The Mystery Knight

The Mystery Knight The Mystery Knight is a novella published in as part of the Warriors anthology edited by George R R Martin and Gardner Dozois It is the third in the series of Dunk and Egg stories Previous stori

  • Title: The Mystery Knight
  • Author: George R.R. Martin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 360
  • Format: ebook
  • The Mystery Knight is a novella published in 2010 as part of the Warriors anthology, edited by George R R Martin and Gardner Dozois It is the third in the series of Dunk and Egg stories Previous stories are The Hedge Knight and The Sworn Sword.

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    1. The third Dunk&Egg story, and perhaps the most plot filled, and the one with a more obvious connection to the ASOIAF (Set a couple generations in the future). I think reading this helps to figure out a small mystery in the ASOIAF, particularly a ADWD revelation (view spoiler)[namely the three eyed crow. And I do believe we have cameos by Lord Frey here (hide spoiler)].But my enjoyment of the Dunk&Egg stories is seems to be reverse chronology, I loved the first, liked a lot the second sto [...]

    2. Another delightful tale about Dunk and Egg. The relationship between knight and squire has grown, with Ser Duncan the Tall trying to give guidance and discipline to his young squire and Egg obeying in a smart-ass kinda way in spite of the empty threats of a "clout in the ear."This tale gives us more of the Targaryen history, past rebellions and line of succession. Because of these tales I've been constantly looking at the Targaryen family tree, but it makes no difference, other than a few except [...]

    3. The Mystery Knight is my favorite novella in the Dunk and Egg prequel series to date. Dunk and Egg meet up with some fellow hedge knights and after learning of a wedding feast Dunk decides to come along in hopes of winning some money in a tournament. It's always great to read about Dunk and Egg and this novella is no excexption. The Mystery Knight is a great read for fans of Dunk and Egg and A Song of Ice and Fire.

    4. Decidedly better than the second novella in the series of Dunk and Egg, The Sworn Sword, this final outing for Martin's beloved characters from almost a hundred years before the events of A Song of Ice and Fire is nevertheless marred by far too many interchangeable characters that only the most rabid of fans will be able to discern, and still takes an awfully long time to set everything up. Yet the characters of Dunk and Egg carry this book on their more than capable shoulders, so much so that t [...]

    5. 4.25/5No sabía que existía una tercera parte de estas aventuras hasta unos meses después de terminar La Espada Leal, y por cuestiones de tiempo y ganas, no lo busqué hasta hace unas semanas. Al no haber sido publicado en español todavía, tuve que conformarme con un epub traducido por fans que tenía demasiados errores; apenas se entendía qué estaba pasando y me costó no sentirme incómoda en un principio, eso y todo sumado a los verbos mal conjugados y las faltas de ortografía y gramá [...]

    6. Αυτό που προσωπικά θα κρατήσω από το βιβλίο αυτό, είναι η ιδέα της συντροφικότητας και το πως αυτή αποτυπώνεται μέσα από την σχέση και τις περιπέτειες των Ντάνκαν κι Εγκ. Άλλωστε, νομίζω πως στο σύνολο του έργου του Martin, οι ανθρώπινες σχέσεις είναι αυτές που πάντα βρίσκονται [...]

    7. The third in the Dunk & Egg series, this book is a true delight from start to end. The book starts off with the two journeying on their way to The Wall, when they meet some knights on the way who tell them about a tourney. Seeing the chance to earn some money, Dunk & Egg make their way there and get embroiled in all sorts of adventures.This book is my favourite of the three so far. As usual, I loved Egg's stubborn cheekiness and Dunk's straightforwardness. This story was far more complic [...]

    8. It was a good continuing adventure of Dunk & Egg right on par with the Hedge Knight. It takes place just a year or so after that story, not terribly long after the second, so about a century before the main series. Well worth reading.

    9. The Mystery Knight is the third Dunk and Egg story, another fun novella telling the story of Westeros well before the A Song of Ice and Fire storyline started.To completely understand The Mystery Knight, you first need to read The Hedge Knight and The Sworn Sword. This third story makes references to past events, carries on from events in the prior story, meaning a complete understanding will come from reading the books in order. As each story is a nice short read, adding together to make a sing [...]

    10. I read "The Mystery Knight," the 3rd novella featuring Dunk and Egg, in the Warriors anthology. It was along the same lines as the other two Dunk and Egg stories, and I enjoyed it. In this tale, the hedge knight, Dunk, and his squire, Egg, head to a tournament (to get a free meal!) and end up accidentally getting involved in a big political maelstrom. Again, by reading these books, a fan can learn more of the backstory of Westeros and the history of Targaryen rule. Again, these stories are not e [...]

    11. I think this might have been my favourite Dunk & Egg novella, although this might be because I am interested by the Blackfyre rebellion.Dunk and Egg have quickly made it to my list of fave ASOIAF characters and I await the next short story almost as much as The Winds of Winter.

    12. This is so far the last story published in the Dunk and Egg world. As a whole, I thought the stories were pretty enjoyable. I liked seeing some of the history of Westeros through Dunk's eyes, seeing events that are referenced in the main A Song of Ice and Fire books. That said, of the three stories, this one was my least favorite (granted, 4 stars is pretty good, considering I trend low on ratings).The Hedge Knight tells the story of a diversion Dunk and Egg take while en route to Winterfell and [...]

    13. Author: George R.R. MartinGenre: Novella, FantasyRating: ASet in the same world as George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, “The Hedge Knight” is the first in a series of short stores (and graphic novels) about Ser Duncan the Tall, or Dunk, and his squire Egg. “The Hedge Knight,” and the other stories in the Tales of Dunk and Egg are set about a hundred years before the events of A Song of Ice and Fire.As mentioned, “The Hedge Knight” is the first in this series and foll [...]

    14. U trećoj priči - 'Zagonetnom vitezu' - Dunk i Egg na putovanju na sjever sretnu nekoliko lutajućih vitezova koji su se zaputili na svadbu lorda Butterwella, te ih pozovu da pođu s njima. Isprva oklijevajući, Dunk i Egg ipak svrate u zamak lorda Butterwella, nakon što otkriju da se tamo u čast mladenaca planira održati viteško nadmetanje, čija je nagrada za pobjednika vrlo vrijedno zmajsko jaje. No, osim viteškog nadmetanja, Dunk otkrije da se u zamku sprema još nešto - urota protiv [...]

    15. De los tres cuentos, este es el mejor, no hay dudas! Personalmente en un comienzo no me convencía mucho nada Ser Duncan repitiendo constantemente: "Dunk el Tocho, la mollera tan dura como la muralla de un castillo" "Tanselle La Giganta era su nombre, pero no era tan alta para mí" pero creo que el personaje crece a la par de los libros y en este ultimo fue muuuucho mas llevadero. Nada para decir de Egg, que es un niño pero no lo parece.Mientras leía estos cuentos me daba nostalgia pensar en l [...]

    16. This is my combined opinion about 3 books: The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword and The Mystery KnightIt is very soothing to read a story that is free from chaos of the present-day Westeros. The story-telling in this is as good as any book from A Song of Ice and Fire. Short and interesting, and some crumbs that you can easily connect to the present. Characters are simple and easy to relate to. Also love the point that I don't have to wait for a sequel to enjoy a real good story. George R R Martin's [...]

    17. I just LOVED that last story ! The plot is really intense between the different Targaryen heirs, and we can fully understand the tension inside this large family. A war between Dragons, who wouldn't love that ? :D I won't spoil, but the mystery is kept until the final twist and I liked it (compared to the 2 other stories). Dunk is better than ever, and I quite admired him for his loyalty, honesty and big-heart. Plus, Egg is just hilarious and is more implied in this story because of his origins, [...]

    18. This wraps up the Tales of Dunk and Egg novella. Probably my second fave of the trilogy (The Hedge Knight being my top favorite), but still enjoyed reading it. There were some lines that felt repetitive since The Sworn Sword, like Ser Duncan's "clout in the ear" remarks and "died in the spring" or the Great Spring Sickness mentions. I do like how the characters have developed here, especially Egg. The ending was good and it reminded me of the ending of A Storm of Swords, teehee!

    19. I really enjoyed the book. Compared to A Song of Ice and Fire, writing is more tale-like, and your heart will not be ripped out by velociraptors whenever you get attached to a character. At least not yet-more stories about Hedge knight and his squire are to be published soon.

    20. This is probably the best Dunk and Egg story. I liked how tense it became at one point, and I also liked the ending.

    21. This story actually deserves five star no matter what. The previous two were just an introduction to the relationship of Duncan and Egg with a little plot story in it though they were an interesting read while this story actually got a rich plot with some twists and a lot of introduction to other characters of the seven kingdoms that connects other books in the Song of Ice and Fire.

    22. Probably my favourite tale from the Dunk and Egg series. Good to finally get an inside look at the Blackfyre supporters! Really interesting story.

    23. Aardige novelle binnen de wereld van "Het lied van ijs en vuur" van G.R.R.Martin. Met iets te veel personen, die voor mij wel weg hadden gekund. Dat maakt het verhaal alleen maar rommelig.

    24. Excellent roman dans lequel on suit encore une fois Dunk et l'oeuf dans leurs aventures. Une bonne intrigue et la beauté tout comme la complexité de l'univers de Georges R. R. Martin font de ce court roman un plaisir de lecture.

    25. Caballeros! Justas! Espadas! Honor! Intrigas y el juego de tronos! Otra nueva épica aventura de Dunk y Egg. Digo lo mismo que digo siempre. Cualquier cosa que ocurra en el mundo de Westeros es una excelente lectura.

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