Edge of Eternity

Edge of Eternity EDGE OF ETERNITY is the sweeping passionate conclusion to Ken Follett s extraordinary historical epic The Century Trilogy Throughout these books Follett has followed the fortunes of five intertwine

  • Title: Edge of Eternity
  • Author: Ken Follett
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  • Page: 247
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • EDGE OF ETERNITY is the sweeping, passionate conclusion to Ken Follett s extraordinary historical epic, The Century Trilogy Throughout these books, Follett has followed the fortunes of five intertwined families American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh as they make their way through the twentieth century Now they come to one of the most tumultuous eras of all thEDGE OF ETERNITY is the sweeping, passionate conclusion to Ken Follett s extraordinary historical epic, The Century Trilogy Throughout these books, Follett has followed the fortunes of five intertwined families American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh as they make their way through the twentieth century Now they come to one of the most tumultuous eras of all the enormous social, political, and economic turmoil of the 1960s through the 1980s, from civil rights, assassinations, mass political movements and Vietnam to the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, presidential impeachment, revolution and rock and roll East German teacher Rebecca Hoffman discovers she s been spied on by the Stasi for years and commits an impulsive act that will affect her family for the rest of their lives George Jakes, the child of a mixed race couple, bypasses a corporate law career to join Robert F Kennedy s Justice Department, and finds himself in the middle not only of the seminal events of the civil rights battle, but a much personal battle of his own Cameron Dewar, the grandson of a senator, jumps at the chance to do some official and unofficial espionage for a cause he believes in, only to discover that the world is a much dangerous place than he d imagined Dimka Dvorkin, a young aide to Nikita Khrushchev, becomes a prime agent both for good and for ill as the United States and the Soviet Union race to the brink of nuclear war, while his twin sister, Tania, carves out a role that will take her from Moscow to Cuba to Prague to Warsaw and into history As always with Follett, the historical background is brilliantly researched and rendered, the action fast moving, the characters rich in nuance and emotion With the hand of a master, he brings us into a world we thought we knew but now will never seem the same again.

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    1. The characters in this book unlike characters in his previous books (that I really enjoyed) are caricatures. Follett lets his liberal politics come though with no subtlety - all the blacks are good all whites are evil and bad-intentioned. I'm sorry to have wasted my time reading this left-wing drivel.Very disappointing given the talented storyteller Follett can be.

    2. Sadly not nearly as well written as the previous books in this trilogy. The first third was as we're used to, descriptive and captivating. The rest seemed like he was in a hurry to finish, and is rushed and padded with a lot of clumsy sex. Very sad, I was so excited for the at installment and was left wanting better.

    3. Bleh I hated this book! What a load of liberal revisionist history. I can summarize it for you this way: Liberals are brilliant, dashing, successful, all-knowing, always wise and prescient. Conservatives are stumbling, bumbling blockheads, who must visit prostitutes to get any action because who would want a conservative lover?Want more? Jimmy Carter almost ended the cold war with his brilliant moves regarding Poland. Reagan gave a silly speech telling Gorbachev to "tear down this wall", which a [...]

    4. ريفيو مبدئيكل عام وانتم بألف خيرنستهل قراءات العام برحلة كين فوليت التاريخية الصاخبة القويةFirst 2017 Read, as the last 2 yearsKEN FOLLETT & The Century Trilogy.Because who doesn't read Historywon't notice how determinedly it repeat itself.مع ثلاثية القرنلان التاريخ يعيد نفسه باصرارفقط نحن من لانتعلمورحلة الي الستينات ، مخاطر حرب عالم [...]

    5. Review contains SPOILERS. Don't read further if you don't want some plot details spoiled.Are you a self important baby boomer who leans left in your political views? Well buddy, are you going to have the biggest rager of a boner reading this book. Don't get me wrong, I devoured this book, and it starts off very strong. Most of the characters in the book start off likable. I realized pretty early on that at this point in the story, nearly all the characters are related by either blood or marriage [...]

    6. First off, I cannot review this book without spoilers, so please, please read at your own risk.SPOILERS AHEADI was disappointed by this book. Maybe as a standalone version it would have been better received, but as the third of what had been a superb trilogy I was let down.First: Why drop so many characters we were invested in the first two books and which in the closing of the second made it look like we should look forward to what happens to them? The second books ends with Erik (Carla's broth [...]

    7. very strong first part covering roughly 1961 - 1963 (Berlin wall, fight for Civil Rights, the Cuban missile crisis), but then the novel starts scattering and after a while becomes almost an encyclopedia like recital of what happens as it follows the diverse group of characters until 1989there are strong moments here and there but they read more like snippets than like a novel, while the political biases of the author start becoming way too visible and detract from the book (there is a ton about [...]

    8. so many world events took place during the time period of this book that it felt like the characters were forced into the story rather than the story being built around the characters.

    9. I can't wait to read this book! Fall of Giants and Winter of the World were so good I could hardly put them down.

    10. I read an advance copy of the third in the Century Trilogy Follett who is probably best know for his thrillers is also a great writer of historical fiction--Pillars of the Earth may be the best piece of historical fiction I ever read. Edge of Eternity is not far behind. It is the monumental (1100 pages in my copy) of a monumental time --1961 to 1989. The book was like reading a movie ( I mean that in a good way), story flowed, the characters flowed, it just worked. Granted lots of literary licen [...]

    11. It pains me to give a Follett a low rating; however, this just wasn't good. Stock characters against the political background of the last half of the 20th century just made this story too long. And where was England in all of this turmoil? Not one single mention of Margaret Thatcher. Seemed to be forcing a particular political agenda also As I said about the second book in the trilogy, too broad a canvas to be effective.

    12. After reading well over 3,000 pages of material.you feel totally invested in a story. At least this writer does that for me. I cared deeply about these characters. It's funny.when I read a Follett novelI dream about the characters while I sleep at night, as if they are real people. That's how powerful this trilogy was for me. And out of the 3 this one I could most relate to, because I was born in 1959,and the things happening in it up to 2008, I saw on the news. I lived it, I experienced it.The [...]

    13. 4.5 starsEdge of Eternity is Follett's bookend to his globe-trotting Century trilogy that began with Fall of Giants followed by Winter of the World: a strikingly immense multi-generational saga featuring families from Germany, Russia, Wales, England and America, weaving historical world conflicts of the 20th century.In this final installment, we see the grandchildren of the epic WWI story course through the remnants of WWII, the Cold War, and the civil rights movement of the 1960's. Follett's un [...]

    14. Thought it was adolescent. I have read other books of Follet's and this one read as if someone else wrote it. Perhaps it is because I lived through this era, that there was a knowing of the linear plot, but I just don't think it was well written. Sorry. No recommendations here.

    15. Long, long long and boooooring. I would say the first of this trilogy was the beste second was only ok, and this one was not very good. I just didn't care about the characters, what happened, etc. It was not suspenseful or engaging. Sorry Ken Follett, I love you but not this book!

    16. Not as good as the first two books. And not because I am irrationally offended when someone doesn't praise the all mighty Ronald Reagan. With the Viet Nam war, Kennedy's, Hippie movement, rock music, the USSR and so much else that happened post WWII to the present. This should have been a great story. However it literally felt like this book was written by another author, who basically wrote an encyclopedia that had sex scenes in it to make it interesting. For example, I get that this book was a [...]

    17. What a sensational series to begin 2015 reading!!!Follett ties up the Century Trilogy with the best novel yet, Edge of Eternity. Tackling the largest historical arc, Follett brings his characters to life at a time when the world saw epic change, continuing storylines from past novels and adding new layers with another generation of characters to push the trilogy ahead. Follett continues to follow five intertwined families through the major social, political, and economic turmoil of the 1960s thr [...]

    18. WOW. Ken Follett continues to produce great novels. The third book in the Century Trilogy is bookended by the creation and destruction of the Berlin Wall, symbolizing the rise and fall of communism. But the book has so much more, covering the civil rights movement, concluding with the election of Barack Obama. Follett also integrates the key political figures, assassinations, protests, and strife of the past 50 years. But, what really makes the novel are the great characters he has created and t [...]

    19. Worth the time to finish just to say I did it, but not even close to the quality of its precursors. I am a big fan of Follett's previous work. Pillars of the Earth is up there with the best books written in the last few decades. Sadly, though it gets off to a good start, Edge of Eternity fizzles fast, becoming repetitive and predictable. Characters patronizingly summarize and re-summarize their lives like a 6th grade history teacher trying to prep students for a test. Connections between real an [...]

    20. I have read almost all of Ken Follett's books. They are great stories. Let me just say that if Ken Follet's new book is anything like his previous books, I believe it will be great. I have to admit that I have only read the outline of the story but, from the little I read Follet's new book will be interesting. Sorry I if I gave the impression that I had already read the whole story.

    21. Edge of Eternity reads like a Young Adult fiction. Plot lines follow the same routine as the last two books. All love angles seem forced in awkwardly. Very disappointing.

    22. A trilogia do século do Ken Follett começou de forma brilhante com A Queda dos Gigantes. Continuou na mesma nota com o Inverno do Mundo. E, infelizmente No Limiar da Eternidade cumpriu efectivamente parte do seu título, ficou-se no limiar. Os dois primeiros livros desta trilogia tiveram do seu lado a vantagem de representarem curtos períodos de tempo que foram dominados por grandes acontecimentos, tais como a Primeira e Segunda Guerra Mundial. Neste terceiro volume, o autor tentou, de forma [...]

    23. Follett knows how to make you turn the pages. He's a master story teller. But this was a rush job, to the point of being insulting. Would a character in the 1970s really say "yada, yada"? For some reason that annoyed me more than the repeated paragraph, the ponderous recaps, one dimensional characters and mawkish, cliché ridden writing.All the same I had to finish it - more fool me.

    24. 4.5 stars I so anticipated the 3rd in the Century Trilogy and I greedily devoured this as quickly as the first two. I was anxious to get back to the continuing saga of these 5 families whose lives intertwine as history unfolds. I am not sure I loved this one quite as much, as the time frame of the 1960's thru the 1980's were familiar to me as it is my history. Things were very familiar and I felt that I missed the "learning" part of his first two. That said, I am amazed at the amount of research [...]

    25. 1.5 en realidad Creo que nunca puse esa puntuación antesVan a haber algunos pequeños spoilers sin marcar, y los más grandes van a estar debidamente marcados. La pasé MUY mal leyendo este libro! Lo siento, fans de Follett, vengan de a uno, porque lo pienso masacrar. Tengo una fuerte política de no abandonar los libros que compro en físico (si los leo en digital soy de abandonarlos muy seguido y sin culpa), pero es una filosofía que tengo que empezar a replantearme, porque en mi afán de am [...]

    26. Após quatro anos de início da trilogia O Século, eis que esta chega ao fim com No Limiar da Eternidade, um livro cujas 1022 páginas se leem tão bem que é difícil abandonar a sua leitura.O Século retratado nesta trilogia é para mim o mais rico em história, abrangendo duas Grandes Guerras e uma Guerra Fria que colocou em numa "guerra" as duas grandes super potências do mundo atual EUA e URSS.Mais uma vez Follett junta as cinco famílias iniciais, juntamente com as gerações que lhes su [...]

    27. Este senhor conquistou-me com "Os pilares da Terra" e penso que será difícil a sua suplantação Talvez um dia Ken Follett me surpreendaAinda assim, esta trilogia é fabulosa! Talvez este seja o volume "menos bom" dos três, mas leva as 5* por ser o fecho de quase 3000 páginas da história do nosso século XX, que tão brilhantemente foi aqui retratada. E não poderia ter melhor final do que a queda do muro de Berlim!Bravo, Ken Follett, uma vez mais

    28. In big multi POV stories you always have that one character who's chapters you can't stand and slog through just to get to the good characters. That dude was Dimka. Dimka sucked.For me, George Jakes carried the book. He was definitely the strongest and most interesting character of the bunch.

    29. 3.5 STARSBook Three of Ken Follett's Century Trilogy began as an UNPUTDOWNABLE 5 Star read for me, but soon lowered to a page-turning 4 Stars, then an interesting 3 Stars and even took a dive to 2 Stars in a few instances.hence the 3.5 Star rating.EDGE OF ETERNITY covers the tumultuous 1960's thru 1980's encompassing the shameful Civil Rights era, the disheartening assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK, the unbelievable horrors of Vietnam, the tyranny behind the Berlin Wall, the nerve-racking times [...]

    30. Und auch der abschließende Teil der Jahrhundert-Trilogie konnte mich wieder voll und ganz begeistern. Diesmal begleiten wir unsere Familien durch die Zeit nach dem 2. Weltkrieg und durch den Kalten Krieg hindurch. Es werden wieder so viele Themen angesprochen und geschickt in die Handlungsstränge der einzelnen Protagonisten verknüpft, dass ich nur den Hut vor Ken Follett und seiner epischen Erzàhlung ziehen kann.Die gesamte Trilogie war eines meiner absoluten Jahreshighlights und ist grade a [...]

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