Brules Cat Brules whose life embraces the short turbulent history of the American West seeks revenge against the entire Comanche nation finds love with a Shoshone woman and must chose between becoming a

  • Title: Brules
  • Author: Harry Combs
  • ISBN: 9780440217282
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cat Brules, whose life embraces the short, turbulent history of the American West, seeks revenge against the entire Comanche nation, finds love with a Shoshone woman, and must chose between becoming an outlaw or a hero.

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      176 Harry Combs
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    1. The book Brules by Harry Combs takes place in the American Wild West from about 1867 to 1888. The story follows the main character Cat Brules throughout Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. The book is in first person point of view. Brules is a rugged mountain man/cowboy who was said to be the fastest gun in the West. He can’t read or write but knows everything about the outdoors. Brules is very straight forward when he talks and has a quick temper. The story starts off in Hays City, Kans [...]

    2. This is a sprawling, detailed (at times painfully so), entertaining Western. Harry Combs, 80 years young when he wrote this, did his homework on this debut novel. He and his character, mountain man Cat Brules, seem to know everything about anything to do with the old West, whether it’s journeying from New Mexico to Wyoming, making moccasins from buffalo hide, or outwitting and killing Comanche Indians. Sometimes, the action bogs down amidst the quicksand of such minutiae, but other than that, [...]

    3. Gritty, violent, heartbreaking. Other reviewers have called it "sprawling", which is probably the most accurate way to describe this book. However, I didn't really care for the redneck accented 1st person for 99% of the whole 700 pages. The narrative was a little too distracting to my ears. Also, knowing the fate of the main character from the beginning took the wind out of the story and made it feel like it dragged on too long. It probably should have been carved into 3 books, each centered aro [...]

    4. An absolutely fantastic book. One that I didn’t want to end, and one that will stay with me for a long time. I’ve read a few Westerns in my life, and Brules is easily my favorite. I’ve seen a couple of people complain about the voice, but I loved it. Authentic and gritty. Just a seriously awesome book. Bonus: I’m planning on moving to Colorado in the not-so-distant future, and the flavor and feel of this book got me more hyped than I already was lol.

    5. Didn't finish this one. It started off great, but about midway my interest dropped. There was nothing wrong with the novel itself, I think it was just that I wasn't in the mood to read a western like I thought I was. I'll probably pick it up and try again with it later on. If I do, I'll return and edit this review accordingly.

    6. Another of my older brother's books. I didn't like it, obviously--and I do like westerns. It was overly long, overly boring, and too much detail in unnecessary scenes for me. Try Louis L'Amour if you want a fun, always-the-good-guy-wins-and-gets-the-girl western and Elmer Kelton if you want a western where there is believable characters and a good story.

    7. Absolutely loved the story and the main character,Brules but greatly disliked the author's writing style. Way too much rambling of an old geiser telling his endless detail ridden story. It just went on and on and on - at times just so boring!!

    8. I have to thank my dad for recommending this book. It is just a fun read--definately something to take in during some down-time.

    9. An inspiration to take a camping/road trip around The Four Corners (CO, UT, AZ, NM) & Wyoming with a special person.

    10. If you love stories of the old west, you will love the tale of Cat Brules. It is a "can't put down" novel about the life of a mountian man in the old west. I really enjoyed it.

    11. This is one of my favorite books. An incredible American story, and being from the West, (Kansas) I particularly enjoyed the western flavor. I've actually read it about 4 times

    12. I read this book many years ago and have always remembered it was an amazing book. Just finished re-reading it and it was just as enthralling as I remembered.

    13. One of the very best Westerns I have ever read. Very well written and as with all good books the anticipation of having the time to reward yourself to read more was a 'can't wait' for sure.

    14. having lived in the Colorado mountains AND New Mexico, I could feel this bookd for months I was on the watch for Comanchesd I was 47 years old when I read this

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