Hell Around the Horn

Hell Around the Horn Hell Around the Horn is a nautical thriller set in the last days of the great age of sail In a young ship s captain and his family set sail on the windjammer Lady Rebecca from Cardiff Wales w

  • Title: Hell Around the Horn
  • Author: Rick Spilman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hell Around the Horn is a nautical thriller set in the last days of the great age of sail In 1905, a young ship s captain and his family set sail on the windjammer, Lady Rebecca, from Cardiff, Wales with a cargo of coal bound for Chile, by way of Cape Horn Before they reach the Southern Ocean, the cargo catches fire, the mate threatens mutiny and one of the crew may be gHell Around the Horn is a nautical thriller set in the last days of the great age of sail In 1905, a young ship s captain and his family set sail on the windjammer, Lady Rebecca, from Cardiff, Wales with a cargo of coal bound for Chile, by way of Cape Horn Before they reach the Southern Ocean, the cargo catches fire, the mate threatens mutiny and one of the crew may be going mad, yet the greatest challenge will prove to be surviving the vicious westerly winds and mountainous seas of the worst Cape Horn winter in memory Based on an actual voyage, Hell Around the Horn is a story of survival and the human spirit against overwhelming odds.

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    1. A Ripping Good Yarn from the Waning Days of Sail!First a disclaimer. I’ve spent my life around the sea and ships, but I’m not a big fan of “sailing fiction.” A lot of it, in my opinion, spends too much time trying to teach the reader about square-rigged sailing and not enough time on the story or character development. There are only so many times you can reef the sails without it getting a little old.Spilman avoids that trap, and does it skillfully. He gives us technical detail enough t [...]

    2. Richard Spilman's Hell Around the Horn is set at the turn of the twentieth century in one of the last windjammers to make the perilous passage about Cape Horn. It follows the progress of the Lady Rebecca as she takes on cargo and crew at Tiger Bay, before setting out for her eventual destination in far away Chile. The subsequent story is one of peril and hardship, brought about by the atrocious weather conditions and a fair degree of human mischief, and is told through the eyes of all on board, [...]

    3. Ringing with authenticity, this nail-biter is a tale of battling wind and weather to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific via the most dreaded landmark in the sailor's lexicon, Cape Horn.Stories of ships in the Age of Sail are usually told from the quarterdeck, and the fight is against other ships. Rick Spilman's novel, by contrast, revisits the windjammer era when men fought the elements with just rope and canvas, using muscle and willpower to get a freight to a destination. In the tradition o [...]

    4. This turned out to be an excellent read for me, which was somewhat a surprise. I have not visited this genre for many years, but now I'm looking forward to reading more like this. The story is based in fact, both of the characters and the ships. Mr. Spilman has done a wonderful job of taking the reader to the early twentieth century, and into the culture of the sailors of that long ago time.It's a good introduction for the novice reader in this genre, and a thoughtful story for the more experien [...]

    5. Actually I give it a half star more. I've always been attracted to the sea having grown up on Cape Cod and was, myself, a professional seaman for most of my working life. I was, therefore,looking forward to reading this book. I won't get into the story other than to say that it is based on an actual rounding of Cape Horn in 1905 that was well documented and you can read about the story here in other reviews.The reason I only gave it 3-1/2 stars is that is simply doesn't hold up to such authors a [...]

    6. 4.5 stars, rounded up. great tale of a sea journey from cardiff to chile via cape horn in 1905. the daily life descriptions were interesting, shifting to astounding when dealing with the cold, wind, and waves of the actual point of rounding the cape (hint--it's not a fast trip). based on historical documents, which now i need to check out. useful bonuses are the glossary and diagram showing the layout of the ship's sails. well done! i picked up an extra copy and sent it to my dad, who enjoyed th [...]

    7. I highly recommend this book. it gives a very accurate picture of what life was like on a windjammer. Even though it is historical fiction it is based around a real ships logs from that time period. Of the men who sailed those ships it is certainly true to say, 'they don't make them like that anymore'.

    8. Spilman built a story from a collection of well researched authentic experiences. For the reader interested in what it must have been like to travel around Cape Horn in the days of sail, this is an informative read on parr with Richard Henry Dana and Two Years Before the Mast.

    9. This review originally appeared on Joe Follansbee's blog.In the midst of reading Rick Spilman’s fine first novel, Hell Around the Horn, I learned that the replica tall ship HMS Bounty was lost on October 29 in Hurricane Sandy, along with two of her crew. As I read the terror-filled scenes of the fictional ship Lady Rebecca struggling against the storms of Cape Horn, I considered whether the thoughts of Captain James Barker mirrored those of HMS Bounty’s master, Robin Walbridge. Barker lives [...]

    10. Die fiktive Geschichte erzählt von einer Reise von Cardiff um Kap Horn nach Chile, die sich an die Fahrt der realen "British Isles" und ihrer Besatzung anlehnt. Der Windjammer "Lady Rebecca" macht sich mit einer Ladung Kohle und nur 20 Mann Besatzung auf die Reise. Sonderbar wirkt auf mich als Landratte, dass der Kapitän seine Frau und zwei noch sehr kleine Kinder mit auf die Reise genommen hat, dieses Detail ist allerdings authentisch. Nach mehreren Todesfällen an Bord muss sich die verblieb [...]

    11. In the early 1900s part owner and merchant captain James Barker contracts to sail a load of coal from Cardiff, Wales to Pisagua, Chile. Aboard the Lady Rebecca, a windjammer vessel that was the pinnacle of sailing technology for speed and seaworthiness, Captain Barker embarks with nineteen seamen, his wife and their young children, and his wife’s brother as a second officer. Author Spilman offers a realistic story of the challenges of life at sea during the eventful journey of the Lady Rebecca [...]

    12. I guess this is really Faction since the main players, and the prime event, in this vivid sailing drama were real and although the name of the ship (and a those of the leading members of the crew) were changed it is largely based on a log of true happenings. There are several books recording these wonderful last days of commercial sail, 'The Last Grain Race' springs instantly to mind when reading this tale and although it lacks Newby's dry humour and better writing style it is still very readabl [...]

    13. Nearing the end of square rigged sailing ships, this is the story of one such shop and its voyage with a load of Cornish coal around the Horn to Chile. With a small crew the Captain is determined to make good time and beat a German steam ship going the same way. The first part of the voyage goes well even with being stuck for a while in the Doldrums they are making good time and the Captain who has his wife and young children along is pleased. Thing start going bad as they round the horn and run [...]

    14. I loved reading this book, Rick Spilman took the compilation of a series of books based on the voyage(s) of an actual Windjammer captain (Capt. Barker) and of one of his apprentices in 1905. He provided a dialogue, character development and background descriptions to what was described in the diaries and memoirs of the original personalities, though with a differently named ship.I have to admire his ability to do this, it does flow very well together with a ton of great seafaring action. The onl [...]

    15. As a ship captain, blogger and tech geek I prefer modern fiction to old sea tales so I was a bit wary after the third reader of my blog mentioned this book but once I discovered it was written by Rick Spillman I immediately purchased a copy. For those who don't know Rick hosts one of the first and most respected maritime blogs and he is considered by many to be the preeminent maritime book reviewer of our time. The list of nautical books he has read and reviewed is impressive and the lessons lea [...]

    16. A well paced seafaring tale, Hell Around the Horn is set in the early 20th century when sailing ships were struggling to compete with steam. Told from four different perspectives, the captain, his wife, an apprentice and a seaman, the book moves along nicely and manages to tell a gripping story without getting bogged down in sailing jargon.There are a few too many typos and minor errors but they don't detract too much from an enjoyable read.

    17. Truth is always stranger and more unbelievable than fiction and Spilman made a smart move in basing his novel on the log of a true Cape Horn voyage. The tale is told from the vantage point of four members aboard the square rigger and moves along at a fast clip. Thankfully, the author can speak nauticalise and so Hell Around the Horn can be enjoyed by both sailors and lubbers alike. I look forward to his next novel and hope that it will also be set aboard a fine sailing ship.

    18. Beyond my scope or attention span. For myself there was too many technical sailing terms. I had to stop every now and then to look up a word to be able to understand the story line. It became more of a chore than a pleasure to read. For some one with nautical knowledge it is probably a very good book. I just couldn't continue on with it.

    19. A well-written tale of one of the harshest places on the sea - Cape Horn. Although fictional, it's based on a real voyage, and it's very clear that the author has done his research. I've read a lot of sailing novels, and this ranks up near the top.

    20. A quick read of a fascinating time in our history. .We don't move like this anymore but I wonder if the world wouldn't be better off if we did. Slow and steady with our fate resting on that which we bring with us.

    21. I now know in intimate detail how to sail a windjammer in a gale. I also know I don't want to ever do that. an exciting story based on a true hellacious voyage in 1905

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