Gabe I am a good guy I help little old ladies cross the street I recycle Anyone looking at me will see a solid respectable upstanding member of the community Which is exactly what I want them to see Gabe

  • Title: Gabe
  • Author: M. Malone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I am a good guy I help little old ladies cross the street I recycle Anyone looking at me will see a solid, respectable, upstanding member of the community.Which is exactly what I want them to see.Gabe Marshall is tall, charming and a successful businessman He s also a skilled con artist Now that he s heir to the billionaire father he never knew, everyone gives him whaI am a good guy I help little old ladies cross the street I recycle Anyone looking at me will see a solid, respectable, upstanding member of the community.Which is exactly what I want them to see.Gabe Marshall is tall, charming and a successful businessman He s also a skilled con artist Now that he s heir to the billionaire father he never knew, everyone gives him what he wants Except Sasha Whitman After Sasha is humiliated on national television, she seeks solace in her plans to open a jazz lounge But she s not a businesswoman and no one has time to help her except the last man she would ever trust Before long Gabe is matching wits with the one woman who can see through his game And finding out that all the money in the world can t protect you when the sins of the father pass to the son GABE is the third book in M Malone s gritty romance series BLUE COLLAR BILLIONAIRES It can be read as a standalone novel However, once you find out what the billionaire pops from hell is up to, you will definitely want to read about TANK and FINN, too

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      325 M. Malone
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    1. Gabe is a sexy, smart, and sweet guy with a bad boy past. Sasha is a beautiful, spunky, goal driven chick with tons of heartache in her life. They both have a past that they are trying to overcome. Their pairing was unexpected but fabulous. I loved getting a deeper look into the Marshall men and their dad Max. The secrets are starting to unravel around them. I was happy to get a closer look at Zach and can't wait to get his story. Great JOB MINX!

    2. I really thought this was going to be good seeing how long it took for it to come out. I can't really say that it was bad but it was just okay, bland, or typical. Sasha came off as desperate and Gabe seemed to be running for no good reason besides not wanting to mess up his relationship with his brothers who consider Sasha their friend. Not a bad reason but the whole mess with him being such a bad guy was kind of lame. The mess behind Max and Blade was a bit far fetched and really didn't bring e [...]

    3. Just OkThis is the 3rd book in the series of Blue Collar Billionaire. While it was entertaining, it was also my least favorite. To be honest, I'm not really sure why. I liked Sasha a lot; I loved her independence, her innocence and her optimistic spirit. I also liked Gabe but felt like I really didn't know him, it was harder to figure out his motives and what made him tick. Their love felt less passionate and the story in general didn't have those special, romantic moments that make you go awwww [...]

    4. Gabe and Sasha- BRAB ONLINE BOOK CLUBThis is Gabe and Sasha's story. I have loved every one of the books in the series so far but somehow Gabe and Sasha has become my new favorite couple.When Gabe met Sasha, he was immediately attracted to her but was hesitant after finding out her connection to friends and family. He is a reformed criminal trying to do the right thing by leaving his past behind. Sasha was a free spirit who did not follow the traditional route her family wanted her to follow. Sh [...]

    5. Gabe was straight up with Sasha from the very beginning about the type of guy he is and was. Sasha on the other hand didn't care a bit. She loved her Gabe!! Great read. Love the bond that has formed with the Marshall brothers. Can't wait for Zack's story. P.S. I hope to see where everything goes with Max and the boys.

    6. 4.5 'Favourite of this series so far, Gabe was sexy as hell and Sasha was feisty loved the banter between the two of them' stars.

    7. M. Malone you had me at Teasing Trent and you keep me reading at Gabe. I am now looking forward to Zack's story. Thank you.

    8. Secrets revealed, another brother bites the dust (bachelorhood-wise) and a little bit of violence too. I really do love this series.

    9. loved it, really loving this series these brothers and half brothers are hot and the females are strong and beautiful.

    10. I loved it. I want my own Gabe lol. i love how we get everyone in the story. this was a great bookand i can't wait until the next one. 5 Stars

    11. I have given this series 3 shots, and at this pointI'm out. The writing is rudimentary, at best. The sex scenes are extremely juvenile and hard to read. I admit to skimming through a lot of it, but this was just not for me. The suspense part of this book was just lacking, there was no chemistry and the pop ins from past characters seemed forced. This will be my last Billionaire book by this author.

    12. Great readLoved how Sasha and gabe met not knowing there paths were about to cross any day, I liked how we still got to read about the past/current characters lives and how there progressing.Sasha is certainly a fighter knows what she wants and goes at it, she's got a great sense of humor and sees Gabe for who he is not what he once was, lovely read can't wait for next.

    13. Gabe is by M. Malone and is book 3 in the Blue Collar Billionaires series. I had a hard time putting it down when I first started it and simply couldn’t put it down when I came back to it. It is absolutely wonderful. M. Malone has done a fantastic job with characters and plot. The suspense is riveting. Gabe has begun meeting with his father on a regular basis even though he doesn’t like it. His father abandoned him and his brothers long ago and now wants to get to know them. If it wasn’t f [...]

    14. I have no words for this book!! Gabe was absolutely fantastic!! This series gets better and better, but Gabe, in my opinion, is by far the best of the bunch!! Gabe is the third book in the Blue-Collar Billionaire series by M. Malone, and I have been waiting for this one, and it did not disappoint! Wow! This book was not what I expected at all. It was so much better and so much more!! Gabe Marshall is the pretty boy of the 5 Marshall brothers and from looking at him you would think he was the mos [...]

    15. A sexy guy who loves to restore old cars and so happens to be a great business owner. A R&B diva who is too shy to sing in front of big crowds, but wants to open her own jazz club. Gabe and Sasha dont' hit it off at first, but destiny has other plans for them.M. Malone does it again. Fun, lighthearted, and romantic as hell! I loved this book. If your looking for a good read, this is it. Sasha was introduced in The Alexander series and has popped up in the prior books of this series and it's [...]

    16. "I'm so sorry. So sorry, beautiful girl."Her nose crinkles in surprise. “What do you mean? Sorry for what?”I lift her hand to my lips and kiss the tips of her fingers. "I know you don't like the idea of just living together. You're a good girl."She stares at me, perplexed. I can see the moment that she figures out what’s going on. Her eyes drop to my other hand, clenched into a fist resting at my side. She gasps and her eyes dart back to mine, searching.I squeeze her fingers, looking deep [...]

    17. it's a great series. 5 half brothers trying to have a relationship, a father who has been missing from their lives coming back into it. Gabe is the one who played on the wrong side of the law when he was younger, for honorable reasons, he feels he does not deserve someone good, that he is too tainted and should be alone. Sasha feels like she is always looking for her disapproving family's approval. she suffered a humiliating time but managed to pick herself up and work on her dream of opening a [...]

    18. Minx deserves more than 5-stars with Gabe! I LOVE these brothers! In fact, I'm hoping that with as promiscuous as Max was back in the day, maybe there's more out there to discover!! ;) Gabe may be my favorite brother. Con man turned business man. Bad boy turned decent manr the right woman. And Sasha is the right woman. It's not an easy journey for them, but what good romance worth reading is? I love that you still get to see all of the brothers, and even a few cameos from the Alexanders. Can't w [...]

    19. I love Minx Malone. She writes these amazing stories. She writes about accomplished black people, which I love reading about. I wish more authors had successful black protagonists. She also writes about blue eyed blondes, which I also enjoy reading about. The thing is there's no shortage of stories featuring accomplished, successful and rich blue eyed blondes. I digressed. This story is fantastic! Keep them coming M. Malone.

    20. Sasha is the right one for GabeSuspense, action, intensity, passion are the adjectives to describe Gabe's story. As we travel down the road of what brings to polar opposite people together we see inner demons. But once love takes over there is few things that can tear it a part. With the encouragement of good friends you root for Gabe and Sasha. You want them to have their forever. Crafty narrative was provided as we see how hidden truths impact future journeys.

    21. The author needs to answer so many question in the coming books. Max's life n his nephew, does he back to the States?I don't understand Max's mind. how come he kept knocking up 'strong' women to erase his guilt to raise four terrorist nephews, that's he had five sons from four women.What his selfish behavior hurts Gabe n Zack, Tank n Finn, n so does Luke.Glad that they had their own woman, looking forward the story of Zack n Josie

    22. Gabe is sweet but doesn't want to be. He doesn't always live life on the up and up but he wants to try. He sees himself as pretty invincible with the exception of some soft spots in his life: his moms and younger brother Zack. Now Alyssa has been thrust in his path, and his uber protective side just wants to look out for at all cost, even by walking away.Great story, sexy interactions, and a terrific cast!

    23. Gabe is swoon worthy!This story was one of great growth for both Gabe and Sasha. This isn't a fast romance over a few days or a couple weeks. Watching them grow and change together was nice. I liked that we finally got some answers about Max; but there are still some loose ends there. I can't wait to see what is to come in in the future stories. I love this family of wonderful men.

    24. Gabe cons everyone around him, but Sasha sees through the bravado, or so she thought!They fall hard fast, but when threatened, Gabe tries to protect her by pushing her away.Sasha is too strong willed though and won't settle until she's exhausted every opportunity to succeed in both life and love.Gabe doesn't know what's hit him!

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