Dragon Hunt

Dragon Hunt Kalecgyos a member of a decimate race of blue dragons quests towards the elven kingdom of Quel Thalas in search of answers but he will have to deal with a vengeful dwarf the army of the Undead Sco

  • Title: Dragon Hunt
  • Author: Richard A. Knaak Kim Jae-Hwan
  • ISBN: 9781595327123
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kalecgyos, a member of a decimate race of blue dragons, quests towards the elven kingdom of Quel Thalas in search of answers, but he will have to deal with a vengeful dwarf, the army of the Undead Scourge, and the mystery behind an enchanting peasant girl before he can finally obtain what he seeks.

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      228 Richard A. Knaak Kim Jae-Hwan
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    1. I enjoy reading a bad book for the satirical satisfaction of it all as much as the next man, but this- and the second book as well- was just painful. The only reason why I took the time to read through it was because it was given to me as part of the prize package for the WoW comic contest, and I figured it would be rude of me not to give it the time of day. How wrong I was.The book couldn't be more generically-drawn, and the plot and characters only bear the slightest, most passing resemblance [...]

    2. Dragon Hunt (WarCraft: The Sunwell Trilogy #1), Shadows of Ice (WarCraft: The Sunwell Trilogy, #2), Ghostlands (WarCraft: The Sunwell Trilogy, #3). Решил наконец-таки закончить давно начатую трилогию, тем более мне вроде понравился первый том, когда я его читал, да и сейчас повод веский появился – выход фильма Дункана Джонса.Действительн [...]

    3. To begin, I don't see where all the hatred lies. Although I was feeling the 'pumped out' vibe, the story as a whole is very strong and well thought out. The book opens to very descriptive and insightful history for the world of Azeroth, written in a similar way to a bible. As a player of the game, I do often have to stop and ask who certain characters are, their motives and sometimes even the point of our quests but within these few pages the entire world was just opened to me. I have a characte [...]

    4. People are weird. You've got an Americanised manga, which is purposefully grounded within the lore of Warcraft, and the only criticism I can see concerning this entry into Blizzard's literary ventures amounts to:- The comic isn't coloured.- The story is not accessible to newcomers.- There's too much detail in the drawings.What exactly were people expecting? For what it is, it's good. It serves its purpose. It tells a concise story, and with a little background knowledge of Warcraft, most of the [...]

    5. *Bleck* Not a big fan. I can understand how a bright kid with ADD or ADHD might be attracted to these books what with some higher level vocabulary and busy pictures that have a million things going on at the same time.For me the pictures made it seem more like a graphic novel version of the Blair Witch Project. No offense Mr. Kim. They are awesome and detailed, but for me there's just too much awesomeness and detail for one page.I'm reading these so I can make an AR quiz for them for the kids at [...]

    6. From what I've seen of Manga, the art in this book far exceeds the norm. Detailed and beautiful drawings capture the wonder of the world of Warcraft nicely. Characters are developed and defined by the expressions on their faces and the cloths that they wear. It is amazing that so much of the feeling behind the story can come straight from the visuals. It almost seemed like you could get through this book without even really needing to read any of the dialogue.While I was a bit disapointed in the [...]

    7. This was actually more interesting than I thought it would be. I hate that Anveena was so helpless, tho. My kids who like WoW should like it,

    8. When I first started playing World of Warcraft back in the early days of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, I remembered trying to devour as much reading material set in the world of Azeroth as possible in order to satiate my thirst for lore.And then I ran into this manga and it's "sister" (in that they share the same writer) Day of the Dragonat was when I started to pick my Warcraft stories more carefully. Oh, this wasn't bad; it's just a disappointment.A band of hunters are on a dragon hunt [...]

    9. This review was originally on posted on the page of the second book, but I tought it may do more good here, since this book is the frst one.The series in my opinion doesnt change that much so this can be seen as review of all three books. It's also a long time since I last read them and will reread them for the case of this review. I hope to update it when I have done, but believe most of what I talk about is accurate.Warcraft is in my opinion one of the most boring universe in existense. Its pl [...]

    10. There was a blue dragon named Kalecgos (or Kalec for short) who was shot down by a dwarf's gang and when it had fell, it had transformed into a man. He was saved by a human girl named Anveena and taken to her home. The gang hadn't found the dragon so they had used an orb to find the dragon which had lead them to Anveena's home. Anveena's parents who were also in her house had distracted the crew while Anveena and Kalec escaped by going under the house by going through the trapdoor in her house. [...]

    11. As a pretty avid player of the game World of Warcraft, I was looking forward to this graphic novel trilogy set in the war-torn island of Azeroth, one of the islands that make up the fantastical world in the game.The main character is a Kalec, a man who is not really a man. Instead, he is a blue dragon who can transform into a man. He has come to this area of Azeroth to try and prevent the Sunwell from falling under the influence of evildoers. The Sunwell, is a lost source of unimaginable power t [...]

    12. I had no experience with World of Warcraft when I picked up this book, which has amazing art. There is a six-page white on black explanation of the history of World of Warcraft that is confusing, hard to follow, and sometimes downright nonsensical (Titans create a being to fight evil without knowing or understanding what evil is). I fell asleep trying to read this part at night. Once the story proper began, thoguh, I was much impressed. Anveena is wise and powerful, but innocent, although her pa [...]

    13. There are only two faults I can see in this comic. Firstly, the pacing is rushed. I can’t exactly put my finger on it; a lot of events happen in the span of the book, so it’s natural that the things are going fast. Still, I can’t help having a feeling as if the heroes were practically running all throughout the story. Secondly, the artist doesn’t have a hand for dwarves, orcs or trolls – though this artist draws amazing humans, elves and dragons. These dragons are simply breathtaking!T [...]

    14. This one started off with a few pages of introduction into the WarCraft universe. The brief history gives some back ground on the story itself and I think is great for those not overly familiar with the WarCraft.I enjoyed the characters. They were well drawn and interesting. My only complaint is that I didn’t get to find out more about the characters. There was tons of action and there was some background given on some of the characters, but not a lot. Altogether the story actually went by ver [...]

    15. It is a treat for Warcraft geeks like myself. While I am not an avid comic/manga reader, I do love the art style, it is really expressive and it does add a sense of suspense to the action and plot. The characters are not yet fleshed out as the plot is at its beginning - the only things I know is from the game itself and the few articles I've read in the dedicated to the Warcraft Universe. Though I can say at this point that Anveena is such an air-head she seems really disconnected from what is [...]

    16. This was my first graphic novel. I'm not sure if I'm just not very good at following them or if this one was just particularly hard to keep up with, but all the back and forth action between panels left my head spinning. The story was interesting, but the characters all seemed pretty shallow to me and not the brightest bunch. However there are still 2 more books for additional character develpment. We'll see how things shape up. Oh, also I was really surprised by how short it was. I was able to [...]

    17. Kalec, is a member of the race of blue dragons. As he journeys towards the elven kingdom of Quel'Thalas in search of answers of the lost powers of the Sunwell. He will have to deal with a dwarf set on the path of revenge, an army of the Undead Scourge, and a mysterious peasant girl before he can find what he seeks. I really liked this story because it follows the story about the Lich King because it was one of my favorite story from the Warcraft universe. I also liked how this story gives you so [...]

    18. Qué desastre que es Deux, por Dios. No sólo dejan la mayoría de las series que empiezan colgadas sino que cuando se da el milagro de que reediten algo, lo hacen mal. Tal es el caso de esta segunda edición, que a simple vista es igual a la primera sólo que con menos páginas (de propaganda, pero páginas al fin) y con una tapa mucho más fea. Decí que no soy fan de Warcraft para nada (el último que jugué fue el Warcraft 2), porque si no seguro que encontraba más cosas para quejarme. Más [...]

    19. My favorite part of this book was the lengthy bit of lore before the graphic novel actually began. I was not enticed to read the next book (though I've already picked it up so I probably will anyway), the characters' motivations ranged only from simplistic to completely unclear, and the dialogue was repetitive and dull at times. The art was very detailed but this occasionally drew away from the message because it made action scenes very busy and hard to distinguish what had happened. I'd describ [...]

    20. i was weeding the graphic novels and found this was a duplicate. when i looked to see why we had two copies, the one i pulled was an sat/act vocab prep version. it totally ruined the story for me. there was no flow and it made the story sound ridiculous. as i was reading, some of the words that they selected and gave definitions of were illogical since there were much more complex words in the story. the art was great.

    21. Acceptable, but far from stellar. The dialogues are bad, there is too much of Warcraft lingo and too many prerequisites. The story barely stands on its own.It's not an amazing comic book from the graphical stand-point. It's drawn manga style, and, unfortunately, in black and white. A bad choice for an overall under-mediocre comic.

    22. A bit jumpy and sporatic but that is to be expected with a manga style graphic novel. This is actually the first one I have read and it was good enough for me to finish the trilogy. Great artwork and a bunch of history of Azeroth that is covered in more detail in The War of the Ancients Trilogy by Richard Knaak.

    23. It's been a long time since I've read any comics, but I think this format allows me to enjoy Richard Knaak's writing more than I usually do. Although the 'stuttering' bugged me a bit. Overall it was a good look at the story of Anveena and how Kalec found her.

    24. Not bad. It's your basic set-up for a quest. A goal, a group of people who don't know each other much, a bad guy, and lots of interesting costuming. My only quibble is with WarCraft itself, which is so convoluted that I spent half my time just reading the back-story.

    25. The art was good, if a bit too jumpy during action scenes. Overall the whole thing was a bit busy art wise. Other than that, the story was okay, sometimes the phrasing chosen was jarring.2.7/5I'll finish the triology and see how it goes.

    26. I loved learning the story of how Aveena and Kalec meet and their journey to finding out who she really was. It's sad to know the outcome while reading this story (from playing the game) but, it was enlightening to hear her story.

    27. Great artwork and a good story. There were parts that seemed a bit off. Though, I suspect it was deliberate and will be explained in the 2nd or 3rd book.All in all, this is pretty standard fantasy fare. And you don't have to know anything about World of Warcraft to read and enjoy this book.

    28. the art is extra-extra bad. the dwarf hunter doesn't even look like a dwarf; he looks like some grody, dwarf-orc hybrid with enormous lips that don't fit his face at all.

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