The Toll-Bridge Troll

The Toll Bridge Troll A fierce troll challenges a smart little boy in this book filled with funny riddles and rebus like drawings The swift puckish story and its plucky hero will appeal tremendously especially to the man

  • Title: The Toll-Bridge Troll
  • Author: Patricia Rae Wolff Kimberly Bulcken Root
  • ISBN: 9780152021054
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • A fierce troll challenges a smart little boy in this book filled with funny riddles and rebus like drawings The swift, puckish story and its plucky hero will appeal tremendously, especially to the many children inspired to play toll bridge by The Three Billy Goats Gruff Publishers Weekly

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      420 Patricia Rae Wolff Kimberly Bulcken Root
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    1. The Toll-Bridge Troll is a Fantasy picture book written by Patricia Rae Wolff and illustrated by Kimberly Bulcken Root. In the story line, a young boy named Trigg has to cross a bridge every day to go to school. On this bridge, an ugly, young troll demands Trigg must pay a penny to cross. As an alternative, Trigg suggests that if the troll cannot answer his daily riddle, then Trigg gets to cross the bridge for free. By Trigg consistently outsmarting the troll, the story resolves by the two of th [...]

    2. We are all familiar with the story of the troll that lives under the bridge but I think this take on the classic story is different. The little boy is able to trick the troll into letting him pass for free with his clever riddles which I thought was a good story telling technique. This could be used to help introduce riddles to our students.

    3. The story was exciting! Students can read the book easily, because it is short and exciting. I learned the friendship from this book. Students can learn the importance of education from the book.

    4. Ages 3-7I liked this book, and so did my 7 year old daughter. The main character, Trigg, is a very clever little boy who outsmarts a toll-demanding troll by tricking him with riddles. My daughter enjoyed trying to puzzle out the answer to the riddles before I read the answers. I agree with other reviewers that the repetition was unnecessary. It felt out of place in a story like this. I think the reason the age limit is so low is because the repetition was designed for younger kids, but the riddl [...]

    5. I wish I could rate this better but the main thing I think of when this book comes to mind is how tedious it is. I wish there was some way the repetitive parts could have been written with some difference between them. This isn't for toddlers and the repetition serves no real purpose from what I can see. I have to partly echo another reviewer and say that the book would be good for inroducing riddles. My daughter is also slightly on the young side for this. She does try but her riddles are somet [...]

    6. My kids and I love this book. It is about a boy who needs to cross a bridge to get to school. The troll who lives under the bridge is always there to demand money to cross the bridge. The little boy always outsmarts the troll with riddles to avoid paying the toll. In the end, the troll learns that he needs to go to school with the little boy to get smart too. It is a fun book that teaches the value of school and what you can do with an education. I read this my second grade class that I help in [...]

    7. I didn't like this book very well. I do like the illustrations, but I thought the story was kind of boring. It could be good for some students, but I felt like it was very repetitive. I know repetition is good for some people, that's why I say it would be good for some students. I also don't like the idea behind the book. The illustrations look real, but then there is the troll under the bridge. I think this could have potential to scare some children. This is all preferential things, but I gues [...]

    8. This is one of my favorite books I read to my kids! The charming story builds slowly to reveal the boy figuring out how to outsmart the Toll-Bridge Troll, which in turn motivates the Troll to go to school so he can become smart like the boy!Great illustrations, pace, and characters development. And the message about the importance of going to school and the value of learning is done in a subtle way that kids will remember. A joy for parents and kids alike. Highly recommend!

    9. This book is about a mean troll who does not let a boy cross his bridge. The boy decides to read the troll a riddle and confuses the troll. This book can show students that there is a price when you are mean, you never win. Also, to this book is useful to teach students to never give up and to keep trying even when you get frustrated.

    10. I had high expectations for this book and was very disappointed after reading. I thought it contained a lot of needless repetition that causes the reader or listener to disengage from the story. I attempted to read it to my own children who initially seemed interested because of the troll and did not make it past the halfway point before they lost interest.

    11. My son loves this book. I'm not sure if it's because he actually enjoys it, or he likes when his mother and father read it aloud and make faces and voices for the troll. The main reason I want to remember this book is because it's a great intro to teaching children riddles. My son isn't quite ready for them yet, but I'd like to get this book from the library again when he is.

    12. A nasty tempered troll tries to get a school boy to pay a penny to cross his bridge everyday. The boy proposes a riddle, and if the troll can answer it he will pay, if not he will cross for free. Eventually the troll learns that he has a lot to learn. This book is great entertainment as well as a good midyear book when kids are getting frusterated with school.

    13. I wanted to love this book but I was disappointed in the story. My son, however, kept wanting to return to it, hence the rating. It was a hit for him, which gets him reading, so it's a hit in my book. But in my opinion the storyline was lacking ingenuity.

    14. A great book to not only read to students but as well as allowing students to read on their own. You can also use this book to compare and contrast the three billy goats. This book also includes pictures in the text as a scaffold.

    15. A clever boy figures out how to use riddles to get past the troll to go to school -- very funny. Best suited for four years old and up (up to adults).

    16. This is a fun and cute short story that all kids can enjoy. This sneaky troll bothers everyone and is very annoying until somebody stands up to him.

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