The Boys' War: Confederate and Union Soldiers Talk About the Civil War

The Boys War Confederate and Union Soldiers Talk About the Civil War First hand accounts that include diary entries and personal letters describe the experiences of boys sixteen years old or younger who fought in the Civil War

  • Title: The Boys' War: Confederate and Union Soldiers Talk About the Civil War
  • Author: JimMurphy
  • ISBN: 9780395664124
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • First hand accounts that include diary entries and personal letters describe the experiences of boys, sixteen years old or younger, who fought in the Civil War.

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    1. I have never read about the Civil War in such a basic and simplistic way before. This is a sad, but true book about the boys who fought in the Civil War. Some were as young as 10 years old! I have a ten year old and I can't imagine him not only witnessing what these boys saw, but being part of it as well. Most of these boys had a naive fantasy of what war was until they saw first hand the realities of what war was really all about. This is a good read for all the boys out there that share the sa [...]

    2. Okay so its been a minute and just getting time to review this book I read as I support a really awesome 5th grade ELA and Social Studies teacher and I like to stay abreast on what they are reading and lo and behold they are getting into one of my admittedly morbid but fascinating favorite time periods in history which is the Civil WarI know I know being African American and a woman at that this time period would have been hellish for me and my ancestors but the lead in, the actual war and the p [...]

    3. (Written by my son)The Boys’ War by Jim Murphy is an interesting book. Its perspective of the Civil War is different from any other book about the conflict. In most books, you’ll probably find some historian with lots of facts and statistics giving you a bystander’s point of view. The Boys’ War however will put you in the action and still have factual information you expect from a history book. More importantly it shows you the war from the perspective of boys who were involved.There are [...]

    4. I absolutely loved this book!While the subject content was a bit disturbing (who really wants to know that young boys were soldiers and how they died horrible deaths), the book itself was very interesting. It explained some of the lesser known facts of war, such as the drummers were often killed to slow the advancing opposition, as well as the color of a uniform helped decide the Battle of Bull Run. I appreciated that the author made note of the "changes" that occur in each soldier. War itself c [...]

    5. This was the best Civil War juvinile book I have read, and believe me, I have read many. The author goes into the subject in a way that a child could understand if they needed to read the book for a school project etc I found myself hooked into this book on the first sentence. The pictures added alot to the book and I thought the direct quotes from the soilder's diaries was great. This was a great book that even the youngest of children interested in this war could enjoy. There is violence in it [...]

    6. This is a superficial but enjoyable Civil War nonfiction book which integrates a lot of first-hand accounts of underage soldiers and drummer boys.

    7. Some sources emphasize that those who fought in the Civil War were eighteen or older but that is not true. In the chaos that ensued when both sides realized that war was coming, many under age boys became part of their armies. Boys as young as twelve signed up. Often they were tall or big for their age but some were brought by their fathers who vouched for them. Yet neither side was prepared for the conflict and the first year was a learning experience. Boys who sought adventure found themselves [...]

    8. This is was a interesting book because it's talking about young boys that went to war in the Civil War. It's filled with stories about experiences boys went through throughout the war. Many boys became soldiers, but others got to become a drumming boy. Being a drummer boy was the most dangerous job on the battle field. Being a drummer boy helps keep the soldiers marching steady and at a good pace. The youngest boy that was in the war was 12 years old. The book tells you how they survived the war [...]

    9. I originally joined for RPGs (Role-Playing-Games) Personally I found it to be a hard place to RP, so now I just use it for keeping track of books I've read and for posting reviews on books. This book I am very glad to say I've read, it really made me think deeper about what people do, and what people have done especially for their country and for their beliefs. I found it to be an easy but deep read, some of the book is a bit sad and at certain points can be graphic so be warned if you have iss [...]

    10. Heartbreaking but remarkably useful for such a thin volume. There are lots of historical documents. For those who are teaching at the middle or high school level, the Civil War lends itself better to visual images, because it was the first war in which photography was present; thus, there are battlefield photographs, photographs of layers of keloid scars on the black of a former slaveof course, it also depends upon how squeamish you and/or your audience are, but I don't know a gentle way to appr [...]

    11. This book was fascinating, it would be an excellent resources for a student writing a report on the Civil War. It recounts the stories and lives of the young men, boys, that fought in the Civil War on both sides. Consequently you have a very balanced view of what the war was like and the consequences it had on everyone involved. There are lots of photographs and quotes from letters and diaries of the young soldiers.

    12. The nonfiction book tells the story of the civil war. The reader learns how and why many of the boys enlisted in war, the conditions, being homesick,and the injuries they faced. This books is great to use for factual information when researching for a project/paper about the civil war. It is also a powerful way to illustrate that war is not a glamours topic. Not very exciting, but filled with good honest facts.

    13. This was such an amazing book. It was about the Civil War seen through the eyes of the thousands of young boys who fought in it. There are dozens of pictures and true accounts presented in this book. It was so interesting. My 8th grade son was reading it for his history class and I picked it up and read it.

    14. This was an interesting quick read about boysterally boys ages 10-16 going off to fight in the Civil War both for the North and South. The book shares diary entries from these kids about their experiences in the war. Many of these sign up to escape the boredom of home and have an exciting adventure.d at some begin to miss home terribly. Was amazed by their courage. This is a quick read.

    15. Not as interesting as I thought it was going to be. As a book about soldier's lives, I thought it was moderately interesting, but I didn't feel like the book captured the lives of boy soldiers. Jim Murphy is a great author, and this was really well written - but the subject matter just went astray.

    16. It was really interesting to see the Civil War from the point of view of boys who participated in it. I also think it's crazy how they were so brave to be engaged in such a bloody part of our history. It's good that today this does not happen anymore.

    17. this is the first book I ever remember reading about the Civil War. The book is mostly pictures of young boys who fought in the Civil War. Some of the pictures are very graphic and I identified with the boys in those pictures. I have been fascinated with the Civil War ever since.

    18. This book was a very sad book. I liked it because it show the reality of there lives and the war. It talked about how boy 12 years old would join think it would a fast easy war. Many of them died because of the diseases. Anybody who likes war stories this is the book for you.

    19. This is a fast easy read. I enjoyed the snippets of journal entries from the boys who fought in the Civil War. I haven't studied enough about them. I found quite a few things I will be able to use in my class.

    20. A story of the Civil War told in journal entries and letters written by soldiers who were in their teens. Great primary source book for anyone interested in making the Civil War come alive for high school students.

    21. This book is super interesting, I didn't know that young boys participated in the war efforts. It was a bit hard to read at first but once I got into it I loved hearing their stories. The boys had more courage than I ever would in those situations. I'm surprised that they were happy the whole time.

    22. Interesting, and it helped me gain insight into the awful lives of boys during the Civil War. So horrific to learn that many were about the age of my own brother (13), and some were even 12! Eish, it's shocking. And so sad.

    23. A good introduction for children to a soldier's life in the American Civil War. I like the inclusion of quotes from both sides to show the similarities between these young men and boys who fought each other and could have been friends in another life - a sad truth of many wars.

    24. Although this is a children's book I enjoyed it. A simple read. It was full of a lot of information about the boys that served in the Civil War. Often history books leave them out. I recommend this to any History and/or Civil War buff.

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    26. Interesting read about boys involved with the Civil war. Shocking at times, though I'd like to have a little more depth to the characters. It was a good refresher in the horrors of war.

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