Keeping The Heart (Vintage Puritan)

Keeping The Heart Vintage Puritan This classic Puritan work John Flavel is a discourse upon Proverbs Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life Flavel intended this treatise for the specific purpose

  • Title: Keeping The Heart (Vintage Puritan)
  • Author: John Flavel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This classic Puritan work, John Flavel, is a discourse upon Proverbs 4 23, Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life Flavel intended this treatise for the specific purpose of illuming, healing, and guarding the heart He had the strong conviction, that saints should be marked by their holiness, therefore matters of the heart were of the utmThis classic Puritan work, John Flavel, is a discourse upon Proverbs 4 23, Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life Flavel intended this treatise for the specific purpose of illuming, healing, and guarding the heart He had the strong conviction, that saints should be marked by their holiness, therefore matters of the heart were of the utmost importance in the Christian life Includes linked Table of Contents, NCX, and footnotes.

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    1. I love reading the insight of those long ago. Those who do not have the distractions we have today. Survival and the main needs of the day were at the forefront but today, we think about what we will wear, what restraunt we will eat, go on vacation. No wonder our hearts can be far from God. This book is a detailed look at the heart. By understanding the diligent and constant use of all holy means to preseve the soul from sine motived the fears of our heart. The comfort of our our souls much depe [...]

    2. This book rocked my world. It showed me how distracted my heart is, and how prone I am to wander. Flavel shows how at the center of everything we do, is our heart. Not the bodily artery, but the seat of all our emotions, desires, affections, words and actions. We are commanded in Proverbs 4:23 to keep it with all diligence. I need the Holy Spirit's help for this!"O for a better heart! O for a heart to love God more; to hate sin more; to walk more evenly with God. Lord! deny not to me such a hear [...]

    3. Finished reading this book on Valentine's Day. :-) In this book, John Flavel writes about the importance of keeping the heart. He lists various circumstances in which the condition of the heart is in danger and then does very well to provide biblical truths and practical adivice to apply to each of those circumstances.

    4. This is a book to read yearly, carefully, and prayerfully, if you want to do the necessary heart-work of a Christian. Subtitled, How to maintain your love for God.

    5. Great short book of deep thought. Practical application and so many good things that I practically underlined the whole book. Will definitely read and re-read!

    6. Em Keeping the Heart, John Flavel expõe Pv 4.23: "De tudo o que se deve guardar, guarde bem o seu coração, porque dele procedem as fontes da vida". Após explicar o texto, Flavel apresenta diversas razões pelas quais todo cristão deveria ter a máxima diligência em guardar o coração. Coração, para Flavel, equivale à "alma completa ou o ser interior", "o que o coração é para o corpo a alma é para o homem; e o que a saúde é para o coração a santidade é para a alma". Flavel ente [...]

    7. 4.5. The only reason I withheld a 5, is due to the monotony of the situations when the heart needs to be guarded. It seemed to go on and on. And yet, perhaps the monotony is aimed at causing the reader to realize, that there never seems to be a moment in life when the heart does not need to be kept. I think most would be hard-pressed to identify a moment in life when they couldn't identify with one of the issues that Flavel unpacked. Very helpful. Very insightful.

    8. “As God did not at first choose you because you were high, he will not now forsake you because you are low."

    9. A very helpful book about how to maintain your love for God, read a few pages a day but very worthwhile.

    10. There were some good things here and there, but overall it was very lacking in grace and gentleness. It was very strongly worded and harsh at times and ended up sounding quite legalistic.

    11. This is a wonderful short book on one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of Christian living. John Flavel addresses the great importance of why we need to keep our hearts, in what seasons we need to be most aware of keeping our hearts, and gives instruction in how to keep our hearts all based around Proverbs 4:23.Although I enjoyed this book as a whole, I particularly appreciated the opening few chapters and the final chapter which assess the why question. The middle of the [...]

    12. I read the 1828 edition available for free in PDF at , originally titled "A Saint Indeed or the Great Work of a Christian in Keeping The Heart in the Several Conditions of Life."One encounters the formality and verbage of another era in Flavel. That aside, this book will help believers who desire to love God --in their hearts. Flavel describes various conditions of life--from prosperity to persecution, from depression to seasons of blessing. He provides wisdom for believers to "keep their hearts [...]

    13. Possibly my favorite Flavel work so far. Flavel opens by addressing 'the keeping of the heart'--what it means and why it matters (for Flavel, this essentially boils down to spiritual health or a heart centered on faith in the gospel and rightly related to God). He examines twelve 'seasons' in which the keeping of the heart is particularly challenging, and offers encouragement and counsel for keeping the heart in each one. Flavel admonishes hypocrites (those who do not keep the heart, but only pr [...]

    14. This is the first book I've read by Flavel but won't be my last. So much meat here that a lifetime could be spent reading and re-reading this text. Flavel, a puritan, is trying to get the christian to understand that of the many issues we face, keeping the heart protected, and directed toward God and his gospel message is most important. I believe some of the other versions of this book are abridged, but this was quite lengthy. I probably took longer than I do on most Christian books because of [...]

    15. John Flavel is a very readable Puritan. As with most Puritans, his writing is very vivid and penetrating. After opening the book by discussing the heart, and what he intends by "keeping" it the majority of the book is given to admonitions tailored to specific seasons when this is necessary (e.g. prosperity, adversity, duty, temptation, doubt, death). I did not find him repetitious, rather I found each application flowed from a keen insight. Near the end he laments and admonishes:O that I might s [...]

    16. ohisok. "And now are you inclined to undertake the business of keeping your heart? Are youresolved upon it? I charge you, then, to engage in it earnestly. Away with everycowardly feeling, and make up your mind to encounter difficulties. Draw your armourfrom the word of God. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, in its commands, itspromises, its threatenings; let it be fixed in your understanding, your memory, yourconscience, your affections. You must learn to wield the sword of the Spirit [...]

    17. Outstanding thorough read! Have not read many Puritan authors before. Was pleasantly surprised and challenged in this short read! Infused with Scripture and presented in a direct, straight-forward manner, Flavel zeroes in on what should be one of the key focuses of a Christian - that of keeping one's heart with all diligence.I highlighted and marked many a statement from this book. The author lists and expounds upon special times in life when one ought to give special attention to the keeping of [...]

    18. "Heart work is hard work indeed. To shuffle over religious duties with a loose and heedless spirit, will cost no great pains; but to set thyself before the Lord, and tie up thy loose and vain thoughts to a constant and serious attendance upon him; this will cost us something To get thy heart broken for sin, while thou art confessing it; melted with free grace while thou art blessing God for it; to be really ashamed and humbled through the apprehensions of Gods infinite holiness, and to keep thy [...]

    19. Summary from : Keeping the Heart is a discourse upon Proverbs 4:23, "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." Flavel intended this treatise for the specific purpose of illuming, healing, and guarding the heart. He had the strong conviction, that saints should be marked by their holiness, therefore matters of the heart were of the utmost importance in the Christian life.Thoughts:Flavel works through different circumstances (Prosperity, Adversity, etc.) and discuss [...]

    20. This book should probably be read by every Christian at least annually (it's short, you can read it in a couple of hours). Flavel examines all sorts of situations in which we must especially guard or keep our hearts--in prosperity, in persecution, in discouragement, in temptation--and he gives practical guidelines and heartfelt pastoral encouragement for each one. Keeping our hearts is our daily duty and a sign of the true Christian. Flavel says that if we were to use the performing of this duty [...]

    21. Flavel gives us deeply powerful ammunition in our fight for holiness. The part of this book that was most helpful was the 3rd chapter, in which Flavel examines several of the most challenging seasons that the Christian encounters throughout his life. He gives lines of thought that we can employ during these times in order to keep our hearts whole toward God. With God's grace, I will consult this book often in the coming years, to hear Flavel say: "Reason thus with yourself!"

    22. This excellent book by John Flavel is a helpful and practical guide to the important issue of how to maintain our love for God. It does this principally through considering twelve special 'seasons' (or situations) in the life of the Christian such as adversity, temptation, duty and sickness. The wide range of 'seasons' covered was particularly helpful as was the last chapter on 'improving and applying the subject'. This is an easy to read, helpful book by an excellent author.

    23. As with most classic Puritan writers, Flavel does an excellent job taking his subject into hand and examining it from every angle. While sometimes it seems that he goes in the same direction on some issues, when you look at the overall outline you can see why this is a must read. If you want to examine your heart and understand when and how to guard it in various situations and times of life then nothing else can help you as much as Flavel's writing.

    24. I needed to read this book.It is easy to learn pray eloquently. Does my heart go with my words?It is easy to speak like a Christian. Does my heart speak like one?It is easy to correct external appearances. Is my heart being corrected as well?Flavel was convicting but also extremely helpful in showing how important it is that our heart be right with God, and not just everything else, and gives aids for doing so.

    25. More devotional that some of Puritan John Flavel's other works. Keeping the Heart tells us how to be preserved in the cleft of God. It even helps with issues such as falling into temptation and desiring revenge. The length of a particular chapter makes it hard to get through but over a great work

    26. Tremendous book on keeping the heart focused on Christ. Flavel is a master at getting to the root of the issue and laying our hearts bare before the powerful word of God. I can't recommend this book enough to any Christian who wants to grow in their love of Christ and purity of heart.

    27. This little gem is a wonderful introduction to this English Puritan pastor's treasuries. You can finish these sermons in 1 sitting, but you won't want too. Read them slowly, and you will be well fed and satisfied.

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