Ricochet Through Time

Ricochet Through Time Time It can be our best friend Or our worst enemyFor Lex it s both Alexandra Larson is done with time travel She just wants to be normal The husband the kids the careere wants it all And she s clos

  • Title: Ricochet Through Time
  • Author: Lindsey Fairleigh
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  • Page: 102
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  • Time It can be our best friend Or our worst enemyFor Lex, it s both.Alexandra Larson is done with time travel She just wants to be normal The husband, the kids, the careere wants it all And she s close to having it That is, until unwanted visitors bring dire news of her twisted, godly foe, Apep He s been freed from his inescapable prison by the Kin, and he sTime It can be our best friend Or our worst enemyFor Lex, it s both.Alexandra Larson is done with time travel She just wants to be normal The husband, the kids, the careere wants it all And she s close to having it That is, until unwanted visitors bring dire news of her twisted, godly foe, Apep He s been freed from his inescapable prison by the Kin, and he s coming for Lex and her unborn children.The chase begins Against her will, Lex is yanked backwards in time in an attempt to protect her from Apep Each time her ancient enemy draws near, she s pulled back further, tangling new threads into a timeline that must not be changed at any cost The fate of the universe may depend on her surviving, but it doesn t give a damn about her finding a way home.Lex must battle time, itself, to return to her family, and she s determined to do it Or die trying.

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    1. Oh what a let down I loved the first two book and maybe that's why I felt left down here.The story got confused, Lex became a whiny insecure girl all the time needing reassurance.Marcus was non-existentThings got very muddy with all the jumping Lex is doing, meeting (or re-meeting) people who were mentioned in the previous books to me all this seemed like tying loose end in order to make the ending fit.Not well done at all!And the ending? So anticlimatic and so hinting to future booksI'm sooooo [...]

    2. I was an ARC reader for this book and I loved it !!! It was a little slow going at first but I got through the first few chapters and from there on out it was the awesome writting I've come to expect from this AMAZING Author !!! Pick yours up today and I'll be patiently awaiting Ink Witch :-) good reading

    3. My love for Egyptian Mythology and the supernatural time travel with mystery, romance, all wrapped up , this is how it started for me, when I found The Echo Trilogy by Lindsey Fairleigh. Alexandra always wanted a normal life but that wasn't her destiny. Little did she knew she wasn't even human but Nejerette and the Meswett(Ancient Egyptianr "girl-child")told by Nuin, either savior or destroyer of the Nejerets(Gods of Time). Being one of the main characters, Alexandra Larson Ivanov now pregnant [...]

    4. WOW!I was an ARC reader for this book. It is not usually the subject matter or genre I like to read but have followed this Author for some time now. I was pleasantly surprised. It is a complex story dealing with some ancient Deities from Egyptian history and time travel.What's not to like. It was very well written and it picks up right where book 2 left off Lex is pregnant with Marcus's twin Uber gods one male one female.She is looking for a safe place in time to give birth, the "Twins" are impo [...]

    5. What a let down. The rest of the books were excellent. But this one, half way through all the rules were thrown out the window to get the conclusion that was required. I have to say, I didn't like the ending in almost any way.

    6. Wonderful Trilogy!I really enjoyed this series of books! The "Echo" Universe is a wonderful place to visit. I'm glad that you are continuing the universe with Kat's story.

    7. Hard To Put DownOnce you start this journey into Lex's life it is quite hard to put the book down. I read this book straight through in less than 24 hours time with just a brief stop for a memorial dinner. In that brief stop, as I reflected on the life of my step Dad, I couldn't help but wonder if we all are reflections of time long ago, time just past, present time and time yet conceived. Could it be we lived long ago when Heru, Set and Nuin first came to be yet we don't remember our first stat [...]

    8. Excellent SeriesI read Kat's stories first by mistake (a happy one) and couldn't wait to read Led and Marcus's takes.Well worth reading. I had problems putting any of the books down, reading until 3 in the morning and immediately downloading the next one.Brilliant storytelling so good that I'm now off to search for more.

    9. Book hangover Gosh I loved all the books! Great writing, fabulous story line! Very very sad it's over though, but happy to get started on Kat's story!! Almost read that way back, so glad I didn't though!! Off to read!

    10. Wow!What a great series. I throughly enjoyed each one and couldn't wait to turn the page. Lex and Marcus have a great love story that is filled with adventure and perils. Buy one if you want too, but you will end up like me and purchase them all anyway. Have fun

    11. Stunning So brilliant, so complex and at the same time simple. I just couldn't put it down for a minute. I'm going to read Kat Dubois book again now, I read this after and I'm so glad it gave me a whole new way to enjoy the whole series!

    12. I didn't care for the format of his last book nor the ending. In fact the more I think about the ending the madder I become. It's not a bad ending or a cliffhanger but to me it makes this last book pointless. :/

    13. love ~ a MUST READ!!excellent series!! i wish the author would continue with lex and marcus' story! i have no choice but to read kat's story now and im usually very weird about spin off series but i just cant help myself.

    14. This was a really interesting read. I absolutely LOVED this series and it pains me to have to give the last book, Ricochet Through Time, only four stars. As usual, Fairleigh gives her audience an amazing time traveling world with great writing. Lex and Marcus are two of my favorite characters but I just didn't like how the perspective changed from Lex to Kat. Don't get me wrong, I think Kat has a great story (hence why she is getting her own spin off series) I just wanted the story line to focus [...]

    15. I absolutely loved this series!!! I love the style of which this author writes. This series definitely kept me on my toes. The fact that I while I was reading Lex would enter the echos and relive a portion of her life and then I would have an "ah ha" moment and then everything would make since. This is my first time reading anything of Egyptian history and to be honest I found it fascinating and I truly enjoyed it.My only complaint would be that I wish this series would come with the choice of A [...]

    16. Ok, this was the last book :( I wasn't completely happy with the ending, but only because of that fact it was ending lol. The book was fantastic! I love how the author was so detailed and never look left one bit of information out. Not one stone left unturned. NOT ONE!!!!!I can not wait for the next series. This author brilliantky incorporated a new beginning within this ending.I look forward to my next Lindsey Fairleigh adventure!

    17. Before you pick up this book to recieve the full understanding start in the beginning with echo in time. I loved this series the research that the author went through shows by even the littlest item. I wish I could get my work to include her books in our collection, the only reason is that our library system will only add books 6 months and younger. Once you read this series you will love it I promise

    18. Loved this whole series. The only thing I didn't like was the sex, but I can skim over that with no issues & there was less in this last book than in the previous one. I was a bit confused when the story veered off from our main character to focus on a secondary character, until I realized it was setting up the next series, that starts with the book "Ink Witch", where Kat's story continues. Egypt, time travel, mystery, adventure, this series has it all & then some.

    19. The Best YetI wasn't sure how this would end. So many things needed to be tied up from previous stories. So, this book covers a lot of time and history. So much happens here that I still need to process all I read. However, I can tell you it was interesting and I recommend this whole series and I need more.

    20. A truly great series. I just finished reading all five books in this series and am glad that she is continuing with Kat's story. I was not ready to leave her world. A thoroughly engrossing series.

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