A Good Yarn

A Good Yarn Lydia Hoffman owns the shop on Blossom Street In the year since it opened A Good Yarn has thrived and so has Lydia A lot of that is due to Brad Goetz But when Brad s ex wife reappears Lydia is sudde

  • Title: A Good Yarn
  • Author: Debbie Macomber
  • ISBN: 9780778322955
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lydia Hoffman owns the shop on Blossom Street In the year since it opened, A Good Yarn has thrived and so has Lydia A lot of that is due to Brad Goetz But when Brad s ex wife reappears, Lydia is suddenly afraid to trust her newfound happiness.Three women join Lydia s newest class Elise Beaumont, retired and bitterly divorced, learns that her onetime husband is reenteriLydia Hoffman owns the shop on Blossom Street In the year since it opened, A Good Yarn has thrived and so has Lydia A lot of that is due to Brad Goetz But when Brad s ex wife reappears, Lydia is suddenly afraid to trust her newfound happiness.Three women join Lydia s newest class Elise Beaumont, retired and bitterly divorced, learns that her onetime husband is reentering her life Bethanne Hamlin is facing the fallout from a much recent divorce And Courtney Pulanski is a depressed and overweight teenager, whose grandmother s idea of helping her is to drag her to seniors swim sessions and to the knitting class at A Good Yarn.

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    1. The Debbie Macomber "Blossom Street" books aren't the type of books that will change your life. But what they are is a very sweet, nice read that will make you feel good. Sort of in an "aww.at's so sweet and life is good" kind of way.These books revolve around a yarn shop in Seattle and highlight the lives of the women who take knitting classes there. Being a knitter myself, I like reading books that involve knitting. I can instantly relate to the characters. The characters in the books each hav [...]

    2. I enjoyed this second installment in the Blossom Street series even more than the first. Debbie Macomber's characters feel like real women to me. I can see each one of them and I'd love to know them. She makes you feel like you could stroll right into that yarn shop and you'd be met with a group of women who'd say, "Lisa! We've been waiting for you!". It's like the Cheers of the female middle-aged reading set. And that's my set! I can't wait to continue with this series. It just gives me such a [...]

    3. Great easy read. Good story. Light and entertaining tale of the lives of several very different woman who are joined together by a knitting class.

    4. Inkvotary3,5 starsLydia is stunned when she hears from her fiancé that he breaks up with her only because his ex is coming back and wants a second chance. She is shocked, feels disappointed and has no other way then to tell him what his ex´ really wants. And with her sister Margaret things aren´t easy too. Something is weighing down on her sister, but unlike other siblings, they can´t talk with each other about it. A fact that makes Lydia very sad.I couldn´t help but ask myself from time to [...]

    5. What a wonderfully enjoyable story. Macomber had me crying like a baby and laughing real belly laughs in turn. The intertwining tales throughout created a complex plot that kept me thoroughly captivated. It was so real and realistic. I love how Macomber can examine situations from every side without breaking the flow of the story. Macomber doesn’t simply tell you a story about her characters; she invites you into their lives through the pages of her novel. Each one came to life in a different [...]

    6. I loved this book, as I did "The Shop On Blossom Street" which is the book that precedes this one. Its a very sweet read and lots of fun. I'm looking forward to her next book, "Susannah's Garden" which should be out about now. Debbie writes wonderful books.

    7. I really like this author. She follows several main charachters and their life and problems in each book. They become your friends and you want all to turn out well for them in the end.

    8. This book, #2 in the Blossom Street Series, was another lovely escape from reality for me. It was a nice, relaxing read that inspired a variety of emotions. It had me both laughing and sniffling each time I sat down to read. This is my second book by Debbie Macomber and I am officially declaring myself a fan. I love the simple, easy flow of her stories and her down to Earth writing style. Her characters are easy to relate to, and their stories are interesting enough to keep me engaged. The fluff [...]

    9. Macomber has done it again with another Blossom Street offering. Knitters everywhere will find themselves yet again drawn in to the life and yarn shop of Lydia Hoffman, owner of "A Good Yarn", as she meets three new women from various stages of life who have signed up for her sock knitting class. The perspective of life experience from each of these three women and their families enriches the reader's desire to be more understanding and find out more about people before judging them. You never k [...]

    10. Absolutely wonderful emotional read,Lydia,Courtney,Elise n Bethanie all these woman's journey and their hardwork to find happiness and love,each one go through their own pains and hurt but are successful in finding their happiness and HEA for Lydia and EliseLydia-Is happy with Brad and loves Cody as well but then Brad's ex-wife comes back saying she wants to be back with them and Brad wants to give it a try,in a way asking her to step aside for a while Lydia says no she will never be second best [...]

    11. Sometimes the most enriching relationships you will have are right under your nose or found in situations and places you would not suspect.

    12. I feel at home on Blossom Street and a connection with the character's stories that could be real. This one was even better than the first.

    13. İstirahət məqsədli oxuduğum bu kitabdan həqiqətəndə zövq aldımraqlı sujet xettine sahib olan eser telesmeden amma əlimdəndə buraxmadan oxuduğum gülümsəmə dolu bir dünya idi:)

    14. Cancer survivor Lydia Hoffman's shop "A Good Yarn" has thrived since she opened it a year ago. She decides to teach a class on how to knit socks and three people sign up for it. Elise Beaumont is a retired librarian who has recently suffered a financial setback and was forced to move in with her daughter's family. Elise has been divorced for many years but never stopped loving her ex-husband, "Maverick", whose gambling ruined their marriage. Elise is not pleased when she finds out that Maverick [...]

    15. A Good Yarn is the yarn store that is owned and operated by Lydia Hoffman. Her sister, Margaret, often helps her.This is another story in which three women come into A Good Yarn and sign up for a knitting class in making socks. Elise Beaumont, a retired librarian and divorcee, is living with her daughter, Aurora, since losing her life savings in a housing scheme. It's taking the courts a long time to decide if she will ever get any of her money back. She learns that her ex will be coming to visi [...]

    16. Spoiler alert ( can't find the hide review function on the iPad app) Stephanie Pearl MacPhee had this on her list of knitting theme books, so I thought I'd give it a try even though I was skeptical about the author's being too sweet and sappy. My oh so sophisticated reader self cringed at the dreams come true triumph over adversity that was everywhere in it and the sheer improbability of the nice new girl who goes to homecoming With the football star, or the credit-worthy yarn shop ( sooo 2005!) [...]

    17. Just finished ,'A Good Yarn,' and what can I say. Ahh I feel great, happy, encouraged, hopeful and cheery. I love that Debbie Macomber's books can make me feel that way. You can't help but feeling great about the simple things in life and thankful for all you got after reading anything by her. They are all positively uplifting. My review isn't to tell everyone EXACTLY what the book is about but how I felt after reading it, did I like it? Yes. Why? Because I felt enlightened, encouraged and just [...]

    18. I keep reading Macomber series out of order. The nice thing is, even though that means I know a bit about what happens later, they're still quite enjoyable. This one was no exception, although I do have two fairly large nits to pick:1) 25-35 pounds can feel like a lot of weight, especially to a shy, awkward teenager. But good golly, THAT big a deal? A difference of three dress sizes? And why couldn't we decide which it was -- 25 or 35?2) Either he's addicted to gambling, which is a Bad Thing, or [...]

    19. This is a return to fluff reading. I have read #1 in the series and decided I needed a break. Combines my love of reading with my love of knitting. (Now if I could just DO both at the same time!) The characters in this book are normal ordinary women, who form a diverse circle of friends as they learn or return to knitting. Since I don't have a LYS (local yarn store), I get a feel of belonging here with this group. The fact that the pattern in this book is for SOCKS makes it even more fun!Certain [...]

    20. This book was truly "a good yarn". My heart went out to all the new women in Lydia's sock knitting class. Again all the ladies come from different walks of life. I even knew who the fairy godfather was right after Elise walked out of the bank.Debbie Macomber adds her real life charity projects into this book that still makes me want to learn how to knit. I just need to find someone to sit down and teach me. I guess I will be more like Lydia's sister until then with my crocheting. Eagerly awaitin [...]

    21. Debbie Macomber writes pleasant, enjoyable books. This is the second of the Blossom Street series and I enjoyed it. The reader probably isn't going to learn anything new, but its a nice change from some of the deeper novels that we read. My favorite thing about her writing is her treatment of relationships. She does present situations and characters who face dilemmas that make the reader think. All in all - good.

    22. I read this on the KindleThis is the 2nd in the Blossom Street seriesThis was a good book my one critism is that while i can understand repeating the story of the people in short form at the beginning but it told a few more times which i feel is not neededI enjoyed reading about the new people taking the knitting class plus hearing a little of the people previous bool

    23. This is another book in a two book series about the knitting group. Although there are some of the same people in this one that were in The shop on blossom street, it is about 4 others lives and how they change after they find these friendships. I enjoyed this book also, this author has a knack for writing about friendship, relationship and it is always nice to have happy endings.

    24. An easy read about the relationships that develop between 3 women and their knitting instructor, unlikely to be friends in the outside world. Debbie Macomber's characters are always very real. She understands the world of women and their friendships.

    25. I found this to be a very enjoyable read. I kept wanting to pick up the book and find out what was happening with the characters which I felt were my friends.

    26. Amazing! Fell in love with every character! My sister's, a few friends and I actually started a Friday Night knitting club

    27. Absolutely loved this book. I love how the individual chapters focus on a different character each time. Will be starting "Susannah's Garden" Book 3 very soon.

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