Women with Attention Deficit Disorder: Embrace Your Differences and Transform Your Life

Women with Attention Deficit Disorder Embrace Your Differences and Transform Your Life Explores treatment and counselling options and uses real life case histories to examine the special challenges women with ADD and ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder face such as the shame

  • Title: Women with Attention Deficit Disorder: Embrace Your Differences and Transform Your Life
  • Author: Sari Solden John J. Ratey Peggy Ramundo Kate Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781887424974
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • Explores treatment and counselling options, and uses real life case histories to examine the special challenges women with ADD and ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder face, such as the shame of not fulfilling societal expectations This book includes a chapter on friendship for women with ADHD.

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      350 Sari Solden John J. Ratey Peggy Ramundo Kate Kelly
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    1. This book has changed my life. If you are a woman, or know a woman who has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, read this book! I think it is especially important for women like me. I had a lifetime of dealing with issues, beating myself up, & feeling frustrated. This is not uncommon, because most women as young girls don't exibit obvious symptoms. I made good grades & didn't cause trouble. I was the daydreamer in class, unless it was a class I liked. I was a pleaser, who worked extra hard. We [...]

    2. As I was reading this book I thought, "Oh my gosh, my WHOLE LIFE makes sense now!" No wonder I'm a disorganized librarian---I have adult ADD! I'm being treated for ADD now with medicine and I can't believe what a difference it is making!

    3. This book was very helpful and totally nailed me. I've known for years that I had "something a bit like A.D.D." but always assumed that my low energy levels proved that I didn't have a disorder often referred to interchangeably as "hyperactivity". I was surprised to learn that the sluggish feelings and the inability to put thoughts into action are actually a symptom of one kind of Attention Deficit Disorder.I read the original version, which is possibly the only reason I'm giving this 4-stars in [...]

    4. It was okay. Very informative in the beginning about the common misconceptions about what ADHD is and how it often goes undiagnosed in women because it often shows up as internal inattention but not external hyperactivity - aka daydreamers. But the rest of the book? I kept reading because I thought I would find hope. Instead I felt more hopeless about having ADD than I ever have before in my life. Acknowledging all my flaws didn't help me: it made me angrier at my current situation and feel vict [...]

    5. OK, so maybe I didn't read the ENTIRE book but I did read a solid 65% of it until I just couldn't stand it any more. It wasn't until Chapter 11 that I found some remotely useful few pages and then it was back to downhill from there. I imagine that many of Sari Solden's professors often wrote comments about how general her writing is/was. In 188 pages, all she told the reader was that ADD is very stressful for women, it's real, and that you need to deal with it -- over, and over, again. I will de [...]

    6. Helpful information, even if not all of the suggestions are practical (wouldn't we all love to be able to afford daycare so we can get the housework done, bookkeepers for our businesses, and professional organizers and coaches to help us set up systems that work for us? Not gonna happen, though, and getting a promotion/higher-level job while requesting extra accommodations and assistants just because it might work better seems like something that's probably never happened for anyone who wasn't e [...]

    7. It's rare that I read "self-help" books to begin with. It's even more unusual when a book reads like my autobiography.Sari Solden describes not only the "typical idea" about ADD, but differentiates between ADD and ADHD. She also expands on the concept, describing common traits that occur when a woman has only sort of dealt with having ADD. Solden explains that many women struggle due to familial expectations -- the expectation that women must keep their homes and lives (plus those of family memb [...]

    8. Women with Attention Deficit Disorder: Embrace Your Differences and Transform Your LifeMany women think they are the only one who struggles with the demands of work, motherhood and other issues that women face in today's society. Quite frequently women are unaware of having ADHD much less, how it contributes to these struggles. However, Ms. Solden has written an excellent book discussing this topic. She not only shares examples of what other women are facing, but also explains why the strictures [...]

    9. I was expecting to react very emotionally to this book, and was surprised when that didn't happen. Other women have said that this book changed their lives or finally made them feel understood for the first time in their lives. While I didn't have that reaction, that didn't stop this from being the best book about women and ADHD that I have found.Sari Solden really covers it all, from diagnosis to medication, treatment, the grief cycle, and redefining your core self-concept. It's breadth made it [...]

    10. I have always known I was different. I fitted in without really fitting in. I'm what most will qualify as being a good functioning ADHD person. Mostly because I am finished my degree, got a job I love and generally don't stand out as a ADHD prone person. That is, until you see how I am living and learn the way my mind works. Then there is absolutely no doubt. I've got ADHD. Some days it is the worst curse in my life and i hate it with all my heart. But most days it's just something that are a pa [...]

    11. I have torn had people jokingly say that I was " so add". I picked up this book at half price books and before the end of the evening had used all my post it page markers. Things that I had attributed to depression for years were mentioned specifically in this book.It would not have been helpful for me to have picked this book up after a diagnosis, but I think the information gleaned from the pages will help my therapist and I develop a plan for the future.I can't begin to describe how elated I [...]

    12. A little wordy, but a must-read for women with ADD. A comprehensive book on the non-attentive type of ADD, it specifically deals with womens issues and experiences and combines real life composite histories and treatment experiences with the latest clinical resarch. Also provides new information on medication, diagnosis, treatment, therapy, counseling, and support groups, work and family relationships.

    13. This book is going to save my life. I have found the 'missing link' Hallelujah! Praise the Lord, I've been Saved! It's like someone took a magnifying glass to my life, it's been that powerful. Oh, and I just got it today to see if 'may' apply to me. It's been a Godsend. Have I praised it enough?

    14. Every woman who struggles with organization, ADHD or not, should read this book. Life is defined by more than being neat and/or orderly but it is easier when you can find your keys.

    15. This was admittedly an impulse buy from a thrift shop, but I'm so glad I went with my gut! I was diagnosed ADHD later in life (long story short: started therapy at 12 on and off, prescribed anti-depressants at around 18, then at around 22-23 finally convinced therapists that there's something else wrong and am not just depression/anxiety, went through tests with mental health professionals and was finally diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Adderall at 23, now I'm 25), and everything I've read in [...]

    16. I listened to the audiobook version of this, so my review is based on that. In general, I didn't mind the voice recording but disliked the actor voices and background soundtrack. It became extremely confusing to listen to her words at some points over the talk or music. I also found it difficult to relate to many of the scenarios due to personal thought patterns and a totally different inner voice to what the actors were saying.Much of it felt very contrived and false, and while this is not real [...]

    17. I am not diagnosed with ADHD and I don't think I have it but I think I have the tendency to it. Things like this, I think, is a spectrum and we all have some tendencies to some disorder or syndromes.So it was really helpful to read the book because I can apply some of the advices eri apply to my life to make my life better. What helped me the most was to keep things simple since ADHD women tend to have so many things going on in their brains that they get easily overwhelmed. I tried to keep my d [...]

    18. Very informative with a lot of good ideas in helping to not only accept your ADHD, but also find ways of living a happy and productive life in relationships, work, and at home. I would recommend if you are a woman who has been diagnosed (or think you have) ADHD.

    19. It's like the author is writing about ME. I've never felt so deeply understood as I do reading this book.

    20. Inspiring and InsightfulI chose this rating because this book is definitely different from other books that talk about women with ADHD. I like how it's specifically for women and how it addresses all the frustrations and emotions that I deal with on a daily basis. Most of all, I learned that there is a positive side to being a woman with ADHD. We are smart, funny, creative, and persistent!!

    21. ADHD is criticized by many as an over applied diagnosis. I've heard someone say, "Oh everybody has that", and I've heard others say it's just an excuse for laziness or not trying hard enough. Frankly, I feel it is under diagnosed, especially in women.In 1995, I inquired into the possibility that I might have it and was almost immediately dismissed. I was 18 and maybe didn't have the surest footing into my own identity, but I was pretty sure something was different about me from most everyone els [...]

    22. I'm still reading this book, and like many other women who've reviewed it, I'm recognizing myself in it pretty strongly. Now I need to explore with my counselor and my family what ADD (inattentive) coping skills make sense for me and how to implement them. I appreciate Dr. Solden's work in this area, and hope she -- or someone else -- will continue to update this book as research reveals more about ADD/ADHD in women. Like another reviewer of the first edition, I've found enough typos in the seco [...]

    23. This is one of the most amazing reads of my life. Yes it's non-fiction and yes it's value will be lost on you if you are not a woman with ADHD or someone trying to learn to live with a woman with ADHD; but if you are someone looking for a resource about women with ADHD this book is extremely enlightening on a variety of issues related to ADHD. The book talks quite a great deal about ADHD in general but also focuses on how women's lives are affected differently than the lives of men because of th [...]

    24. This book delivers an abundance of helpful information on being an adult woman dealing with attention deficit disorder. Though, the book is 323 pages (354 including Recommended Resources, Bibliography, and the Acknowledgements to the Revised Edition) and in my opinion, it doesn't have to be. Many chapters drag on, specifically when talking about medications, and there is a stark amount of repetition of information throughout the book. Which, okay, one could argue repetition may be good for a min [...]

    25. I was recently diagnosed with ADD. There, I finally said it and now you know. :)I originally thought the diagnosis was the craziest thing I had ever heard, but after doing some research, I began to realize that maybe ADD was the cause of so many of the issues I was experiencing. ADD/ADHD affects women differently than men. This book is helpful in demonstrating the different ways ADD may cause issues throughout a woman's lifetime and why it goes undiagnosed for so long. Sari Solden also provides [...]

    26. On the one hand, a really good & important book, for a marginalised group of people who tend to have a really tough time. Lots of practical, step-by step advice, and I'd definitely recommend it if you think you or someone you love might have ADD. On the other hand, a LOT of small errors in the writing - words missing, in the wrong case/tense, unnecessary plurals. The meaning was still clear, but it was jarring every time. Hopefully these were just in the ebook version, but they could so easi [...]

    27. The only negative for me was the slightly cheesy acronyms and mnemonics for SUCCESS/etc. Beyond that, this did a fantastic job. Women are way underdiagnosed with ADD; our stereotypes about it just don't take into account the way ADD can interact with the way women are socialized and brought up. This has been a huge help for me in understanding why I fall into certain patterns, and, more importantly, figuring out how to break them. So, yes, a little bit heavy on the cheesy motivational mnemonics, [...]

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