The Pirate Prince

The Pirate Prince When Allegra Monteverdi the daughter of Lazar s sworn enemy throws herself on his mercy the pirate prince Lazar di Fiori agrees to spare the lives of her family but only if she sails away with him

  • Title: The Pirate Prince
  • Author: Gaelen Foley
  • ISBN: 9780449002476
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Allegra Monteverdi, the daughter of Lazar s sworn enemy, throws herself on his mercy, the pirate prince Lazar di Fiori agrees to spare the lives of her family but only if she sails away with him Alone at sea with this dark, intriguing man, moving between seduction and fear, Allegra realizes it will take than her growing love for this pirate prince to bring peaceWhen Allegra Monteverdi, the daughter of Lazar s sworn enemy, throws herself on his mercy, the pirate prince Lazar di Fiori agrees to spare the lives of her family but only if she sails away with him Alone at sea with this dark, intriguing man, moving between seduction and fear, Allegra realizes it will take than her growing love for this pirate prince to bring peace to her beloved home For Lazar must face the demons of his shattered past if he is to forge the destiny that is theirs to claim

    The Pirate Prince Ascension Trilogy by Gaelen Foley The Pirate Prince Ascension Trilogy When Allegra Monteverdi, the daughter of Lazar s sworn enemy, throws herself on his mercy, the pirate prince Lazar di Fiori agrees to spare the lives of her family but only if she sails away with him Alone at sea with this dark, The Pirate Prince Ascension Trilogy Book Kindle The Pirate Prince by Gaelen Foley is definitely one of those books She combines everything that is essential for a wonderful historical with a sweeping story full of adventure, passion and intrigue. The Pirate Prince by Connie Mason The Pirate Prince was just an okay read for me I feel like I ve read this I was forced into a life of crime and now I must get my revenge by taking this hostage, but fall in love with them instead tale several times now, and have read it done better Prince Dariq fled Instabul when his brother, the sultan, ordered all of his male siblings killed. Pirate Princess Disney Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Pirate Princess is a recurring character from Disney Junior s television series Jake and the Never Land Pirates She is the beautiful Princess of all pirates who first appears in The Pirate Prince Leisure Historical Romance Connie Nov , The Pirate Prince was a great action packed romance Who Knew an English noble woman could win over the heart of a Turkish pirate prince Dariq and Willow are definitely made for one another, but they really try to stay out of each others way for a good chunk of the book. The Pirates and the Prince starwars.fandom The Pirates and the Prince is an animated film released on VHS in and on DVD in It is a feature length compilation of the Droids episodes The Lost Prince, The New King, The Pirates of Tarnoonga and The Revenge of Kybo Ren. Pirate Prince TV Movie Directed by Alan Horrox With Sean Blowers, Danny Cerqueira, Mona Hammond, David Harewood. The Pirate Prince Lords of the Var Book A Qurilixen Cat shifter Pirate Prince Jarek sails the high sky in his spaceship doing as he pleases that is until intergalactic drug dealers take his pilot hostage But the rescue mission goes wrong when, The Pirate Prince Home Facebook The Pirate Prince likes talking about this The th book in The Paladin Princess series. The Princess and the Pirate The Princess and the Pirate finds Virginia Mayo taken prisoner by the infamous pirate the Hook played by Victor McLaglen She s a princess who s run away to marry a commoner, a reverse on what had happened in the United Kingdom a few years back.

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    1. Let's just call this book The Mean and Awful Prince and his Naive and Quixotic Woman.Book if the month read with Historical Romance Book ClubSeries: YesSexy times: Yea, these two spend a lot of time on their backs, sides, fronts, wherevsPlan on reading more by the author: I can't really decide if I want to take her onSynopsis Lazar is a prince who is on the run. Allegra, the woman who wishes he would come back and save his country and his people from the awful Governor's who mistreat and cheat t [...]

    2. After reading the Foley series "the Knight Miscellany", I have to say I had mixed reviews. Some of Foley's work is brilliant, and some of it just aggravates and disappoints. The problem is, you never know what you'll get until you read the book. I really contemplated not reading this series, because it was her first, and you'd think that an author's first is not her best. How wrong I was. Pirate Prince put all of her Knight Books, including my favorite "The Duke" to shame. This is really more th [...]

    3. HRBC BOTM: RevengeListened to audio from Hoopla.The H in this book had some compellingly justified reasons to have tortured soul. Lazar was great, Allegra was annoying. I have read a later series by this author, Gaelen Foley (Knight Miscellany series) and she is adept at creating tortured heroes in HR. Her heroes are awesome dudes, but their love interest's are not always as compelling as they are.

    4. I was in the mood for some big enemies-to-lovers drama and adding cold-hearted heroes and pirates to that, this book should have been the perfect recipe for me.Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it that much. I reckon it had potential, but there were some things that just annoyed the hell out of him and made me lose interest and focus in the story.First of all, Allegra's insistence that Lazar couldn't possibly be who he claimed to be was just aggravating. He kept on insisting he was the long lost pri [...]

    5. I was gifted this book from my book friend, Cristal when I decided I wanted to read a historical romance. I really enjoyed this story. Parts if this book had me crying like a baby. I will definitely read the other two books in this series, which are about other characters. Thanks, Cristal!!!

    6. I think I got my hopes up again.I really wish I hadn't though. Most reviews raved about how magical and fairytale-like this book was and I was excited to read something fun and silly. The beginning was fun at least; I was engrossed in the story and I was rooting for the characters, but I quickly lost interest after they left the city. If this book truly had been silly and fun, then I think I would've enjoyed it more. But the whole story was riddled with over-the-top cliches and overused romance [...]

    7. I'm either having very bad luck with books or I'm just in another extra picky phase. I'm only going to list out all the things I didn't like about the book because I can honestly say that the only thing I liked was the promise it held on the book jacket summary.Cons:-No spark between hero and heroine.-Story/conflict took away too much from the romance.-Took almost half the book for them to get on the boat and for the getting-to-know-each-other part to start, which is the whole reason why I'm rea [...]

    8. 4.5 stars.Bloody Gaelen Foley- I wanted to hate this book, especially after the way our hero behaved at one stage, but I just couldn't! This is a difficult book for me to review, because I did get very involved in the story, and it was not easy to deal with the hero's issues, but I am glad I finished it.Our hero, Lazar, is a very conflicted individual who suffered a horribly traumatic adolescence, struggling under the weight of a huge burden of guilt, with strong suicidal tendencies. Yep, he is [...]

    9. Lazar, is a missing prince, who returns home vowing revenge against the upsurpers that killed his family. Allegra, throws a wrench in his plans. She is the daughter of his sworn enemy and he kidnaps her and takes her off with his pirate crew.Why I picked it up: Pirates, kidnapping and storming the castle this had elements of my favorite movies.Why I finished it: I keep hoping that Foley could pull it all together. Her pacing was static, and the characters spent more time explaining their actions [...]

    10. The heroine of this book is the new holder of the hotly contested Most Annoying Female Protagonist prize. Congratulations. Endless orations, sanctimonious arguments, and the utter inability to listen. He should have killed her and found some hot pirate wench. I would have finished THAT book.DNF

    11. I read this for Historical Romance Book Club BOTM.I agree with the general consensus of "The Mean and Awful Prince" and his Doormat. Please read Ally's review.I do not see more books by this author on my horizon.

    12. Prince Lazar di Fiore of the island nation of Ascension was driven away from his homeland at the age of 13 when his father's government was overthrown and his family was executed. Living the life of a pirate, he longed for the day that he could return to the island and avenge his family's deaths. After 15 years, that day finally came. His plan was simple. He would steal the daughter of the corrupt governor and execute her while he forced her father to watch. When he was finished, he would loot t [...]

    13. 3.5 stars. I did truly enjoy this. It's an interesting story and it kept me engaged. Written in 1997, this is one where you see the clear shift from the old skool to the new skool alpha. In fact this hero could be the poster boy. Don't get me wrong, I like him. He was sexy, but I think I'm still more attracted to the old skool type (in books anyway). The new skool alpha is (in my opinion) more of a woobie (see tvtropes/pmwiki/pmwikip). He feels his tortured past. This one even went so far as to [...]

    14. What a shallow book!?I will summarize my frustration in a few points: 1. What is so great about a man who just wants to sleep with you??2. What is so great about a woman who falls in love with a painting and accuses the man in said painting of falling short of her expectations??3. No feelings whatsover between lead characters. Heroine appeals to hero's moral ideals. But I do not feel that she is fair herself either. I think overall the plot is not so bad, but I just do not believe that the heroi [...]

    15. From KarenH @ Ami:'Pirate Prince by Gaelen Foley - excellent. This was her debut novel and IMO is just as good, if not better, than all of the books she has written since (including The Duke, a keeper for me). The poor hero is such a tortured soul but the heroine loves him unconditionally, and their story is one of those "fairy tale romances" that when it's over you just want to kiss the book it's so sweet. (Ok, maybe you don't want to kiss the book but you know what I mean.)'**********Sounds in [...]

    16. After a discussion on Twitter some weeks back, I decided to pick this up for a re-read. Although it's been years, I remember this as a rich, fulfilling story of love and redemption. It's always been my favorite of all Foley's books. Fifteen years ago, Prince Lazar di Fiore's entire family was murdered right in front of him. He escaped by throwing himself off a cliff into the ocean. The intervening years have been anything but kind to him. Now he's a ruthless pirate, and he's back on Ascension wi [...]

    17. This is an excellent novel, full of adventure, riled with emotion, and morality issues. I'm a fan of this author and she didn't disappoint. I read the Knight Miscellany series before this and I loved them, my favorite was Jack Knight's story, all that built up mystery about him in the previous books were justly explained in "His Wicked Kiss". From then on I admired her excellent writing skills, her masterful storytelling, and the way she brings characters to life.This novel is a breath of fresh [...]

    18. I thought I’d like The Pirate Prince. I love pirates. Ok, I love Highlander’s too. *sigh* Set on the island of Ascension, pirate prince Lazar di Fiore plans the perfect revenge against the man who had taken everything from him. He plans to kill the daughter of his enemy and will kill him too, but first, he will make him watch his daughter as she is murdered. However, things don’t go his way when he meets Allegra Monteverdi. He just can’t find it in him to kill her. She’s beautiful, spi [...]

    19. Someone recently mentioned this book tome and told me how good it was. Well, it happened to be in my top 5 historicalbooks of all times. I have re-read this book many times, and saw that I had actuallynever rated it. I can't even say how much I love Lazar.Every. Single. Thing. About. Him.I love his strength, I love his determination,I love his soft side, and I FLOVE howhe treats Allegra. Simply put, Lazar and Allegra just fit. They absolutely belong together. Iloved the build-up of their relatio [...]

    20. The Pirate Prince kept me glued to my seat, as I shared the fear, excitement and grief of Allegra. Both Lazar and Allegra were written so well that I believed that they truly were in love, and it made my heart swell. I have read all three books, and I was truly sad when the trilogy came to an end. It isn't easy writing a book that produces so much feeling from the reader, as Gaelen's writing did, and I applaud her for that. I will never forget these books, and they are certainly on my keep list. [...]

    21. I wont go into the plot because Karen has done it justice in her review.I did not know until i read the reviews that this was Gaelen Foley's debut novel and what a start.I love pirates and this book lived up to expectations.This is a great book, but have to add that it took Allegra and Lazar far too long to get together, plus she took him back too quickly at the end and that stopped me from giving it the 5 stars. Looking forward to "The Princess" the next in the series then "Prince Charming" is [...]

    22. Lazar, thats a hero to swoon for. This plot is great, face paced and adventurous not to mention romantic. If someone hated romance novels pick this up it will change their minds.

    23. Reviewed for THC ReviewsThe Pirate Prince was Gaelen Foley's first published romance sixteen years ago, and what a debut it was. I absolutely loved this story of a lost prince turned pirate, finally returning to his island nation to take up the throne that is his birthright. The country in question is the fictional island of Ascension located in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy (yes, there is a real Ascension Island, but it's located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean). The story has a [...]

    24. «—Todavía os odio, pero por favor, no me soltéis todavía.»«Tenía la belleza del agua pura, del aire limpio, del cálido sol, de las cosas esenciales y Lazar supo que la necesitaba tanto como a éstas.»Tenía miedo de leer este libro porque lo último que leí de Foley me había dejado fría fría. Así que empecé a dar vueltas, esquivándolo, pensando en otras cosas pero al final me rendí y lo devoré. Dentro de todo es una gran historia de piratas, me encanta Lazar (al menos en la p [...]

    25. This would've gotten 5 stars but for two things: for some reason Foley resorts far too often to telling what happened instead of showing, probably because this is an early effort and her style wasn't yet polished. But worse is the fact that, while Foley does a brilliant job creating an impossible situation for the hero and heroine, and building expectations for 1) a comeuppance for the really disagreeable rival for the hero's hand, and 2) a "rabbit-out-of-the-hat" solution to an almost impossibl [...]

    26. And that is why I keep reading Foley books. Most of them don't work for me, but when they do (as it does here and in The Duke), she hits it out of the park. This combines pirates/sworn family enemies/hidden royalties tropes into one delicious, super-angsty mix. Prince Lazar of the tiny fictional kingdom of Ascencion (think Corsica) is the only survivor of the murdered royal family. He escaped when he was 13 and now, at 28, as a ruthless powerful pirate, he returns - not to rule the place or anyt [...]

    27. I really liked this one. I thought it was gonna be much shorter but I can't say I'd want to cut off any of those scenes. It started off a bit weird. His immediate attraction to her was a bit too intense for me. But when I thought this was going to be just another one of those love-at-first-sight kinda book, it picked up. Their relationship was awesome and hilarious. I'm glad the author took her time with those two.The only thing that bugged me a bit was how the author spent three pages with the [...]

    28. I had a hard time rating this one. It wasn't badly written as these things go but it wasn't my cup of tea. The hero, Lazar, seemed balanced between a true old-school alph-hole "hero" and current hero behavior. Which means that while he doesn't physically harm or rape the heroine he still threatens it, holds her hostage, certainly makes her think he's going to rape her and in general acts like a big stinking jerk a lot of the time. The heroine is also rather old style, completely sexually unaware [...]

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