Silent Counsel

Silent Counsel Reveals the ethical dilemmas facing people in the legal profession and shows the devastating human cost when the system fails

  • Title: Silent Counsel
  • Author: Ken Isaacson
  • ISBN: 9780978862244
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Reveals the ethical dilemmas facing people in the legal profession, and shows the devastating human cost when the system fails.

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    1. This is a legal thriller that can compete with the best of them!Imagine your child being hit and killed by someone, who panics and does not stop. Imagine that the only person who knows who did it was his lawyer, and isn't giving the name because of attorney client privilege. IMAGINE--that the COURTS UPHELD that ruling!Well that's when Stacy Altman starts to take things into her own hands. The action is fast, the suspense is high, and the internal struggles of both ethics and morals on both parti [...]

    2. Ken Isaacson's debut legal thriller SILENT COUNSEL centers around the attorney client priviledge. When a man driving recklessly simply for the thrill runs down and kills an innocent six-year-old boy, no one is around to witness. The driver takes off but later has an attack of guilty conscience, but not so guilty that he wants to pay a high penalty. So, he hires an attorney to negotiate a plea for him. The catch is this: the attorney can't reveal the driver's name - attorney client priviledge.The [...]

    3. Layers upon layers upon layers in this book. If you read carefully, it's not confusing, there's just a lot to take in. The whole idea of this book was very interesting, how the law always gives more privileges to the criminal. As a mother of a 6 year old son, I really identified with Stacey and her anguish. Not only to lose a child but then to have the killer protected would be awful. We got to read about her descent into madness and I was with her every step of the way. I was very happy with th [...]

    4. Great Legal Mystery NovelThis author specializes in keeping the storyline jam packed with multifaceted suspense that will keep you up all night reading this book. If your an attorney or just a legal thriller fan this book is a must-have novel.

    5. An Amazing Read!!As I said this book h been an amazing read because when I guessed who the cowardly client was I was proven wrong then I would have to start from the beginning again which was driving me crazy.

    6. CompellingThis is one book your not able to put down. The plot weaves can amazingly tangle tale. The good - the bad - and crazy?

    7. BookLiked the book although i don't know if I believe the story, you kinda knew how and what was going to happen except for

    8. This book was very easy to read. Mechanics of good writing were fine. The book started with a bang, lagged in the middle and finished with a twist. The author did not describe his characters. This may have been intentional because I could feel what the characters were feeling. I just did not have a mental picture of them. There were some throw away characters and actions, but not so many as to cause reader confusion. The characters did act true to their roles. The book centers around a man 'tryi [...]

    9. Interesting novel based on the ramifications of the attorney-client privilege. A bit too convoluted in terms of how well hidden the perpetrator is, I think. Also, it seems impossible to me that no one seemed to be following what the mother of the accident victim was doing or try to intervene. The whole section on the kidnapping was unbelievable to meey wouldn't call in the authorities for DAYS???? No way. Also, they never asked Stacy's mother about her whereabouts, and she actually knew where sh [...]

    10. This book started well. It has an interesting premise, and the author starts the action immediately. From there, well, the book just plods along. Perhaps I was somewhat bored because I have a legal background--the author spends a great deal of time explaining certain aspects of attorney-client privilege and court proceedings. There are some gaps in the plot as well that are only briefly addressed at the end of the book.

    11. Excellent legal thriller, right up there on the John Grisham level. The lawyer/author took the issue of client/lawyer privilege and showed how it could be manipulated from both victim and plantiff sides in a very intriguing and heart-rending story. A mother searches for the identity of her 6-year old son's hit and run killer.

    12. I thought the story was very slow. By the end of Chapter 2 you knew the who what when and where of the story and it seemed to not really move to truly interesting until somewhere between chapters 14 and 17. However there were a lot of layers on layers and some twists but by the time it was done I found I really didn't care too much anymore

    13. This book was captivating from the start. This was really a suspenseful thriller. I enjoyed all the characters and could identify with each of his/her pains. Deceits, disloyalty, and conceit all wrapped up into one. What goes around comes around, Murphy's law at its best. Great READ, highly recommended.Sincerity Isabel Moczo

    14. For a free book, I was very impressed! An interesting story with a moral dilemma. I wish it was paced a little better - the story was slow and then the climax, ending and epilogue felt rushed - but overall, I enjoyed it. I wish that one of the big spoilers wasn't part of the book's description, though, as I kept reading and waiting for that to happen.

    15. Interesting premise - I don't think I've run across it before. The book really held my interest at first, but it bogged down about halfway. Some of the events in the second half were improbable, and the writing became a little less sophisticated as it went along. Still, the book was good enough that I kept going to the end. Can't say that I would recommend it to anyone, though.

    16. This book was very slow to get going and I almost gave up about half way trhough. The first half is full of legal jumbo jumbo that I just skipped over. However, things take an interesting turn and all the legal lessons given in the beginning of the book pull everything together at the end.

    17. Ahhhh I want to know what happened to the driver!!!! So many lives affected by one reckless person! This isn't the best writing in the world but it did keep my attention. Really makes me wonder about the justice system. Seems like it's all a game

    18. This was a fantastic book. It dealt with some of the ethical dilemas that face criminal attorneys and just well written. It was suspenseful and you weren't quite sure what the outcome would be. I really enjoyed this one and recommend it.

    19. I liked the premise of the book. It pretty much held my interest in the beginning. The middle (some parts I skipped) the explanation in some of the parts where just too long. But all in all a very good read. The twist and turns in the end keeps your there.

    20. Silent Counsel was an engaging, suspenseful read with good twists of plot that illustrated how certain points of the legal justice system do/don't work. Isaacson leaves that up to the reader to decide. Riveting read!

    21. Much suspension of disbelief required here, especially at the climax. I may be displaying some of the natural antipathy between doctors and lawyers here, but I didn't find many likeable characters in this story. On the other hand, I must say the epilogue surprised me.

    22. Great quick read. I enjoyed the book though I felt the Author took so much time describing situations that didn't need too much detail. Other than that, I would recommend it. Great moral story.

    23. Really enjoyed this book! Being married to a lawyer, I am familiar with "the privilege" and how seriously confidentiality must be taken. The ending of the book was really well done, and I will be looking for more books by this author.

    24. An absolutely stonking good read which raced along at a cracking pace. I felt sympathy for all of the main characters - will be keeping an eye open for more of Ken Isaacson's books!!

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