White Winner of the British Fantasy Award selected for several Best of anthologies optioned for the big screen First comes the Ruin Society crumbles Then comes the snow A handful of survivors flee to a Co

  • Title: White
  • Author: Tim Lebbon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winner of the British Fantasy Award, selected for several Best of anthologies, optioned for the big screen First comes the Ruin Society crumbles Then comes the snow A handful of survivors flee to a Cornish mansion, seeking peace and safety Instead they find themselves under siege from the things now inhabiting the snowscape outside fleeting, terrifying things seeWinner of the British Fantasy Award, selected for several Best of anthologies, optioned for the big screen First comes the Ruin Society crumbles Then comes the snow A handful of survivors flee to a Cornish mansion, seeking peace and safety Instead they find themselves under siege from the things now inhabiting the snowscape outside fleeting, terrifying things seen from the corner of the eye.And as the danger and horror builds, they come to learn that there are also enemies within Includes bonus short story Kissing at Shadows

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    1. White by Tim Lebbon is a really quick horror novella at only a little over sixty pages. In a snowy dystopian setting a few survivors are in fear for their lives as they are being stalked by the unknown in the frozen tundra. This novella is one that there wasn't a lot of depth to the story but instead jumps right into a fearful situation. The problem with this is that none of the characters really stand out or the setting make much sense when tossed into the story. At one point during this read I [...]

    2. White is a fantastic novella depicting a refreshingly different type of apocalypse referred to by the characters as The Ruin. Told from the first-person POV of the main protagonist, White throws the reader right into the mix of the horror as six surviving individuals holed up in a country manor wait out the worst of what has befallen the main population centres, only to learn that they have isolated themselves, amongst the seemingly endless snow falls, with something incredibly deadly that is in [...]

    3. 4 StarsA decent horror novella by one of my very favorite authors. This book has plenty of cold, even more snow, and an antagonist that may or may not be what it seems.I am tough on novellas as they often seem to be lacking due to their size alone. This one is no different. I am giving it 4 stars which is one more than it deserves because Lebbon is such a fabulous writer."When Jayne died there was no sense of release. My grief was as great as if she’d been killed at the height of health, her s [...]

    4. 2.75 starsWinter-themed horror is something I always want to love, but am constantly disappointed by. Snow, The Shuddering it's usually just bad. I mean, we also have stuff like At The Mountains of Madness, but modern "snow horror" tends to leave me feeling very un-spooked. I had middling success with Tim Lebbon's The Silence and thought, "hey, that guy's okay, let's read some creepy snow stuff for Spooktober!" This was an okay book. The bad guys (bad entities? bad ghosts?) were inventive and ce [...]

    5. Everything is white. That's the backdrop for Tim Lebbon's appropriately named novella, White. Snow as far as the eye can see and it never lets up. What causes this apocolyptic setting? We don't know. We only know that a small group of survivors are holed up in a remote coastal Victorian mansion surrounded by tons of the white stuff. The characters are an eclectic group that you reall don't get to know before they are picked off one by one by unseen creatures that blend in with the snowy landscap [...]

    6. A small group of people have been seeking sanctuary in an isolated manor, trying to escape society and it's wars, riots, rampant terminal diseases. People are calling the last days the "ruin", and it seems fitting. What could be worse than society falling to pieces?Well, it turns out there is something worse. A never-ending snowstorm has trapped the group in the manor, and one of them has been found in the snow, ripped to shreds. What or who killed him? Why was he talking about seeing "angels" i [...]

    7. I read this one long time ago and had fond recollections of it as I do with most of early Lebbon's horror. It held up to rereading, but what a depressing read. Not that one expects happy or uplifting from post apocalyptic fiction, but this is just overwhelmingly bleak rendered all the more so by Lebbon's excellent writing. This edition consists of a novella and a short story set in the same dying world. White in particular is a claustrophobic nightmare of a read for a snow day. Good strong read, [...]

    8. Really enjoyed this book. Would be very fitting in a movie. Will be looking out for it on our screens. Brilliant setting for a horror. Trapped in by the snow, waiting. All very different and interesting characters. Would recommend this to othersTy to Author Tim Lebbon and Endeavour Press for a copy of this book in return for a review

    9. As my initial read into Tim Lebbon's work, all I have to say is Holy Shit! What a great story, I don't think I've ever felt so "chilled" reading a story/book in this type of wintery apocalypse. I can't wait until my next venture into his fiction. Cannot rec this story, enough.

    10. White is Tim Lebbon's brilliant post apocalyptic novella. This isn't a zombie apocalypse, or one of destruction after a nuclear war. Instead, Lebbon brings us undefined monsters in an eerie landscape of unending snow. He introduces us to an assorted cast of characters each with their own neurosis; they are all trapped together in a house where they were originally charged with doing research on what was going wrong with the environment.Lebbon uses his superb writing skills to slowly draw the rea [...]

    11. There is just something about snow that adds to a horrible situation making is seem so much worse. Imagine, snowed in, waiting, knowing there is something out there and it is coming.what would you do? This is called a Novella, I call it a short story and I am not a lover of them. I find that there is not enough time to really establish the characters enough for me to really care about them. This book was different, the characters were very unique and I quickly started to hold my breath wondering [...]

    12. Short read and spooky enough to keep it entertaining, but not strong enough to NOT put down. In fact, as short as it was, it took me a few days to finish just because I was not fully invested in the story. The characters seemed "unfinished", as if the author had not fully developed them in his own head. I didn't like any of them enough to sit on the edge of my seat and hope that he somehow made it out of this mysterious situation. And the UNanswered questions! This does not always bother me if t [...]

    13. Book – WhiteAuthor – Tim LebbonStar rating - ★★☆☆☆No. of Pages – 62Cover – Creepy!POV – 1st person, past tenseWould I read it again – NoGenre – Horror, Novella, Fiction** COPY RECEIVED THROUGH NETGALLEY **Maybe I'm insane or maybe what I just read was rubbish, I can't decide. What I do know is that I just read a story about apocalypse, death, victims snowed in, and murder and I wasn't once a) frightened b) scared c) concerned or d) all that bothered about who lived or die [...]

    14. In my opinion, this would have been much better if it had been made into a full length novel. There just wasn't space to explore the 'why' of it all. I was left questioning how things came to happen and what would happen next. I enjoyed the writing in the book, the descriptiveness of the landscape and the interesting creatures, but still felt it was lacking a solid connection with the reader. I wanted the chance to care about the characters and how they got themselves into the situation they did [...]

    15. Nice novellaI enjoyed this book, although short its gripping atmosphere pulls you in and holds you there until the end. Set in and old manor house a group of survivors are being stalked and killed by "the whites". The way the story worked was a new concept for me and I enjoyed the vagueness of the whites. Good short story.

    16. Great StoryAction from the very beginning.First a diseaseen snow that seems to never enden the real horror hits.Also an excerpt from Tim's book Nature of Balance which also good.Pick this up!!!

    17. It's really quite impressive, what Tim Lebbon can achieve in terms of world building, when writing his novellas. This one did feel slightly more rushed than usual, but I suspect that's just because there was real potential to expand this out into a novel. Regardless, it was a good, short, read.

    18. Another wonderfully scary Lebbon storyShiver, shake, gasp, and freak out! Because WHAT IF it does take something so terrible, so severe, and so deadly that it forces us to see ourselves for what we really are? From page one, you know something is just not right. Not with people, animals and the very planet. Was it humanity's comeuppance for disregarding Earth? For destroying our home with greedy selfishness, while ignoring the fact that all other creatures that also call it home are losing too [...]

    19. There's little doubt or argument that the entire genre of horror has been lacking lately. Gone are the days of the great classics like Dracula, War or the Worlds, and pretty much anything written by Lovecraft. Instead this once great market of thrills and chills has been saturated with rookie authors, trying to get a name for themselves. It's because of this, and my new forays into literary fiction and other genres that require a bit more talent and originality, that my interest and love for all [...]

    20. I received this novella through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Unfortunately, I had to abandon this novella at 45%. It just wasn't doing it for me.It's set in a post apocalyptic world of which little detail is given about. I know it's a novella of around 70 pages so there is only so much detail as which can be included. I felt the characters weren't developed much either. Again, due to the length. So I didn't really care about them or what happened to them. And that meant that I didn [...]

    21. One of the previous reviews for this book commented on its “tried, tested and tired” set up, but essentially aren’t all stories just that, what makes them stand out is the writing, the settings, the characters and the odd twist. I think TL managed this. He is also a master at human observation, the little details and nuances about a personality. Despite all his characters having very scanty to no background he made me care about them, want to know more; it was beguiling.One simple line at [...]

    22. Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite.“White” by Tim Lebbon is haunting tale of desperation. A small number of people are trapped inside an old Victorian-era manor house, kept captive by weeks of never-ending snowfall. A disease of unknown origin had swept over the Earth like a wildfire, killing all who came in contact with it, as if Mother Nature were wiping clean the slate of humanity. These few survivors had sought out the remote manor as a refuge from the disease, powerless to kn [...]

    23. The description sounds fantastic - society crumbling, survivors snowed in at a mansion, things hunting them - but the actual story didn't quite get there for me. I like how the action takes off right away and there's a sense of mystery. The horror scenes are eerie and well done and leave much of the description of the 'white things' to reader imagination. I kept waiting for some kind of explanation about how these characters are connected, what had happened, how they found this mansion - but it [...]

    24. A short novella that doesn't take long to read, WHITE will remain with you a long time nevertheless.It starts as a standard 'apocalypse' story. A group of people are stranded in a manor house, cut off from the world as it collapses around them. The cause of the apocalypse is never fully explained, but the snow falls constantly, indistinct white beings are seen in the snow, and in the people in the house are being ripped apart bymething by one.The brooding sense of fear and desperation are very w [...]

    25. This would have worked far better if it had been a full length book rather than a very short story as we could have got to know the characters, discover what had happened previously, how and why this motley crew ended up marooned in a Cornish Manor House surrounded by endless snow and who knows what hunting them. As it was I was just left thinking what was THAT all about! I love horror and dystopian books, but this tale didn't do much for me - sorry. I was given this ARC by the publisher and Net [...]

    26. I thought the blurb did a better job of introducing the story than the story did. The story jumps right in, and hardly bothers to do any kind of setup for the situation, even later on. The horror scenes are very good, but I never really cared about any of the characters, so they ended up falling flat.I ended up with a 3 rating because I put the book down too often, and was never anxious to get back to it.

    27. I received an ARC of this novella in exchange for an honest review.Too quick! I understand an author's wish to write a short, novella once in a while, but this one was underdeveloped and over much too quickly. Undeveloped, unlikeable characters in a situation that is admittedly horrifying, but I didn't seem to care if they made it or not. Only my opinion.

    28. In White, Tim builds tension throughout, adding dread in courses like a stone mason. There is an unknown and unknowable force just outside which terrorizes by degrees (pun intended) until all hope is gone.There are some details of death within, but the true horror here is the unknown—the thing seen in periphery and the idea that it may soon get you.Thanks, Tim. I needed that

    29. A . Different approach but like ruinA more recent approach in answer to the book Ruin still a decent read. Start out leading you back It will keep you busy

    30. It was OK. I was apparently very confused about where White ended and the next story started. The beginning looked like any other chapter to me and when I was done I was very confused. It makes a lot more sense now that I know it wasn't the last chapter

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