Devil in the Making

Devil in the Making AUDIOBOOK A comic romp and prequel to the Devil DeVere SeriesEvery devil has a beginning A rebellious young nobleman s prank with the king s lion goes comically awry leading to a startling chain of e

  • Title: Devil in the Making
  • Author: Victoria Vane Guy Veryzer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Audiobook
  • AUDIOBOOK A comic romp and prequel to the Devil DeVere SeriesEvery devil has a beginning A rebellious young nobleman s prank with the king s lion goes comically awry, leading to a startling chain of events A riotous Georgian romp in the tradition of Fielding s Tom Jones.

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      471 Victoria Vane Guy Veryzer
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    1. Every devil has a beginningFans of Victoria Vane's The Devil DeVere series will love this short story, and those looking to try this author for the first time, are sure to love it too. It's a glimpse into the making of a devil - Ludovic DeVere, also known as The Devil DeVere - who stole the show in A Wild Night's Bride with his brusque, irreverent comments and his scandalous actions! In Devil in the Making we meet the young DeVere and get our first candid look some of the hows and whys he became [...]

    2. DeVere's finely honed shell of arrogance, Ned's increasing brawn, and Sin's rapier wit, had given birth to an unholy triumvirate that came to wreak perpetual and unchallenged havoc upon Westminster School.Although this is not a romance, it is a hilarious look at the young devil, Ludovic DeVere, who featured in The Devil DeVere series. Together with his two friends, Ned Chambers who had his story in book #1 A Wild Night's Bride and Simon Singleton, whose upcoming story book #5 Jewel of the East, [...]

    3. 4 Stars! Boys will be boys and DeVerewell he's just bad, but oh soooo good!What a treat seeing Ludovic, Ned and Simon as young lads! Of course DeVere is the wily leader of this mischievous "band of brothers"! It's a fun and telling tale of two men we've grown to love in the The Devil DeVere series, Ludovic and Ned, and we also get a glimpse of Simon, the hero of the next book in the series."Lovely Lavinia, a comely lass, With ripe pink teats and plump white arse, Ha’penny paid will fill your c [...]

    4. 3.5 stars.I enjoyed this little glimpse of what makes Ludovic DeVere into the man he becomes. It's a snippet of Ludovic at 19 yrs of age and getting up to all sorts of mischief along with his friends Ned and the newly introduced Simon.It's a witty, hilarious read. Victoria depicts the wonderful Georgian period setting in detail, and mixed in with her wonderful writing style, makes this a little gem.

    5. This may be short, but it's packed with goodness. Victoria's talent shines once again in this little vignette. It's not a romance, but the prequel to The Devere series. Getting a little more insight into Ludovic is always a delight. Ned and Simon, longtime friends are included. These boys are full of themselves and always getting into trouble. Knowing how Ned and Ludovic end up made this such a fun read. And I enjoyed the shocking surprises. I would recommend reading The Devil Devere series firs [...]

    6. Fun, quick read. Not a romance, but a prequel to the man that DeVere is to become. His protectiveness and honor are apparent, as he helps his friends and young strangers alike. We also get to see him start the process of gaining his title. Gosh, to bad the King can't take a little joke. :-)

    7. DEVIL IN THE MAKING Devilish Vignettes #1Take Heart! An announcement for all those readers suffering from a severe case of DeVere deprivation.he's back! This time, as the title suggests, the story centres on the nineteen year old Devere and his close friends, Ned Chambers (A Wild Night's Bride) and Simon Singleton (hero of the forthcoming Jewel of the East). DeVere definitely shows all the promise of the arrogant, irreverent, scandalous and devious rogue so adored by all the devotees of the Devi [...]

    8. Story Rating, 5 StarsCharacter Rating, 5 StarsRomance Rating, well it was not a romanceHeat Level, ?Overall Rating 5 StarsI truly enjoyed this very short read that gave us a look into Ludovic DeVere's life as a young man. The story line was very good for such a short story and had really nothing to do with romance. Considering that I still gave it a 5 star rating with no romance, no heat and being as short as it was really is quite an amazing thing for me to do. It's just the way Victoria writes [...]

    9. Every devil has a beginningd having read the previous DeVere titles by Victoria Vane there is no more charming of a devil than Ludovic, Viscount DeVere and in this short little tale we get a wonderful glimpse of what shaped Ludovic into the man he became. He is at school with his two friends, Ned and the newly introduced Simon, when his behavior gets them into trouble yet again. Thinking they will teach their teacher a lesson, Ludovic creates an idea that involves a liond is sure to make you lau [...]

    10. A great romp story staring the Devil DeVere as a tenacious teenager. This is a prequel, but I would recommend reading the full series first. The vignette's are a fun look back at the main characters youthful digressions.

    11. I just love this cast of characters in the DeVere series. Of course, the "Devil DeVere" plays the most prominent role in this vignette, but his cronies Ned and Simon (an upcoming hero of the series) also play dominant roles. The boys are all in their late teens, and we get to see their more juvenile antics when they seek revenge on one of their switch happy teachers at school. Although there is no romance, it IS DeVere, so you can bet there are some lovely ladies!Not only do we get some more lau [...]

    12. This review will appear at Romantic Historical Lovers Blog on December 14.4.5 stars rounded up to 5.It seems that no matter what, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Young men in university will pull pranks, do things that make you say “doh” and forge life-long friendships so matter the time period. The Devil DeVere and his merry band of friends are wickedly wild and have adventures most will only dream of.The Devil in the Making is not a romantic story but it is outrageousl [...]

    13. It's a good thing that DeVere and his friends only exists on paper. I have a feeling that if they were real the women of the world would be in trouble!Victoria Vane takes us farther back than ever before in this prequel to the Devil DeVere series. As if the hilarious hijinks of these young, entitled, men of aristocracy weren't enough Vane has treated us to an illustrated version! I've come across a few illustrated novels before and found them to be a bit over the top, BUT not here. The artist Po [...]

    14. A Delightful little story feature a young De Vere, Ned and Simon the upcoming hero of the fifth book in the series and their little adventure near the end of their schooling years. Punished for a little mischief making in class, De Vere decides he wants to visit the Royal Menagerie to borrow a bear to teach their teacher a little lesson but there is none instead they steal a lion . Dragging his friends along on the journey, they get into trouble and end up with them having the last laugh. It not [...]

    15. How many times did I wonder what Devil DeVere was like as a younger man to start him along the lusty larger than life journey that became the intriguing man I met in Wild Night's Bride? There are hints and flashback memories through the series that made me more than curious. So when I was given the chance to read this prequel story of just that very thing, there was no way I was going to say no when I was offered the book for honest review. But then to discover that each chapter came with a love [...]

    16. I don’t know how Victoria Vane does it, I’m just glad that she does! She has a way of blending so much rich historical detail into her books that one would almost think she lived during the Regency Era and she is sharing her secrets of that beautiful time period with the rest of us! Devil In The Making is another fine example of Ms. Vane’s work. Think of Devil In The Making as the prequel to Ms. Vane’s Devil DeVere series. For those of you who may not have read the other books in this se [...]

    17. When Devil devises a truly devious prank involving the king’s lion, enlisting the aid of Ned and Simon, there are repercussions and some truly unexpected consequencesVIL IN THE MAKING is a trip back in time to meet the late adolescent’s who become Ned and Devil. We’re also introduced to Simon (Sin) Singleton and Charles Fox. Charles, unlike Ned, Devil, and Simon, was indeed a real person. This harmonious blending of fact and fiction is one of charms of Ms. Vane’s Devil DeVere Georgian er [...]

    18. Great story with DeVere & his friends at school. Life isn't dull with the devil as your friend! I enjoyed reading about DeVere's relationship with his father & his mother and how that shaped who he came to be. Ready to read more of the series.

    19. A very big thank you to Victoria Vane for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. You know I love you lots ♡This is a short story/novella reliving the younger days of DeVere, Ned and the introduction to Simon, our hero in the forthcoming . I enjoyed getting to know Simon and his lewd poetry writing skills.DeVere was insolent and as devilish as ever and we get a glimpse into how his father was like. Terrible. Worst than terrible and he deserved to go rot in the d [...]

    20. A short prequel to the Devil DeVere series that is an excellent addition and that had me with a smile on my face from start to finish and even for a bit after words for its effects lingered on. Any fan of the DeVere series MUST read this prequel and anyone out there looking for a great historical romance series (even though this one is not so much romance) will love this introduction to DeVere and his band of long time buddies :)We get to see DeVere, Ned and others of the series at the start of [...]

    21. I received a review copy in exchange for my honest review. I am so pleased that Ms. Vane has continued writing about the devilish Ludovic DeVere in these tantalizing Vignettes. In fact, were it possible, I'd wrap her in a huge hug right now! Devil in the Making takes us back to when he was in sixth form [approximately between 17 and 18 years old if I did my research right}. As to be expected of Vic, he manages to get himself - and his friends - into a heap of trouble. We meet his pox-ridden fath [...]

    22. DEVIL IN THE MAKING by Victoria Vane is an exciting erotic historical romance set in the Georgian era. "Devilish Vignettes" series. We learn more of the character Devil DeVere, what makes him who he is. A wonderful fast paced story of love,passion,desire,and how family consequences can sharp one's future. Love this series! I also love this author's writing,she is an awesome storyteller. More of this series please.I can hardly wait for the next exciting installment. A must read!RATING: 5HEAT RATI [...]

    23. 4.5 stars. Victoria Vane’s Devil in the Making is an amusing but poignant tale that provides fans of The Devil DeVere series with fascinating insight into Ludovic DeVere. To read my review in its entirety, please click HERE.

    24. I just can't get enough of DeVere, Victoria Vane once again offers up fun with intelligence and panache.

    25. Excellent, hilarious, characters very well developed, and looking forward to reading more as time goes by in the next part of the series! Absolutely worth every second!

    26. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. I rated it 5 out of 5 stars.Reviewed for For Whom The Books Toll 5, Warm Every devil has a beginningFrom the outset of young Lord DeVere's arrival at Westminster School, his scandalous family secrets set him apart from the other aristocratic scions as an "untouchable." Akin to a dark shadow following him, the ugly truth remained that his mother was indeed the biggest whore in England, and his p [...]

    27. Devil in the Making by Victoria VaneSeries: Devilish Vignettes #1INTROThere are three sides to a story: His/Her/Their Side, Your Side and The Truth. So it goes when reading Devil in the Making, as readers are entranced by DeVere, Edward, and Simon, DeVere’s parents and various individuals of note. The multiple sides and angles of the delightful tale approached 4 dimensions meaning this series is off to an extraordinary beginning. What’s best is when an author does a fine job exploring every [...]

    28. Originally published at Reading RealityIt's a vignette, that's a sign that it's short. However, since this is a vignette about how Ludovic DeVere very definitely earned his sobriquet of "Devil DeVere", it is anything but sweet.Nor should it be sweet. DeVere would probably spit on the word sweet. Or run it through. Or, if it was femalewell, never mind.Instead, in this vignette readers get a fascinating glimpse of exactly what made Ludo into the man we meet in A Wild Night's Bride. Or maybe the on [...]

    29. I wish we had half stars because this is a definite 4 1/2 stars. Would have been 5 stars had it been a true romance!Ludovic DeVere is a man of extreme proportions, and I'm not referring to his physical attributes, although they are purported to be quite ahem never mind that the Devil DeVere never does anything simply or without flare so it won't surprise you to know that his youth was no different. With his good friends Ned Chambers and Simon Singleton (a new character for us but one we will [...]

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