Duke of Darkness

Duke of Darkness Rumors of insanity taint his past undeniable passion dictates his future Is the temptation of true love strong enough to obliterate the darkness Devlin Ravensdale Duke of Wharncliffe has created an

  • Title: Duke of Darkness
  • Author: Anabelle Bryant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 247
  • Format: ebook
  • Rumors of insanity taint his past undeniable passion dictates his future Is the temptation of true love strong enough to obliterate the darkness Devlin Ravensdale, Duke of Wharncliffe, has created an existence void of society Content in his solitude, Wharncliffe is hardly prepared for the responsibility of a ward especially not a woman as breathtakingly beautiful as AlexRumors of insanity taint his past undeniable passion dictates his future Is the temptation of true love strong enough to obliterate the darkness Devlin Ravensdale, Duke of Wharncliffe, has created an existence void of society Content in his solitude, Wharncliffe is hardly prepared for the responsibility of a ward especially not a woman as breathtakingly beautiful as Alexandra Grantchester.The lady shuns marriage the same way he deflects social obligation, yet the lady harbours her own secrets and while a stronger force pulls them together in a tumultuous future of confrontation and disbelief it will take true love to find their happily ever after.

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    1. The Duke of Wharncliffe, Devlin Ravensdale, has just learned that his last living relative has just passed away. Her last request was to have Devlin take care of her ward, Alex, and arrange a suitable marriage. When Devlin arrives to do just that, he learns that his ward is not a young boy but a beautiful marriage young lady.Alexandra (Lexi as Devlin calls her) is not happy about being put into another man's care. She ran away from home when her father tried to marry her off, she don't want some [...]

    2. RESEARCH BEFORE YOU WRITE ABOUT DUKES!!I am on a 'Rant' about Duke of Darkness!! Why do authors take a perfectly good character like Devlin Ravensdale Duke of Wharncliffe and ruin who and what he is. @Ms. Bryant the author. Dukes were Revered they were coveted at any and all social events. The Ton did not care if they were rapist, murderers or mad. They wanted them at there events. They did not ostracized them. They did not shun them like your portrayed in Duke of Darkness. They are referred to [...]

    3. Between the title, and the main character, Devlin, I expected this to be a lot darker. There were a few plot holes that had me shaking my head, but still an entertaining read.

    4. Anabelle BryantOne determined golf crazy lady tempt a Dark Duke with tingling and passionate kisses and ROCKS his universe of kilter! Devlin Ravensdale, Duke of Wharncliffe, is called the Mad Duke of Kenley Manor by the Ton. His father was a drunkard and opium addicted and loved to gamble, giving and going to wild parties and loved to chase women. His mother was unhappy wife due to her husband's many crappy habits and died by her own hand. So madness must run in his family or so they say. Devlin [...]

    5. AMAZINGThis is only my second venture into historical romance. Anabelle Bryant is truly a gifted story-teller. Her characters are vivid and alive. Her story line great, and Lexi, her main character will live in my memory for some time to come. I'm sure her female fans will adore Devlin, as much as I was enamored with Lexi. There was no part of this book I didn't enjoy. My only regret, it ended too quickly. There is one almost comedic scene from the story that would play out great in a movie. I'm [...]

    6. This was good. I love broody hero who thinks he's not good enough for the heroine because of all his personal turmoil. The heroine was a great foil for the H. She was absolutely enchanting. I enjoyed how her lighthearted personality and the continual presence of her funny little dog "Just Henry" brought cheer and gaiety to the H's previously gloomy life. The H's best friend Phineas was fun too. It will be interesting to read the next book in the series, because Phineas will the hero. I hated Phi [...]

    7. 3.5 stars because even after all the things that bugged me throughout, it was an entertaining read. No full review so I'm just gonna try to summarize a bit of what bugged me.The plot was predictable, characters melodramatic (I did quite a bit of eye-rolling). It wasn't as dark as I thought it'd be, not even by half. I also agree with one review that says Dukes were the highest ranking peer, right after the Royalty, so Devlin being shunned by the Ton for whatever reasons was unbelievable. He was [...]

    8. Anabelle Bryant has created a wonderful, tortured hero. The Duke of Wharncliffe believes his line should end with him, so he has been very careful not to get involved with anyone he might fall in love with.When his elderly aunt dies he is asked to find a suitable match for her ward "Alex". To his great consternation Alex is not the young boy he expected but a lovely young woman. When the woman, who has been unknowingly groomed by his aunt, challenges him to a chess match. Their friendship begins [...]

    9. Anabelle Bryant's books just keep getting better! I adored Duke of Darkness and I just adore Devlin. Duke of Darkness is the epitome of what a romance novel should be – sexy, steamy and heart wrenching.Anabelle Bryant is such a fantastic writer that you feel immersed in her world and all the sumptuous surrounding leap from the page.I can highly recommend Duke of Darkness as a romance that is a must read and will not disappoin

    10. Wonderful book! This had the right amount of angst, romance and hilarity. I really liked that the main characters seemed to already know that they both were attracted to each other from the start and didn't need a 2X4 over the head to realize they were in love later. Just Henry and King were welcome distractions throughout the book as well.Recommended read.

    11. The Duke of Darkness is Anabelle Bryant's second book in her Three Regency Rogues series, and like the first book, To Love A Wicked Scoundrel, this book was great. This book tells the tale of The Duke of Wharncliffe, Devlin Ravensdale, and Alexandra Grandchester, who has quite a story of her own! This book starts out when Devlin receives word that his Aunt Min has passed away and she left a letter pleading with him to take care of her ward "Alex", who has been with his Aunt for two years. With n [...]

    12. Did not finish, editor didn’t do their job. Tons of misused words. You broach a subject, not “breech” it. You flaunt your wicked tendencies, not “flout” them. Only two examples from two consecutive pages, there are plenty of others throughout. Awful.

    13. The phrases in this book. Ack! "All ruffled and precious under that exquisite gown" I can't even imagine any man talking like this. The whole book was like this.

    14. This was my first book by this author. I’m not quite sure I can get use to her writing style. The story itself was “just” okay so that wasn’t the real problem…the characters were even great. I just can’t put my finger on it…I thought the characters (especially the hero) was hilarious at times. He was such a fierce Duke. As far as the heroine…it’s funny because she’s forgettable. I mean really if you took her out the story I would still like the story and still love the hero a [...]

    15. A romantic ''Happily ever after'' love story!I adored, THE DUKE OF DARKNESS, written by Anabelle Bryant. I loved her two main characters Devlin Ravensdale, The Duke of Wharncliffe and Alexandra Grandchester. Devlin, is a tortured man hiding secrets from his past. He receives the news that his aunt has passed away and he gets a new responsibility to take care of her ward and arrange a suitable marriage for Alex. He loves his solitary life and is afraid of loving! But, as soon as he meets Alex, he [...]

    16. Ok the thing I thought didn't make sense first: A Duke is second to a King or Queen. Their power is huge. The way society treated him was just plain not going to happen in that period in history. Quietly behind his back but not openly at a party or ball. Certainly people wouldn't be gossiping to his ward. Societies Mama's would have been lining up in droves to have their daughters marry Duke even if for his wealth alone. Lots of young nobleman had wild ways and seduced women. He was being judged [...]

    17. When Ms. Bryant writes a story you feel as if you've been transported back in time. Her settings and catchy dialogue make you long to live in that era, to smell the marvelous scents of flowers and bask in the beautiful landscapes. She not only writes from the heart and pulls you in to the engaging romance, but paints a picture equal to any artist. Her vivid discriptions match her love and expertise of photography that we all so enjoy on her FB. And let me tell you, if you've ever longed and drea [...]

    18. 3.5 stars I like this book, the characters and story but there were plot holes, lots if misspelledWords or additional words that did not make sense and there was nothing to indicate when the narrator was changing back and forth. And while yes this is an advanced copy for review it was still annoying. While i enjoyed the writing style there was also something off aboutIt. Her constant use of ridiculous vocabulary words left me feeling like she is trying to hard. I just felt like the ending was ru [...]

    19. A beautifully told romance with just the right kind of hero--dark but redeemable. Devlin is a total Alpha male which I love, love, love; and there's more than one scene in which he stole my breath away. Alexandra (Lexi) is his perfect match: nurturing with a sweet disposition but unafraid to speak her mind. I found the idea of having the heroine as the hero's ward (and he has to marry her off) creative, and that play on responsibility vs. desire definitely upped the sexual tension. This is my se [...]

    20. Sweet romanceReally enjoyable read. Lexi is sweet, loving, compassionate and the Earl, Devlin is private and reserved, hiding deep emotional scars. It is an entertaining read watching them build a relationship and put old demons to rest. Devlin, obviously hides a great sense of humor and the banter between he and Lexi and he and his butler are highlights in the book. The romance is sensual, but not graphicinly innuendo. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys regency romance, Victorian [...]

    21. “How bad could it be?” Devlin Ravensdale, Duke of Wharncliffe asks himself after learning he is about to become the ward of a lad previously under his Aunt Mim’s care. His life is forever changed when the lad takes off his cap and he realizes the lad isn’t a lad at all! Ms. Bryant tells an excellent story! Thoroughly entertaining, engaging and exquisitely written. I was routing for both characters from the get go.

    22. Absolutely loved this bookI rarely give a five-star reviewbut this is an exceptional story and very well written. It is one I will read again and again. I'm a book-a-day reader. Rarely do I read a book that I laugh aloud or cry while readingThis one brought out all my emotions. It is a powerful love story with unusual happenings and where you might think it is going it does not. It is a definite must read. I hope to find more from this author.

    23. It will tug on your heart stringsStory will have you berating, loving, and at the end hero worshipping Devlin and Phin. I like romance stories with an epilogue. Some typos one particular stood out having to do with lighting sconces I don't know if sconces are an American thing and Brits refer to them as lighting scones? I prefer scones with tea and wall light fixtures called sconces. There are a few good love scenes.

    24. With a name like Devlin, I wanted him to be darker and more tormented.Um, what was up with his tremors? Was he having night terrors?The little known facts revealed about his family? What purpose did it serve?The fire? Why? I did enjoy the story. It was witty and funny. The chemistry between Devlin and Alexandra was palpable. I could practically feel the tension coming off the pages.

    25. Really goodI thoroughly enjoyed the tale of Devlin and Lexington. The surrounding characters were just as fun. Well done. I bought the next book because I can't wait to read about Phin.

    26. A solid 4 stars!!This was a great book. The main characters were solid and the as story was interesting . My only complaint was the end was a little abrupt. An epilogue would have been great.

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