Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children

Theodore Roosevelt s Letters to His Children This collection of letters from the th President of the United States to his six children was an immediate bestseller when it was originally published in shortly after Roosevelt s death Writte

  • Title: Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children
  • Author: Theodore Roosevelt
  • ISBN: 9781429045506
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • This collection of letters from the 26th President of the United States to his six children was an immediate bestseller when it was originally published in 1919, shortly after Roosevelt s death Written between 1898 and 1911, the letters show Roosevelt as a devoted and encouraging father, with a sense of humor and a skilled sketching hand.

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    1. This collection is a wonderful example of parent-child correspondence (albeit one-sided, as all letters are solely from the 26th President to his children and not vice-versa). The collection is amazing in its historical importance (TR shares his observations during the surveying of the Panama Canal as well as Caribbean travels as President), delightful in its expressions of love for the recipients and their mother, and illuminating in their frankness and honesty.

    2. This book was really touching and heart warming about the love Teddy Roosevelt had for his children even after they go away to collage. Usually I don't really like non-fiction but because I had to read one for class I decided this one looked pretty good so I decided I would try it out and it turned out to be a really good story. The fact that the letters go from about a year after TR's youngest son was born until he went away to collage really adds meaning to the book. Some of my favorite letter [...]

    3. This is a magical little volume-- I found the 1923 hardbound printing lying in the middle of a sidewalk in Berkeley. I scooped it up and brought it home. What a charming little volume it is, as it shows the colossal "TR" in his private role as a doting daddy. Letters about guinea-pigs and ponies and pillow-fights. Shared jokes and recommendations for good behavior. Simple little cartoons of President Daddy's travels.Difficult to choose among so many lovely, warmhearted communications, but here's [...]

    4. A devoted parent and husband, Roosevelt never let the demands of his professional career get in the way of his domestic commitments and he was always very careful to maintain close friendships with all of his children, fulfilling his role not only as instructor and counselor, but also as companion and playmate, even when he was away from home. This amusing collection of letters provides fresh insight into the character of Theodore Roosevelt, and is a nice example of what a healthy relationship b [...]

    5. Enjoyable collection of letters to his children. In almost every letter there is talk of animals. Like the time he had young Kermit show some congressmen his three snakes. Something that touched me was how he would discuss Sickens in some of his letters. Makes me want to read "Martin Chuzzlewit" just to see what he was talking about. He does show a great deal of pride in his children and how they turned out.

    6. Found a first printing 1919 (published the year of TR's death) in an old bookstore. Having just read David McCullough's Mornings on Horseback it was a great find. His letters to his children are firm, yet gentle; sweet, yet paternal. Of great interest to me are the tragedies that befell his children in their personal lives. Was it TR's larger-than-life persona they couldn't live up to or live without?

    7. Just a cute glimpse into family life with the added perks of his handwriting and drawings for all TR fans. Some great vignettes, presidential hijinx, and "out of the mouths of babes" moments that had me laughing out loud.*note I own the 1st edition hardcover published in 1919 by Charles Scribner's Sons.

    8. As the title suggests, a lovely collection of letter TR wrote to his children from 1898 to 1911. Roosevelt not only loved his children, he respected their intelligence. The letters to Kermit about Dickens had me wishing I could have read Kermit's letters to his father.Another glimpse into the mind of an amazing man.

    9. Slighty interesting due to the subject. Not very insightful though. It would have been more interesting if each letter had some historical or personal context includedThis is just a collection of his letters.

    10. After Lincoln, Roosevelt is the best writer among the presidents (pace Jefferson!) and this book shows his warmth and humor more than most. The collection isn't large or very deep, but the reader gets a good sense of Roosevelt's character, and can readily see why his children adored him.

    11. An easy read, and highly recommended. This collection of Roosevelt’s letters to his children shows the man’s broad and varied fields of interest and how his great appreciation for knowledge and endless pursuit of wisdom caused him to be able to enjoy the world widely.

    12. I love that this is a personal look into President Theodore Roosevelt. His letters to his children are charming. It shows a man who truely cared about his family. The sketches that he includes in some of his letters as he tries to describe a story to his children are priceless!

    13. Roosevelt was a devoted father. He was determined to raise his children to be leaders. Though I disagree with many things he believed (especially his nation-building policy), Roosevelt's desire to invest in his children is commendable.

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