From Darkness to Darkness

From Darkness to Darkness From the cradle to the grave The Black Oligarch is dead Some call his replacement a boy others call him a threat Cole lost everything the night he became Oligarch his family his home even Jonah Now

  • Title: From Darkness to Darkness
  • Author: Jay Bell
  • ISBN: 9781476173603
  • Page: 251
  • Format: ebook
  • From the cradle to the grave The Black Oligarch is dead Some call his replacement a boy, others call him a threat Cole lost everything the night he became Oligarch his family, his home even Jonah Now he s alone, left only with painful memories and the power to destroy the Five Lands.When Dylan is sent to help Cole, he finds they have in common than expected TheyFrom the cradle to the grave The Black Oligarch is dead Some call his replacement a boy, others call him a threat Cole lost everything the night he became Oligarch his family, his home even Jonah Now he s alone, left only with painful memories and the power to destroy the Five Lands.When Dylan is sent to help Cole, he finds they have in common than expected They hope to build a new life together, but dark forces have other plans for them The dead are rising, bringing secrets from the past that threaten to change their lives forever Can Dylan guide a young man through the darkness and protect those he loves without making the ultimate sacrifice From Darkness to Darkness, book two of the Loka Legends series, features new illustrations by Andreas Bell, the author s husband.

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    1. I greatly enjoyed the first book in this Loka Legends series, The Cat in the Cradle, and I was keen for more adventures involving Dylan and Tyjinn. This story involves these two characters but begins with Cole who lives in the Jagged mountains, ruled by the Black Oligarch. He and his boyfriend, Jonah, return from a camping trip to find tragedy has struck their village and families. Before help can arrive both boys are in danger but Cole is rescued in a most surprising way by the Blacksmith, leav [...]

    2. Review posted at The Armchair Reader.4.5 starsBy chance I happened to read the first Loka book, The Cat in the Cradle at just the right time. I read it as part of a TBR Pile Purge a few weeks ago, not knowing the sequel would come out in less than a month. It is serendipitous that it was so, because these last few weeks, until I found out that From Darkness to Darkness was indeed about to be released, I've been bemoaning the fact that I loved the first book so much and I'd have to wait who knows [...]

    3. **My desperate attempt at a spoiler free review**So, I'm in love. I'm in love with a cat. A big, talking cat.Kio has stolen my heart with his loyalty and snark, and I'm not sure if I'll ever get it back.But, I digress.Dylan, Tyjinn and Kio are back and thrust into another adventure where they set out to do more than should be expected of any of them.We're introduced to Cole as he loses everything he loves most, including his boyfriend Jonah. Dylan is then sent by his father to get Cole after his [...]

    4. 4.5 stars. Very good young adult gay fantasy (with romantic elements) about life, death, love, and the responsibilities of power. Hmm. Could I be any more cryptic? ;)

    5. Originally published at Risingshadow.The first book of The Loka Legends series, The Cat in the Cradle, was Dylan's coming of age story. It was a touching and compelling story about a young homosexual guy, who had to accept his sexuality and feelings. He also had to find a way to save himself and his friends from a killer, who killed Oligarchs.Here's a bit of information about the plot of From Darkness to Darkness:From Darkness to Darkness begins in an interesting way. At the beginning of the boo [...]

    6. If you were offered the chance to bring someone you loved back to life, would you take it? I'm guessing that many of us would be sorely tempted. However, realizing that our decision would have far-reaching, almost unimaginable consequences, how many of us would actually go through with it?Cole, of Jay Bell's 'From Darkness to Darkness', wants his dead lover, Jonah, back more than anything. When he's offered this opportunity, he accepts without thinking about the consequences; it's not because Co [...]

    7. Just like I thought, the second book in the Loka Legends was much better than the first. For one thing there was little to no explanation for Dylan's world needed as that was done with the first book. Second, we're introduced to another couple that both mirror and contrast with Dylan & Tyjinn. Dylan & Cole had many similarities as did Tyjinn & Jonah. Both had an insecure naive boy who would later find a strength inside that they didn't know they had & both had a fierce protector [...]

    8. Attempting to not spoil anything really really hard.I believe I succeed.I think I liked this book even more than the first Loka Legends book. Dylan is back and thrown into another crazy adventure,but this book starts off with new characters Cole and Jonah. Cole and his boyfriend Jonah's story is heartbreaking in that first couple chapters. I knew this was going to be a great book with the implications of the magic Cole becomes capable of at the beginning of the book.I was excited because it was [...]

    9. ****Warning****You must read the first book in the series in order to read this story.Great YA adventure read. Wow, Dylan, Tyjin and the other Oligarchs are having a rough year or so. First, Krale tried to take all the lokas for himself and now zombies are showing up everywhere. This story is not centered around a particular character. Yes, Cole is the new Black Oligarch but his is just one part of the story. The main issue our characters face in this book involves the Crimson Barry's past (the [...]

    10. From reading other books of Bell's it's obvious he has/had a cat(s) he loves very much. As a crazy cat man myself I love this aspect in his books, haha! Needless to say, this focus on Kio's story in the book was one of my favorite parts, I just wish more time could have been spent on it. Possibly a third book?Of course all other storylines were great as well, I really like how we got to follow multiple characters on their adventures rather than just seeing it through one or two. I used to be an [...]

    11. This was a fantastic continuation of the Loka Legends series. It was so very easy to get lost in this world. I fell in love with the new characters and was so happy to revisit the one from The Cat in the Cradle. Mr. Bell's storytelling is unparalleled, his stories so vivid. "Darkness" was no exception. Kio was amazing (seriously he needs an action figure), Dylan and Tyjinn were perfect, I wanted to hug Cole and Jonah until they both passed out, and Crimson Barry and Thistle TORE MY HEART TO SHRE [...]

    12. Think I start all my reviews with Jay's book saying damn how awesome this was! And once again it's true! I was hooked with this story from book one and seeing all the characters I love back again and new ones oh my couldn't ask for anything better. And as always on Jay's book he will make you cry from sadness and happiness from the beginning to the end. But the emotion roller-coaster is always worthy! Oh my wish there was more so much more just because I can't get enough of this world especially [...]

    13. This is astounding. I wasn't in love with TCITC, which is the first book of the series. But it was enjoyable, now I'm here enthralled with the series. This book was brimming with tension and incredible characters.I am starting to get quite bored writing reviews so I'll just keep it short:Loved it. Characters were incredible. The plot was clever, twisting, and very fun. However, this was also filled with tragedy and giving in to temptation. It was so stressful to read this, but I am pleased and e [...]

    14. I loved the pace, the growth of the characters and the turns of the plot. The relationships were sweet, but believable. There could have been a bit of editing on comma usage and other small issues, but that did not detract. Read this book to have a fun adventure and love story. It's a great idea like the Harry Potter horcrux idea, with the color power ring idea like recently used for Green Lantern, mixed with a bit of Jungle Book and Lion King. If anyone could put all that together, and make it [...]

    15. lately, I'm having Jay Bell Binge. Great world building and story telling, the plots are quite tight which is hard as soon as an author uses a world where magic is heavily used. Very sweet characters.Do read "Hell's Pawn" which manages to be lovingly subversive in the most open-minding way possible.

    16. To be honest, I found myself with waning interest half way through, while I really enjoyed the first book, this book contains a lot of flashback perspective from supporting characters, of whom I didn't care for so much. Still, Jay is a fav author of mine, so it wont deter me.

    17. Jay Bell does it againI can't explain it but for some reason it seems that everything Jay Bell writes is amazing. this was a great story and I loved it just like all his other works

    18. This is an enjoyable follow up to "The Cat in the Cradle" and explores a little more of the Loka world. Whilst "The Cat in the Cradle" is perfectly enjoyable standalone read, "From Darkness to Darkness" does answer a couple of questions left over from the first book.

    19. I was somehow able to download this a few days early! This is like a 4.5-4.75 book so the five stars. It was sweet and a very nice continuation of the story. The blurb had me a little worried but I'm glad the situation wasn't what I thought it sounded like.

    20. I liked the way the story unfolded, it was smart, and I liked the amount of romance portrayed. Thumbs up.

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