To This Day: For the Bullied and Beautiful

To This Day For the Bullied and Beautiful An authentic rallying cry for anyone who has been affected by bullying In February Shane Koyczan s passionate anti bullying poem To This Day electrified the world An animated video of the lyric

  • Title: To This Day: For the Bullied and Beautiful
  • Author: Shane L. Koyczan
  • ISBN: 9781554516391
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An authentic rallying cry for anyone who has been affected by bullying In February 2013, Shane Koyczan s passionate anti bullying poem To This Day electrified the world An animated video of the lyric narrative went viral, racking up over 12 million hits to date and inspiring an international movement against bullying in schools Shane later performed the piece to sustaAn authentic rallying cry for anyone who has been affected by bullying In February 2013, Shane Koyczan s passionate anti bullying poem To This Day electrified the world An animated video of the lyric narrative went viral, racking up over 12 million hits to date and inspiring an international movement against bullying in schools Shane later performed the piece to sustained applause on the stage of the 2013 annual TED Conference Now this extraordinary work has been adapted into an equally moving and visually arresting book Thirty international artists, as diverse as they are talented, have been inspired to create exceptional art to accompany To This Day Each page is a vibrant collage of images, colors and words that will resonate powerfully with anyone who has experienced bullying themselves, whether as a victim, observer, or participant Born of Shane s own experiences of being bullied as a child, To This Day expresses the profound and lasting effect of bullying on an individual, while affirming the strength and inner resources that allow people to move beyond the experience A heartfelt preface and afterword, along with resources for kids affected by bullying, make this book an invaluable centerpiece of the anti bullying movement See the video version of the poem on YouTube at youtubewatchvltun92DfnPY.

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    1. "And if you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror. Look a little closer. Stare a little longer."A beautiful and incredible, sad and hopeful, brave and powerful book. A must read, sadly completely underrated. This speaks to anyone who has ever been bullied - or simply attended school.Combined with stunning works by incredibly talented artists, this makes a unique novel raising awareness for depression and mental health.Apart from that, it is a short but overwhelming a [...]

    2. EDIT: Re-read October 2015 for #ReadForMentalHealthWeek. I don't really have any other thoughts to add but this continues to resonate with me and make me cry.Read this review and more on my blogIn a nutshell: To This Day is a raw, heartfelt, powerful and inspirational poem for the bullied and beautiful. To This Day, a poem by Shane Koyczan, has over 14 million hits on YouTube. This is its book adaptation, which is accompanied by haunting art from thirty different artists. The illustrations compl [...]

    3. I already know I love this poem, because I listened to it twice in two days - my friend introduced it to me yesterday, and I just relistened to it this morning.You can read this and other reviews at Things I Find While Shelving[I received a free ARC of this book via NetGalley. This fact has no bearing on my review]For the bullied and the beautiful.To This Day is a voice in the darkness.To This Dayis the truth that needs to be screamed out loud from the roof topsa response to the mantra of the wo [...]

    4. This review is also posted on my blog.I received a copy free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.(view spoiler)[So.I re-watched the video on purpose before I read the book version so I could get myself in the proper mood. And it hit me like a fucking semi right in the heart like every other time I’ve watched it.It has got to be one of the most powerful videos I’ve ever seen, and made me wish I somehow could have done something to contribute to it myself. Even if [...]

    5. It's a pretty good bet that I haven't seen anything that has gone viral online. I'm just not that cool and I'm not that connected and I'm usually reading. In fact, when I got this book, I was reading the title incorrectly, thinking it meant (an ode) To This Day or To This Day I gave my best self, for example, as opposed to To This Day she feels ugly. I read this poem from cover to cover twice and then I handed it to my husband. The next day I watched the TedX video and I was shaken to the core. [...]

    6. Been both a victim of bullying and a bystander to someone being bullied. Neither feels good. To this day I still know what words hurt me and I think a broken bone would have healed better than spoken cruel words.

    7. I received this book courtesy of Net Galley.This book (or more collectively, poem) was written with all the emotions that someone who has experienced bullying is familiar with. I remember my first year of high school being an absolute nightmare, and when reading this book/poem, I felt all the emotions that I felt then: isolation, loss, confusion, anxiety, etc. There are very little poems that I can say have made me feel this way. Knowing that others have felt this way has given me relief and clo [...]

    8. This is GORGEOUS. Shane Koyczan's poem "To This Day" is brought to life using the work of artists from around the world--much like the viral YouTube video that used animators. While the poem is bookmarked by some important narrative information from the author on his life and bullying, along with quotes from some of the illustrators on their own encounters with bullying, it's really the poem that strikes me. Don't get me wrong--the artwork is amazing--but I'm a word nerd at heart. A few of my fa [...]

    9. I was browsing at the the library, and picked this up and opened to "So we grew up believing no on would ever fall in love with us, that we'd be lonely forever, that we'd never meet someone to make us feel like the sun was something they built for us in their tool shed" and immediately put it in my bag, knowing nothing else about what it was about.I never saw this poem when it went viral, I never saw the TED talk. But this little illustrated book, show casing the poem made me cry. For those who [...]

    10. Please read this book. I first saw the video when one of the millions of teens it impacted shared it with me. This collaborative effort between Shane Koyczan and illustrators from around the globe contains an anti-bullying message that EVERYONE should read/watch and share. Reading the quotes from the illustrators and then revisiting their drawings gave me chills. Also, there are a lot of anti-bullying resources listed in the back. I hope you will read and enjoy this book and let it inspire us al [...]

    11. First it was a spoken-word piece, then an animated youtube video, and now Koyczan's autobiographical anti-bullying poem is finally available in book form. The words are spaced out over 62 pages; 31 illustrators each contributed a gorgeous 2-page spread. Koyczan also shares the story of how the poem came to be, the action that it's spurred, and a list of resources at the end. Required reading (it won't take long).

    12. I became curious as to how spoken word artists wrote down their poems and now I know. Nice introduction: Stories "are a way to help us understand one another." "Writing became the way I could stand up for myself. Self-expression showed me a world that values what I think, and feels what I feel - it makes the world my friend."

    13. This book needs to be read in every classroom, the accompanying video should be a mandatory viewing because everything about To This Day is utterly heartbreaking - and true. We weren't the only kids who grew up this way but we should be the last.

    14. I received this ARC courtesy of Net Galley and Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest reviewBell, Book & Candle | To This Day Review"I told her 'Whenever I'm sad my grandmother gives me karate chops', this led to a full scale investigation and I was removed from the house for three days"Although not my usual fiction novel, this was an amazing poetry book about bullying. The poetry is spoken word, specifically, and as a lifelong Shel Silverstein fan and former victim of bullying, I felt t [...]

    15. To This Day: For the Bullied and Beautiful by Shane KoyczanRelease Date: September 23, 2014Publisher: Annick PressISBN: 9781554516391e-ARC Source: NetgalleyI remember first hearing about “To This Day” in February of last year. One of my colleagues e-mailed a link to the YouTube video of the animated spoken word poem. I immediately fell in love. The next day, I showed all three of my high school English classes the video. After a few tears and a lot of discussion, I left school feeling like a [...]

    16. This book is truly mesmerizing! It is essentially a poem in book form with pictures, but really it is a lot more than just that. At the beginning of the book, we get to know the author's story a little bit better and see how this poem first came about. At the end, we also get a continuation of this story and how Shane's poem effected so many people. Mixed in to these sections of the book were facts about bullying and quotes from the illustrators about their own experiences with the topic, which [...]

    17. Like the summary says, To This Day is the book adaptation of a spoken word piece/music video that made the internet rounds last year. I remember seeing it posted a few times on Tumblr, but it took me a while to get around to it, because it's about 7 minutes long and I have the attention span of a very fidgety small child sometimes.Of course, when I finally watched it, I was definitely moved to tears by the poem. Even reading it now, I get a little choked up, because it describes what so many peo [...]

    18. To This Day is the book of the YouTube-sensation spoken word poem of the same name by Shane Koyczan. In this edition, the poem is lovingly illustrated by thirty artists from around the world, several of whom contribute anecdotes about their own experiences with bullying at the end of the book. Each artist illustrates a section of the poem in their own style, creating a wonderfully eclectic whole. The book includes a Preface in which the author shares his own experiences of being bullied as a chi [...]

    19. I've been obsessed with poetry and spoken word poetry for months and in the first month of the obsession I found Ted and I found Shane Koyczan along with Sarah Kay and have been watching and reading their poetry ever since. I decided to buy the book to have because I find To This Day an extremely powerful, inspiring poem. Poetry and spoken word poetry will probably be a love of mine forever. I'm minusing one star because of the price I got it for off . It was ten pounds and don't get me wrong th [...]

    20. my favorite part of this was:"To this day despite a loving husband, she doesn't think she's beautifulbecause of a birthmark that takes up a little less than halfof her facekids used to say she looks like awrong answerthat someone tried to erase but couldn't quite get the job doneand they'll never understandthat she's raising two kidswhose definition of beautybegins with theword MOMBecause they seeher HEARTBefore THEY see her skinThat SHE'S only ever alwaysbeen AMAZING"

    21. An amazing, powerful piece of work that every student should read. I first heard about Shane Koyczan on Youtube when a colleague sent the link to his presentation on TED talks. Let me say this - the book is just as powerful as his presentation. Recommendation: MUST READ

    22. A short book about those of us who have grown up with bullying or other traumatic experiences. It's meaningful, beautiful and sends an important message to everyone young and old.

    23. Disclaimer: I received this book as an ARC from Annick Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Backstory: The first time I heard of this poem was a few months ago when scrolling through one of my friend's Google+ feeds. I had no idea what the video was going to be about, and I was wondering why everyone in the comments was saying, "Wow! This is so deep." I ended up loving the poem and its message, but pretty much forgot about it until I saw it on Netgalley a few days ago. I also wan [...]

    24. Shane Koyczan is a mighty fine poet and one of the best working today. His poem "To This Day" is very much inspired and written for the underdog. The art work in this book is breathtaking.This poem of Shanes has gone viral and it has every right to. It speaks to a lot of the problems people face, especially those of the yonger generation. If you have a youth at home, ask them if they've read or heard this poem yet and if they havent do them a favor and get them to.Moral of the story we all need [...]

    25. To all of us who were bullied and all of you who did the bullying--STOP. It shouldn't make you feel good to make others feel bad. This book pretty much says it all. Everyone should take the time to intervene when someone is being bullied. Be strong!

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