, when Samson sees that there are several fancy restaurants opening nearby, he really wants to try them out. Young readers will enjoy finding out how Samson is going to get a gourmet meal without scaring everybody in the place out the door.

    12. All Sampson the piranha wants to do is experience some fine dining. But with monstrous teeth and the fearsome reputation of a piranha he just can’t disguise himself long enough to taste “the luscious lilly linguine and the sizzling seaweed sausages.” Persistence and creativity pay off in the end for a piranha who will win your heart.

    13. Samson is an unusual piranha who wants to eat unusual things. This leaves him lonely because other piranhas don't share his interests. Unfortunately, restaurant staff are often scared of him. He finds some friends who share his interests and together they open a restaurant.Good for kids who are having trouble fitting in.

    14. This has become a favorite bedtime story for my preschooler. She gets a kick out of Samson's silly disguises and is happy when things finally start turning around for him. For my part, I get to appreciate the beautiful artwork and whimsical details. (Best of all is the fish family who has no interest beyond sitting on couches and watching another fish on TV.)

    15. Samson wants to eat at fancy restaurants but the other fish are afraid of him. He keeps trying, and eventually decides to just open his own restaurant. Cute story, with plot. Not really sure what the moral or message is here, but I like the plot. Great for fish, food, disguises, or under-the-sea storytimes. This one was featured on Readbrightly's 17 Picture Books of 2017.

    16. Good message in the story never to judge because your assumptions will get the best of you. And when you can't get it the normal way sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

    17. The illustrations are good. Can be a story to teach kids how to make their dreams come true, but it seemed a little rushed at the end.

    18. What a fun book! I can already hear all the storytime kids yelling, PIRANHA! And an excellent reminder to be yourself and go after your dreams.

    19. Cute book. About not judging a fish by his breed and not giving up just because you are different . Good story.

    20. Great and fun book about a piranha who wants to go to a new restaurant. Every time he goes, the customers and staff become scared of him since he is a piranha. Super cute illustrations.

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