Tehanu Le Guini Meremaa ts kli hiilgav l petus K ik on muutunud tleb surev maag Ogion Tenarile kunagisele Atuani Haudade lempreestrinnale hus on tunda muutust maailma tasakaal on taastatud Havnori troonil

  • Title: Tehanu
  • Author: Ursula K. Le Guin Krista Kaer
  • ISBN: 5899201118
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Le Guini Meremaa ts kli hiilgav l petus K ik on muutunud, tleb surev maag Ogion Tenarile, kunagisele Atuani Haudade lempreestrinnale hus on tunda muutust, maailma tasakaal on taastatud Havnori troonil on manalast tagasi p rdunud noor kuningas Kas see aga t hendab, et elu jatkub endistviisi v i on tegemist hoopis millegi uue algusega Tenaril tuleb ppida elama uuLe Guini Meremaa ts kli hiilgav l petus K ik on muutunud, tleb surev maag Ogion Tenarile, kunagisele Atuani Haudade lempreestrinnale hus on tunda muutust, maailma tasakaal on taastatud Havnori troonil on manalast tagasi p rdunud noor kuningas Kas see aga t hendab, et elu jatkub endistviisi v i on tegemist hoopis millegi uue algusega Tenaril tuleb ppida elama uues maailmas, kus tema seltsilisteks on p lenud n oga laps ja oma r nnakutelt naasnud Ged ning kus ilmsi ja unen gudes ilmub s tendavatest huavarustest lohe Kalessin, saadik maailmast, kus inimeste ja lohede vahel ei ole vahet.

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      441 Ursula K. Le Guin Krista Kaer
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    1. May 2013I don't know anything anymore.A Wizard of Earthsea and The Farthest Shore, you can take your dragons and shove em. Your wizardry's not wanted here. All your quests are just cruises and island-hopping, boys' own adventures. Fuck it all. This is the real story. The tedium and horror of regular life is more epic than your silly jaunts, and all your hoity-toity man's magic won't do nothing to save you here. Goddamn.

    2. I remember reading Tehanu in grade school; I also remember not liking it very much. However, reading it again, years later, I think of it as a masterpiece. The first three Earthsea novels were good, interesting, entertaining, but Tehanu belongs to another tier entirely. Its character development and world-building are par with Tombs of Atuan, but its pacing is better and it ties in more tightly to existing lore. Further, we get to see the characters we've come to love in a more natural light. It [...]

    3. This is a difficult Earthsea book to read. After Ged's adventures crossing the sea and dealing with Kings, Princes and Mages, this book stays pretty much firmly on Gont and he hardly appears. Instead the book concentrates on Tenar (from the "Tombs of Atuan") and her life on Gont Island and that of the small damaged girl Tenar finds in the road one day who has been so badly burned and mistreated that she is terribly deformed.The book deals with discrimination on the basis of appearence, the every [...]

    4. I think this was an interesting installment for the Earthsea books not because it continued the grand tradition of huge fantasy implications and events, but because it flips our expectations and gives us a very domestic view of Earthsea.That's not to say that evil things don't happen, because they do, but the scope is pulled all the way back in, with Tenar from book 2 and Ged meeting up again after almost a lifetime, with her as a middle-aged woman and Ged much changed after the events of book 3 [...]

    5. This is the fantasy book that I've always hoped would be written but thought impossible in the genre: a beautifully crafted tale of humanity where the magic and dragons take the back seat. It's ok if it isn't the best fantasy you've ever read, but to me it's the most perfect fantasy novel. It makes me want to be a better reader, a better writer, a better person.In 2017 I spent so much time reading ULG that many of the 133 books begin to pale. I haven't added up all the pages but between the enti [...]

    6. Yes, it's obvious this book is written by a woman. Your point, everybody?Like, God, do you even understand how many books are "so obviously written by a man?" Historically, nearly all books have been written by men. Certainly most of Western canon has been. And for most of those, there's no mistaking it: they were written by men, would not have been written by a woman, could not have been written by a woman. Why? Because in them, female characters are written only as decorations and toys for the [...]

    7. Yerdeniz serisi okuduğum ilk fantastik seriydi, zamanında çok beğenmiştim ama yarım kalmıştı. Kaldığım yerden devam etmek istememe rağmen bu kitaptan sonra yine ara vereceğim. Kitabı sevemedim, bana hitap edemedi. Ursula'nın başka kitaplarını okuyup onlarda sevebilmeyi umuyorum.

    8. Ήθελα πολύ να παραθέσω κάποιο απόσπασμα του βιβλίο στην κριτική μου ώστε να πάρετε μια ιδέα,αλλά δεν μπορούσα. Για να εκτιμήσει κανείς με τον καλύτερο τρόπο τα νοήματα του βιβλίου πρέπει να το διαβάσει ολόκληρο και,πιστέψτε με, αξίζει τόσο πολύ αυτή την ανάγνωση!! Το "Τεχανο [...]

    9. It's possible that people who have never experienced much actual trauma or severe discrimination might not understand how on-target this book can be. If that's you, you'd probably find it really interesting to check out Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman for a solid overview of how/why trauma survivors can be crippled by fear in seemingly irrational ways. And The Macho Paradox by Jackson Katz is a surprisingly good book on male violence (and not just against women).Reading the first 3 Earthsea [...]

    10. I must have been about 10 when I read the original Earthsea trilogy for the first time and was just blown away by it. I loved it and have re-read it many times since. I daydreamed about going to Roke and proving to all those narrow-minded wizards that a woman could be as good at magic as a man. I even tried to make my own model of the tombs of Atuan. I was thrilled when Le Guin decided to write another story in that world - until I read it. I was deeply disappointed by this heavy-handed update i [...]

    11. This book never really feels like book #4 in the Earthsea Cycle to me. The first hundred pages or so did not feel needed. The darkness, sexuality, and gender role issues in this book, though valid on their own merits, felt really out of place to me in this fantasy world. It would be like if Wicked were the fourth sequel in the Oz series. The political and social agendas do not jive with the previous books. My other gripe is that this book would have been infinitely more entertaining if it had be [...]

    12. Tehanu is the fourth entry in the Earthsea Cycle. It was written years after the original trilogy, and it shows: It is markedly different from the other books, both in style and in substance. Sadly, it is also inferior to the earlier books. Le Guin had picked up a strident feminism in between The Farthest Shore and Tehanu, and it shows in Tehanu in the worst way possible. Literally every female character in the book is worthy (even dirty, crazy Aunty Moss), whereas all the men in the book are we [...]

    13. Tenar Serinin her kitabında biraz daha seviyorum ejderhaları diye başlayayım. Bu defa okuduğum diğer iki kitaptan daha farklı "daha derin" tabir edebilecegim şeyler de vardı. Kadına ve kadının düşünce tarzına yapılan ince göndermeleri okumak çok keyifliydi. Sanırım bu yüzden diğer kitaplarda favori karakterim Gedken bu defa Tenar diye yaptım grizgahı. Dikkatimi çeken satırlar vardı örnek olması açısından paylaşayım: #1 Sonra kurtuldum, seninle ve Ogion ile kurt [...]

    14. Ovo je baš jedna od onih klasičnih knjiga koje su to bolje što ih više puta čitam i koje sa svakom pauzom dobiju neko novo osvetljenje. Mnogo pozdrava četrnaestogodišnjoj meni koja se žalila da je Tehanu previše feministička.

    15. Also posted on imbookedindefinitelyIt is surprising that it has taken Le Guin up to the fourth book to bring to the forefront one of the most conspicuous and prevalent inequities not only in the fantasy genre but more importantly in the living world, that is the inequity between the sexes. Le Guin's writing aside from boasting of incomparable depth, truth and weight is exceptionally fluid. Tehanu is surprising in respect with the presentation of the themes in the book in that some almost felt li [...]

    16. Wow In less than 10 pages Le Guin is able turn all the tables, lead the reader to climax and finish the novel altogether She is the master of storytellers in my regard. Highly recommended

    17. I finally completed my reading of the Earthsea cycle. The first book is all about the wizard, Ged, coming into his power and adulthood, and the second is all about Tenar, a child selected to preside over an ancient temple under the belief that she is the reincarnation of the previous priestess. In the third book, Ged sets out with an aristocratic youth to save the world, and in this final installment, Tenar cares for an abused girl, whom she names Therru ("fire" in her own language). Possibly, t [...]

    18. Serinin en yoğun diyaloglu kitabı sanırım buYani 200 sayfada " ne oluyor, bir durun, o neden bunu yaptı " demekten dikkatinizi toplamakta güçlük çekiyorsunuz.Biraz da sıkıldım sanırım. Eğer serinin bitmesine 2 kitap kalmasaydı bırakırdım.Neyse bitireceğiz artık :/

    19. Tehanu kadının toplumdaki yerini sorgulayan bir kitap. Yerdeniz'in dördüncü kitabının temel konusu kadın. Ursula Le Guin okuyucuyu Yerdeniz'in büyüsünden biraz uzaklaştırıp o diyarların toplumsal yönünü gösteriyor. Kadın - erkek eşitsizliğinin baskın oldugu metinler ile büyü birleşince ortaya harika bir kitap çıkmış. Şimdiyse seriye biraz ara verip Le Guin'in kalemini sindirmenin zamanı.Devamı için: buyuluayrac/2

    20. Bu kitaba kadar Yerdeniz Serisi'nin en sevdiğim kitabı Atuan Mezarları olmuştu. Okuduktan sonra aynı hisleri Tehanu için de hissettim. Her iki kitapta da kadın hikayelerinin anlatılması, diğer kitaplara göre bu iki kitabın ayrı bir gizemi olması beni çekti diye düşünüyorum. Bu seri bitince epey bir boşlukta kalacağım sanırım.

    21. I loved the first 3 Earthsea booksbut this book was just too weird. I could never tell, nor did I care, that the first three books were written by a woman. Also, I didn't notice any political or social agendas in the first 3(real world agendas). Tehanu is very strange and hard to read because it is so different from the first 3 books. It REALLY feels like a woman wrote it, it has a very strong undertone of woman's suffrage. It also has very dark themes about a young girl being raped and how the [...]

    22. I loved the original trilogy and considered it complete. Who knew there was more to say about Earthsea? But how glad I am there was!Tehanu catches up with Tenar years after Ged left her on Gont. She's a widow with grown children who has quite left her past as Ahra-the-Eaten-One behind. When she takes in a severely abused child as a foster daughter her life changes again.Ursula LeGuin is gifted, she can tell an interesting (gripping even!) story that taken at face value is just a story. On anothe [...]

    23. I could not like this book very much as a child because I think it takes an adult mind to feel the depth of its questions and to understand the pain and the characters' reactions. It is dark, there is death, there is horrible evil of the most mundane sort, wreaked by men only and not by magic. What is power and what does it mean to have it, and then to have it taken away? What is a man's power? What is a woman's power?Now I think this is probably the strongest book of the Earthsea series (or at [...]

    24. 100 Stars. If more children--boys--read the Earthsea saga, finishing off with "Tehanu," the world wouldn't have this fucking "meninist" problem.Loss, shame, the weight of love: it's all explored here, with patience and honesty.“She thought about how it was to have been a woman in the prime of life, with children and a man, and then to lose all that, becoming old and a widow, powerless. But even so she did not feel she understood his shame, his agony of humiliation. Perhaps only a man could fee [...]

    25. Tehanu Yani "öteki". Toplum içinde hep aykırı kalan, farklı olan, genel geçer ne varsa üzerinde durmayan herkes biraz Tehanu. Sevginin iyileştiren yegâne güç olduğunu, bir de bakmanın değil görmenin kıymetini çok güzel anlattığı için bu romanı çok seviyorum.

    26. OK, so I've quit procrastinating and started typingThe first three Earthsea books were written in a relatively short space of time (published 1969-73, IIRC). They were all there when I first picked up A Wizard of Earthsea, maybe just over a decade after its initial publication - the series was complete. Let's face it, there is no requirement for a fourth book. Ged is getting old, his magic is gone, but Earthsea has a King and the Rune of Peace again. The story is over. Then, after a gap of time [...]

    27. 4* samo zato što se naglo završila, a ja sam baš želela da traje i trajeposebno zbog Teru koja je nezaboravan lik. Madam Le Guin je mudra žena koja vrlo spretno vodi priču, bez suvišnih zavlačenja i opisa, a usput se dotakne nekih dubokih filozofskih pitanja. I ovde se autorka bavi rodnim ulogama i podelom (ne)moći među polovima, pa je mnogi zbog iznetih stavova svrstavaju u feminističku literaturu, ali ja bih pre rekla da se ona obraća čitaocu govoreći u prilog ženama. ''Kada si [...]

    28. I'm glad I read this book again — as an adult I understood it much better than when I was a teenager. "Tehanu" is the follow-up to "The Tombs of Atuan," and it was a bit of a shock when I first read it. "Tombs" ended with the promise of a typical fantasy ending. The heroine and the wizard enter triumphant into the city with the fabled artifact, honors doled out, followed by heroine coming into her own, learning magic and traveling the world having adventures. And stuff."Tehanu" picks up about [...]

    29. She must search around the house, the springhouse, the milking shed, more carefully. This was her fault. She had caused it to happen by thinking of making Therru into a weaver, shutting her away in the dark to work, to be respectable. When Ogion had said "Teach her, teach her all, Tenar!" When she knew that a wrong that cannot be repaired must be transcended. When she knew that the child had been given her and she had failed in her charge, failed her trust, lost her, lost the one great gift.She [...]

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