Death of the Mantis

Death of the Mantis The best book yet in one of the best series going a serious novel with a mystery at its core that takes us places we ve never been Timothy Hallinan author of The Queen of Patpong Mystery readers who

  • Title: Death of the Mantis
  • Author: Michael Stanley
  • ISBN: 9780062000378
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • The best book yet in one of the best series going a serious novel with a mystery at its core that takes us places we ve never been Timothy Hallinan, author of The Queen of Patpong Mystery readers who have not yet made the acquaintance of larger than life African investigator Detective David Kubu Bengu are doing themselves a great disservice Death of the Mantis is th The best book yet in one of the best series going a serious novel with a mystery at its core that takes us places we ve never been Timothy Hallinan, author of The Queen of Patpong Mystery readers who have not yet made the acquaintance of larger than life African investigator Detective David Kubu Bengu are doing themselves a great disservice Death of the Mantis is the third Kubu novel from author Michael Stanley following the critically acclaimed A Carrion Death and The Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu and it plunges the robust manhunter into the chaotic center of a murder case involving nomadic Bushmen that is stoking the fires of prejudice and tribal hatred Set in Botswana the fascinating equatorial country also explored by Alexander McCall Smith in his 1 Ladies Detective Agency novels Death of the Mantis is a book alive with the sights and sounds of an exotic and breathtaking land The exploits of Stanley s singularly captivating policeman protagonist will delight you and keep you guessing.

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    1. Alright, so I'm going to be honest and admit that I signed up for this tour, because I wanted to read a book that I thought would be similar to one of my all time favorite series, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. Let me just say, I didn't get what I wished for. Instead of being carried away by the engaging voice of a lovable character like Mma. Ramotswe, I was introduced to Kubu. He's the detective trying to solve the murder of Monzo, a ranger whose body was found sur [...]

    2. I always have a book with me and, often, when I am asked about the book and I mention the title, the author, and the genre, the response is, “I don’t read mysteries. I don’t like Agatha Christie.” Fact is, I don’t like Agatha Christie. If that style was all there is in mystery, I wouldn’t be reading mysteries either but the popularity of the genre shows that most readers do know how far mysteries have come, incorporating societal problems into stories, making them more believable and [...]

    3. David “Kubu” Bengu is assistant superintendent in the Botswana Criminal Investigation Department. David received the nickname of Kubu a long time ago and it stuck. Kubu means Jolly Hippo and David is large, does enjoy his food, and has a happy disposition but he is also a very intelligent person with the uncanny ability to sort out clues and come to the proper conclusion when faced with a crime.Southern Africa is the setting for the Kubu books and offers many interesting facts about Africa a [...]

    4. Death of the Mantis, by Michael Stanley, a-minus, Talking Book borrowed from the National Library Services for the BlindThis is the third in the Detective Kubu series from Botswana. In this book, Detective Kubu is sent to investigate the murder of a man. He and the police have difficulty finding any leads, but they do find out who the man was. He had been hired by a diamond company to track down where materials were being taken from the company and who was stealing them. The company suspected th [...]

    5. This is the best of the Stanley mysteries I have read: they just keep getting better.Set in a Botswana that we have become familiar with through the Alexander McCall-Smith series THE NO. 1 LADIES’ DETECTIVE AGENCY, this mystery has the same gentle feel of McCall-Smith’s. The big, lumbering detective Kubu is not a hardnose, but he gets the job done with compassion and consideration, though he nearly bites the biscuit himself in this installation.The Kalahari landscape is desert and brutally h [...]

    6. I enjoyed reading about a place I have never read about before. The setting is both beautiful and terrifying. Detective Kubu is a 300 pound African who is a little lazy but very sharp. At first it was hard to imagine such a large man in such hot weather, I kept picturing him thinner. But once I got used to it, he is perfect. It sets him apart like Poirot with his idiosyncracies. I only gave the book three stars when I reviewed it for the summer reading program at the library, but now when I thin [...]

    7. I skipped from the first book to this one, as my library did not have the second available. As I'd hoped, the writing matured a great deal from the first one, and the few faults I found with A Carrion Death were not evident here. I really like this series, Kubu is very likable and as in the "other" Botswana detective series (about which a funny joke is made in this novel) the country of Botswana and the nature of Africa is a mystical and engaging character all on its own. I'm glad to see that th [...]

    8. I gave this one four stars. It was a good mystery with a clever plot and I really enjoyed the setting. I just didn't find myself as emotionally engaged as I like to be. Kubu was a good sleuth but he's no Jim Chee and he's no Mma Ramatswe.

    9. Loved it! This is the third in the Detective Kubu series, and the best so far. Of course, it's built on the first two books and that gives it an unfair advantage. Great characters, terrific mystery, tons of textures and great suspense. Go check out the series!

    10. Average mystery, great setting--the Kalahari was described so well, I felt like I'd actually been there.

    11. Read this book just for the scene, Botswana and the Kalahari Desert, and nothing else, and you'll be happy.

    12. DEATH OF THE MANTIS is the third book in the Detective David 'Kubu' Bengu series from writing duo Stanley Trollip and Michael Sears, under the pen name of Michael Stanley. (For those that haven't read this series 'Kubu' means hippopotamus which is a commentary on Bengu's size.) I remember, before this book was completed, the authors explaining the life and plight of the Bushman, a race of people who come from the Kalahari Desert, who traditionally live a nomadic, simple existence with their own [...]

    13. Once again, while searching for another entry into my self created challenge of reading new authors in 2014, I came across the writer duo of Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip, who collectively writes crime fiction under the name of Michael Stanley, featuring the Botswana Policeman, Detective David Bengu nicknamed Kubu (Hippopotamus in the Setswana language) for his size. Set in the southern African nation of Botswana (home of another very famous series created by Alexander McCall Smith) THE DEAT [...]

    14. This third book in the Detective Kubu series finds our favorite portly member of Botswanna CID called in to help investigate a murder committed on the edge of the Kalahari. When the Bushmen who find the body become suspects in the murder, Kubu's old school friend calls him in to help make sure the aboriginal men get fair treatment at the hands of the often-racist government. A few thoughts: Once again, the authors (Michael Stanley is pseudonym for two men) do a great job immersing the reader in [...]

    15. First Line: The desert glowed in the dawn light.In this wonderful third entry in the Detective Kubu mystery series set in Botswana, Detective David Bengu (call him Kubu, please) finds himself torn between the orders of his superior officer and the request of a beloved childhood friend.As little boys, Kubu and his Bushman schoolmate Khumanego are the ones who are "different"-- the outsiders. As a result, they became close friends. Once they left school, however, they lost track of each other, so [...]

    16. The Place is very sacred and very secret.’The story opens with a prologue set in the 1950s involving Gibiwasi (a young bushman) and his father, and their visit to an important sacred spot in the Kalahari Desert known as ‘The Place’. Gibiwasi’s father enjoins him not to tell anyone about The Place, except his own eldest son when the time comes.In the present, Monzo, a ranger from the Transfrontier Park is found dead by two of his colleagues. There are three Bushmen with him and while they [...]

    17. I'm still not sure how I'm getting myself into these situations, actually I do know the reason. It's simple actually. I don't due my research before I agree to review a book, at least I don't do it well enough. How else do you explain my penchant for reviewing books that are actually somewhere in the middle of series. It is simply that I'm a mystery junkie who takes any opportunity he can to read a good one? Do I enjoy reading said book and liking it so much that I feel compelled to go back and [...]

    18. Although it's not the first Lt. Kubu mystery, it's the first I've read, because it was on sale one day at the Kindle store. I'll certainly be reading more. Set in Botswana, a largely Black African-run country which also has white residents and Bushmen, this book explores the tensions between the Bushmen and the majority of somewhat Westernized blacks in the country.Lt. Kubu (a nickname meaning "hippo" in the Setswana language) is a new father in this story, torn between the demands of his job an [...]

    19. The third offering in the Detective Kubu mystery series has an air of unsettlement throughout -- partly due to the murders Kubu is investigating, partly because of changes that Kubu is experiencing at home. An old friend from school, Khumanego, implores Kubu to get involved in the case, accusing the local police of being racists unjustly targeting the Bushmen who found the first body. Additional murders arise and clues continue to point to involvement by the Bushmen; however, Kubu cannot believe [...]

    20. In this third mystery set in Botswana, Assistant Supt. David "Kubu" Bengu is settling into life as a new father when an old friend of his, a Bushman that he knew in childhood, calls him about a murder case in the Kalahari which has resulted in the arrest of three Bushmen for the crime. Bushmen are by nature non-violent and although Kubu is loathe to get involved, he feels that he owes his friend at least a look-see, so he leaves his struggling wife Joy and baby daughter for a trip to the desert [...]

    21. The title is derived from the symbol, a praying mantis, of the People, the “Bushmen” of Botswana, the setting for this, the third Detective Kubu mystery. Kubu, the nickname for David Bengu, assistant superintendent of the CID, means hippo, which describes his girth. Now a father, Kubu faces the challenges of protecting his family from the dangers of his profession and the love of his job.And no greater tests confront him than those in this novel. Initially, Kubu faces a relatively simple cas [...]

    22. I read the first book in this series about a year ago (audiobook, actually). I liked it, but I wasn't anxious to read the other books. This book was 99 cent Kindle special, so I decided to go for it. I definitely liked this book more. This book has stronger characters and plot development. In particular, the lead detective Kubu (hippopotamus in Setswana) is a compelling, and well-developed character here. After finishing this book, I found myself thinking for a moment that I could see him as a r [...]

    23. Murders and betrayal in the Kalahari Desert play out for Kubu in this rather thrilling mystery that invokes Tony Hillerman and his themes of indigenous dignity and the sacredness of land. We have gem seeking white men, condescending blacks, and beleaguered bushmen all combining in a volatile brew of deception and suspense. While hunting a murderer the police stumble across another body. Bias against the bushmen has them as the ususal suspects. Kubu gets involved due to politics and is off to Nam [...]

    24. First thought when I finished the last sentence: "Oh my! I think I've fallen in love with a new character- Kubu!"Reasons I chose this book- After reading the synopsis I just knew this was a book that I would enjoy me a good mystery that takes place in Africa and I'm sure to be hooked!Reasons I liked this book- The characters! Hands down they won me over. They felt real to me and as I was reading, their faces appeared in my imagination. When that happens I know I'm in for a real treat! I absolute [...]

    25. Three Bushmen who were in the area are arrested for the murder of a ranger. A bushman and close friend of Detective Kubu Bengu tells him that he believes the detective in charge of the case is guilty of racial profiling and is overlooking possibilities that might involve a white man. As other deaths occur, the police step up their efforts to find the person or persons responsible. This book started out slowly for me, but it picked up as the story progressed and tensions mounted. The novel contai [...]

    26. The third book in a series about a Botswanan detective named David Bengu, nicknamed Kubu (Hippo) because of his large body and easy going nature. He is called by an old high school chum to help defend three Bushmen arrested for the murder of a game park warden, and once again becomes embroiled in a series of seemingly unrelated deaths, which are anything but. Left to die in the desert, Kubu survives and helps put together the various clues to find the killer and help bring him to justice for his [...]

    27. Started reading this series this year and have been really enjoying them. I know that most reviews try to compare this series with the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency but I caution you that they are not similar other than the fact that they take place in Botswana. Detective Kubu deals with more sinister, complex and darker cases than you would find in the Precious Ramotswe series. Mma Ramotswe still rules for me but Kubu is running a close second.

    28. A good story enveloped in interesting local color: an attractive proposition for a mystery book. This time, it's about the Bushmen of the Kalahari, a nomad people struggling to stay true to their roots. Detective Kubu is an endearing character.

    29. Murder mystery set in Botswana. Very authentic Botswana background/detail plus interesting info about the Bushmen. Actual murder plot was good. Enjoyable.

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