Antiques & Avarice

Antiques Avarice See what readers are saying about Antiques and Avarice Jane Firebaugh s exciting cozy romantic mystery debut novel What a wonderful debut novel If you love a fast paced mystery this book is for you

  • Title: Antiques & Avarice
  • Author: Jane Firebaugh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • See what readers are saying about Antiques and Avarice, Jane Firebaugh s exciting cozy romantic mystery debut novel What a wonderful debut novel If you love a fast paced mystery, this book is for you I loved it My new favorite author I can envision a long, successful career in Jane s future She s got a passion for antiques and a penchant for mysterySee what readers are saying about Antiques and Avarice, Jane Firebaugh s exciting cozy romantic mystery debut novel What a wonderful debut novel If you love a fast paced mystery, this book is for you I loved it My new favorite author I can envision a long, successful career in Jane s future She s got a passion for antiques and a penchant for mysteryd Olivia McKenna is about to find herself in the middle of a murder investigation led by a devilishly handsome state trooper who could be the love of her life Check out this fun, exciting debut novel from an Top 100 author in cozy mysteries It will make you smile and keep you guessing from start to finish Olivia McKenna has her own antique shop in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire, where she makes just enough to keep her Golden Retriever, Molly, stocked in treats But her peaceful existence is about to get turned upside down One day, while she s out antiquing, she discovers a body in a quaint little antique store And that leads to a fateful meeting with Josh Abrams, the stunning state trooper with the sexy blue green eyes who s leading the investigation Can Olivia help Josh solve the mystery Will their instant attraction turn into true love Download Antiques and Avarice today or order the paperback from and find out

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      455 Jane Firebaugh
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    1. I don't know if this Author lives in the Mountains or what but WOW, did I feel like I actually was there in every single part of this book.I felt like I personally KNEW these characters and would be comfortable around them. I can't put the right words together on how impressive this story was Was this a debut novel? I don't believe it if it was!I appreciated the "insta-love" with Josh Because, I was swooning for sure! I also loved Sheyna and her background and part in the whole story, what's a c [...]

    2. This debut novel by author Jane Firebaugh is a wonderful start to what I hope will be a long journey.My first thought after reading only a few pages of ANTIQUES & AVARICE was . . . I’m really going to like this book. I was wrong. I loved it! I immensely enjoyed all of the characters in this rom-cozy (romantic cozy). Protagonist Olivia McKenna is a refreshing delight. She’s someone I can see having a friendship with. I really want to go antique shopping with her. And she’s an animal lov [...]

    3. Olivia searches for antiques on her clients' wish lists and happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when an antique shop owner is murdered. She contacts the police and sparks fly when she and the state trooper meet. She ends up with the owner's cat, Sheyna, who gets along amazingly well with Molly, her golden retriever. Olivia feels somehow responsible, that she should have done something to stop the murderer. She decides to do a little investigating on her own. There's also something [...]

    4. What a wonderful debut novel for Jane Firebaugh! Ms. Firebaugh has a gift for developing rich and colorful characters that pull the reader in and will not let you go until the end and even then you are anticipating more. Much like Janet Evanovich, Ms. Firebaugh can spin a tale making the reader feel they personally know her main protagonist Olivia and feel her anxiety and compassion as each page is turned. This is not just a mystery but a strong character driven novel. I can see a long and succe [...]

    5. A fun rideIf you love a fast-paced mystery with a bit of antique shopping and shaggy creatures mixed in, this is the book for you. There's also romance, skydiving and some trekking thrown in. It's clear the author loves her animals and her antiques, and she manages to give you a good dose of both as she weaves her mystery around a murdered man and his adorable kitty. A fun read.

    6. I am so glad that author Kathi Daley gave us a heads up on her friends' book! I really enjoyed this bookd look forward to seeing if there will be more, a lot more. This would be a great series. With a beautiful young woman who buys antiques for her clients and has a wonderful dog and cat as her companions, and a wonderful policeman who worked with her during a murder investigation. Love is in the aird I want more of this!!!

    7. This book hooked my attention in the first paragraph. The setting, the dialogue and the characters in the first few chapters teased me enough that I wanted to read more. The book is skillfully written and has a cast of characters and setting that makes a reader feel at home and as if they possibly could step into the story. Add twists and turns, a little humor and it's a winner in my book.

    8. Antiques & Avarice (White Mountains Romantic Mysteries Book 1) by Jane FirebaughThis is a good cozy mystery with twists and turns to the very end. The characters are great from mystery sleuth Olivia, her Two four-legged pets plus detective Josh Abrams.5 stars.JD Holiday /author/show/

    9. Well, I wrote this book, so I have to give it five stars and rave about how wonderful it is. In truth, I do love it. Olivia and Josh have become good friends of mine and I'm quite curious to see what else goes on in their lives after this book. I hope you are too.Jane

    10. I love this book. It has a dog, a cat, antiques, romance and mystery. Lots of fun and plenty of twists and turns. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys cozy mystery and romance.

    11. A delightful read from new author Jane Firebaugh. If you enjoy mystery, antiques, dogs, cats and a dash of romance you will enjoy this book!

    12. Olivia finds the body of the store owner inside an antique shop, and soon after meets a remarkably attractive detective named Josh. Welcome to book one of the White Mountains Romantic Mysteries series. And what fun. Not only does the antiques picker find a dead man, she finds his beautiful calico cat and takes the animal in as a new best friend to her dog, Molly. But all is not peaceful for the new “family” with someone stalking Olivia, seeking…something. And not only is Olivia both capabl [...]

    13. Antiques and Avarice is the inaugural book in a new series, White Mountains Romantic Mysteries, by Jane Firebaugh. This book held my attention on first page. This series is set in White Mountains of New Hampshire, vividly described, a beautiful locale that inspires creativity and activity. The town is an homage to the past, offering unhurried peacefulness. I would love to experience what the residents enjoy every day – authentic character and characters, cultural gems, beautifully described ou [...]

    14. Olivia McKenna searches a second hand store, feeling blessed to be the only customer searching the shelves for antiques which her customers have requested. At the cash register, Olivia is unable to get the cashier’s attention and quickly discovers the store owner, Lewis Ketterer, murdered in the back room. Olivia is listed as a suspect due to the fact that she’d been the one to call 911, was able to point out the murder weapon at the scene and was that she was in the store at the time of the [...]

    15. Could anything bad possibly happen in a small, pretty town in New Hampshire? Of course not, but then maybe it could. Olivia McKenna, an antiques buyer for her collector clients, inadvertently stumbles upon a murder in an antique shop, and thereafter becomes a target for someone who might just be the murderer. But why? Olivia hasn’t seen anything that could make a killer worried. Or has she? And what about the poor old man who met his demise, the poor old man who turns out to have had a crimina [...]

    16. This was one of the most suspenseful romantic murder mysteries that I've read in a long time.I instantly liked Olivia McKenna, an Antiques picker, and avid animal lover. The Detective in the Book was Lieutenant Josh Abrams of the New Hampshire State Police Major Crimes Unit and quite the catch. Second roles were garnered by Olivia's dog, Molly, and her acquired (from the victim,) Sheyna, a Calico cat.The four of them are brought together by Olivia being in an Antique shop during a murder. Luckil [...]

    17. Antiques and Avarice is a thoroughly enjoyable cozy mystery, perfect for a relaxing wintry day’s read. As book 1 in the new White Mountains Romantic Mysteries, it sets a firm stake in the ground for the future of protagonist Olivia McKenna and her new love interest, the kind yet manly State Police Detective Josh Abrams. One couldn’t help but root for their relationship to move forward into its next stage, and at the risk of spoiling the suspense, this reader was quite hopeful by the end of t [...]

    18. This book is described as a romantic mystery. I felt the relationship and some of the dialogue was a bit sophomoric without much depth but the mystery portion of the book provided interest. The two adult romantic leads are alone in the same house but never go beyond a few kisses, hand holding, and a few hugs. Their relationship mainly revolves around the murder mystery, making meals, and taking care of the dog and cat. I did not feel there was any real depth to their relationship but yet in a fe [...]

    19. Antiques & Avarice (A White Mountain Romantic Mystery, Book 1) was a delightful read. Jane Firebaugh’s relaxed style made the story come alive. I felt as if I was there with Olivia and her pets, Molly and Sheyna. I often found myself wishing I was Josh, sitting there getting to know the sensual Olivia. Their relationship was written in a very realistic manner, the excitement at the beginning of new love, the comfort they discovered, and the respect they formed for each other as they worked [...]

    20. ANTIQUES AND AVARICE BY JANE FIREBAUGH (WHITE MOUNTAINS ROMANTIC MYSTERIES BOOK #1)Meet Olivia McKenna, Antiques collector and procurer. Olivia is on a mission to find collectibles in an antiques store when she stumbles upon a grisly find. Questioned by the police she is under suspicion until strange things start happening to her and her pets including a cat found at the crime scene. Wanting to help solve the crime she and the lead detective get together and soon romance is in the air. Can these [...]

    21. Olivia loves antiques, and has a business finding them for her clients. While at an antique store, she can't find the owner, so she leaves money for her finds on the counter. When she was trying to leave in her car, a cat gets in her way, and won't let her leave. Being an animal lover, she searches for the cat's owner. The cat leads her back into the antique store, where Olivia discovers the owner, dead. When Olivia realizes the cat belonged to the deceased man, she takes her home, introducing t [...]

    22. A great debut novel from this author. It's easy to tell that she knows the White Mountains area well, from her descriptive writing. Olivia is an easily likable character. She seems like the sort of person I would want to get to know in real life. We could go antique shopping together, and solve mysteries together. And the fact that she's an animal lover is definitely another plus.Ms. Firebaugh has a unique writing style which makes the story come alive for the reader. There is romance involved i [...]

    23. In this charming well written debut novel, Antiques & Avarice, Author Jane Firebaugh, shares her love of dogs and antiques integrating and weaving both into a cozy page turning novel.Antique shop owner Olivia McKenna discovers a body and finds herself in the midst of a murder investigation. Handsome detective Josh Abrams leads the police investigation of the murder and sparks fly as the two find they enjoy each other's companionship. Unbeknownst to Olivia, however, Josh has a few secrets of [...]

    24. The perfect guyJosh the policeman was my favorite character in this book. Handsome, protective, civic mindedOlivia sums it up when she says, "I thought firemen were the ones who were supposed to be hot." Olivia stumbles upon a murder while shopping for antiques and this is how she meets Josh. Olivia has a knack for detective work and helps Josh find the bad guys. It's a sweet, clean, romance combined with a cozy mystery. Olivia's two cats and her dog are an integral part of the cast of character [...]

    25. Charming Cozy!Brand new series that blends crime & romance. A young woman by the name of Olivia owns her own antique business. While out antiquing she stumbles over a dead body. At the crime scene she meets the very handsome State Police Detective Josh Abrams & also becomes the new owner of the victim's cat. Olivia, her dog Molly, her new cat Sheyna, & Detective Josh team up to try to solve the murder. Add in a variety of other crimes & a budding romance & this all combines t [...]

    26. Jane Firebaugh weaves a tale of romantic suspense in this White Mountains Mystery that leaves the reader wanting more. This was my first time reading Firebaugh, but I’m on the lookout for her next one. Strong, likable characters like kind, sensitive Olivia and handsome, protective Josh, a well-developed plot mixed with the lure of discovery in the antique business, and lovable animal companions, all set in a beautiful, woodsy White Mountains country setting make this mystery a great read.

    27. This book was a sweet cozy mystery, emphasis on the sweet! The main character is an antique hound and cooks up amazing things in her spare time--she has a dog and cat, a must for this genre, and their antics are hilarious! Enter Josh, the policeman and we have a sweet cozy romance to go along with the mystery that needs to be solvedis is the first of a series so many others to enjoy after this one!

    28. I really enjoyed Antiques & Avarice and will be watching for more from this author. I would love to read more about these characters and hope they are developed into a series. At first, a bit of the dialogue felt a little stiff but most of the book felt so natural that I could almost have been there. I love that the animals are a good part of the story! The plot was complex and interesting but I loved the interaction of the characters most of all.

    29. A Cozy Mystery! “Antiques & Avarice” by Jane Firebaugh mentioned many things I love. For instance—the sweet calico kitty, description of real antiques, and a handsome detective. If you love the cozy easy-style mystery, you’ll enjoy this book.

    30. Fantastic Cozy Mystery!!I loved the characters, the storyline, the setting, and the twists and turns in this first-in-a-new series. Murder, antiques, smart pets, a heroine, and a hunky hero~~ who could ask for more!!

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